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> Please see Discord
Posted by GM Quanyin - 06-7-20 13:51 - 0 comments

The devs are keeping us all updated there.

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Posted by GM Quanyin - 11-4-17 13:45 - 0 comments
Look here
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> Grab Bag Information
Posted by Dev Fletch - 12-18-13 19:14 - 0 comments
From FAQ: I didn't get my VIP Grab Bag this month.

If you have just purchased VIP for Dransik or Ashen Empires, you will not receive your first VIP Grab bag until 30 days have past. After that you will get your Grab Bags on the first of each month. For example if you bought a 3 month VIP package on May 25th, your first Grab Bag will be issued on June 26th (6am CST), after that you will get the remaining Grab Bags on July 1st and August 1st.

Grab bags are issued automatically, there is no need to send in a support ticket. They always will follow these rules.
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> Account Sharing Reminder
Posted by Dev Fletch - 08-25-13 02:20 - 0 comments
Account Sharing is something we do not support. Account sharing always leads to at best account disputes, thefts, character deletions and scams. It can also lead to charges to credit card fraud, where we have to turn over all information about the account holders to the credit card companies and law enforcement. We have never seen any good come from sharing, only bad. The bad may happen in a day, a week or a year, but it will happen. It always does.

If someone asks for your account info, just say no. You have nothing really to gain and everything to lose.

if you have given someone your account info, change your password ASAP and do not give it out again.
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> Trust Level (Stars) Reminder
Posted by Dev Fletch - 03-31-13 09:49 - 0 comments
Please remember that trust level goes DOWN when add a new credit card.

If you have added a new card, the *ONLY* way to have Trust go back up is to send a ticket from your account and request a Trust Level increase.

We will evaluate the credit card and your history, including if the account has been traded or has any signs of potential fraud, before we RAISE the trust level.

There is also a 7 day wait period from the time you change info on your account (name, address, email, password) to when you are able to trade tokens. This is completely automated and CAN NOT be shortened by us. The hold will be lifted at exactly 7 days from the time you changed your account. Your trust level does NOT go down in this circumstance. Please do not submit support tickets about this.
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> 5/29/2020 Game Update!
Posted by GM Seryth - 05-30-20 10:25 - 1 comments
Here's the patch notes FujiQ posted in the AE Discord for the new update.

For the most up to date info, please join us in the Discord channel! https://discord.gg/9pCUs9G

Notes from the Update

Thanks for your patience as we get the servers updated with new code and spun up. We did not anticipate having to move to new hosting, but that's what had to happen. Zarq also ran into the steam integration he had started and had to unravel that a bit.

Below is a condensed version of what has been changed since the last update. We had originally planned to incorporate more into this update, but would like to do more frequent and smaller updates/patches as this is more sustainable for our dev team. Being said, the next update will include some other fixes, additions, changes that go beyond quests and low level balance, etc. This is in anticipation of putting AE on Steam, so we are going to tighten up gameplay up through levels until things are right.
If you want to see more detailed notes, read up in the development channel on discord.

=====Quests Window=====
o When you press L, you will be able to view your current and completed quests.
o There is a flyout on the top left you can open and close to show filters, which you can select to build custom list of your quests.
o Active Quest stages can be popped out for convenience (similar to skills).
o There are still a few minor resizing and filtering issues that we plan to patch but did not feel they were big enough to prevent this update.
o In a related note; the skill window now resizes more smoothly. The Quest window uses the same code and Zarq touched up both of them.

o A very significant database transform script has been applied. This involved several years of combing through quests and integrating them into the quest log.
o Certain quests which use flags will be patched next week. There are about 25 of the 236 quests that used flags instead of data. You can take these quests and if you
have never done them they will show up in Quests window just fine, but if you had completed them or are in progress, you won’t see it until next week or two when we
patch it. Sorry for the inconvenience there; they are mostly low level quests aside from Valekar’s Fortress, and we decided it was not a big enough issue to prevent us
from moving forward. Flags were a “legacy” system and so mostly applies to mainlands quests.
o We took care in making sure that quest data was preserved, though please be patient as there could be some issues with stages being not what they should be. We
have a backup of the data to refer to in case something got totally whacked. If you find a stage that is incorrect, please post in bugs #quests.
o Dransik Trading Mercenary Quests will appear in log when you take a new quest. If you are currently on a quest, you can complete it, but will not appear in quest log.
o If you were in the middle of collecting death caps for the Ancient Wizard in ‘shroomland, you will have to start that over. Sorry. That quest was all kind of tangled up.
o Artonian Spies have better chance to drop plans.
o A few quests were given different endings; as a result, the Jenkins quest in Roycroft can be taken again (enjoy another pair of boots!).
o Patrons have been retooled. Experience given has been adjusted up, faction rewards given have been adjusted (more random), faction requirements for gear have been
lowered down. Patron armor was also updated to be more appropriate for mid level players.
o Many quests experience has been adjusted up.
o Shadow quest near Krog gives out all pieces of Shadow gear.
o Dynamic Quest (chalice) Xp was adjusted (only one was adjusted down, others up). Some now give item rewards as well from various groups of weapons. They also do
not poof when talking to someone.
o Intro quest text (Duke Randolf --> Sage Haritod) got some flava. Not a big change. No tutorial from Sage yet....

o The leadership system has been modified. The type of creature you can tame depends on your highest stat (not including con). If you have two stats equal, you can
tame creatures from both tables. If three, you can tame creatures that you meet the other requirements for.
o Str: Humanoids
o Dex: Creatures/Vermin/etc
o Int: Undead/demons
o Not all creatures are tameable, but it is a much expanded list.
o No gear has been added but there are plans to add some in the next update that will allow you to tame more creatures.
o Follower window now includes option to FLEE when stuff starts getting hot and you need to bolt without Mr. Follower picking battles with everyone in his way.
o Follower inventory now can be displayed, if the creature can hold items. Whether they can and how much they can hold depends on each creature’s type and size.
o Followers stay when you log, though they will get a new name. Any items stay in there during logging, also.
o Goblins have new SFX (thanks DrMeme!)

o Many thanks to Chaotic for new GUI elements for Quests and Followers windows!!
o A lot of behind the scenes work training up on the software used by AE to generate and hook up art (esp mobs). We do have some white fish swimming around Valinor as a trial.
o More art to come in next update.

o No new items; adjustments to some quest gear:
 Shadow set (up)
 Island boots and helm (up)
 A few heavy Orcish weapons (weight down)
 Patron gear (down)

o Several encounters were modified particularly in newbie areas around Krog/Silvest/Whisperdale.
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> Steam, Pixelmine Store & Quest Log
Posted by DEV Zarquon - 09-6-18 04:07 - 0 comments

We are excited to announce that we are working on bringing Ashen Empires to the Steam platform. Besides the free VIP, we are now offering a PayPal Store for you to purchase tokens. And, finally, something AE has always needed…the QUEST LOG!!!



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> Pixel Mine / IWG Update
Posted by DEV Zarquon - 09-5-18 19:19 - 0 comments
Steam, Pixelmine Store & Quest Log

We are excited to announce that we are working on bringing Ashen Empires to the Steam platform. Besides the free VIP, we are now offering a PayPal Store for you to purchase tokens. And, finally, something AE has always needed…the QUEST LOG!!!



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> FREE VIP Time extended
Posted by OneEye - 04-9-18 12:35 - 0 comments
We have extended the FREE VIP time for Ashen Empires players through the end of summer.

Please enjoy a summer in the lands of Valinor and beyond.

We are working to restore the payment system, but it is turning out to be a large task.
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> VIP Gift for All Players
Posted by OneEye - 03-2-18 22:47 - 0 comments
As a gift to our players -- All current VIP members have been given 60 free additional days of VIP. All non-VIP accounts have been given 30 days of FREE VIP.

We are currently working on the payment provider problem and hope to have it resolved soon.
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