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> Ashen Empires - HUGE item sale
Posted by OneEye - 09-5-15 07:58 - 0 comments
We took some of the most popular items and slashed their prices!

Orb Reset 500 to 150
Runeshard - 80 to 50
Berserker Potion Pack - 50 to 30
Summon Corpse - 80 to 50
Advanced Skill Reset - 400 to 100
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> Grab Bag Information
Posted by Dev Fletch - 12-18-13 19:14 - 0 comments
From FAQ: I didn't get my VIP Grab Bag this month.

If you have just purchased VIP for Dransik or Ashen Empires, you will not receive your first VIP Grab bag until 30 days have past. After that you will get your Grab Bags on the first of each month. For example if you bought a 3 month VIP package on May 25th, your first Grab Bag will be issued on June 26th (6am CST), after that you will get the remaining Grab Bags on July 1st and August 1st.

Grab bags are issued automatically, there is no need to send in a support ticket. They always will follow these rules.
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> Account Sharing Reminder
Posted by Dev Fletch - 08-25-13 02:20 - 0 comments
Account Sharing is something we do not support. Account sharing always leads to at best account disputes, thefts, character deletions and scams. It can also lead to charges to credit card fraud, where we have to turn over all information about the account holders to the credit card companies and law enforcement. We have never seen any good come from sharing, only bad. The bad may happen in a day, a week or a year, but it will happen. It always does.

If someone asks for your account info, just say no. You have nothing really to gain and everything to lose.

if you have given someone your account info, change your password ASAP and do not give it out again.
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> Trust Level (Stars) Reminder
Posted by Dev Fletch - 03-31-13 09:49 - 0 comments
Please remember that trust level goes DOWN when add a new credit card.

If you have added a new card, the *ONLY* way to have Trust go back up is to send a ticket from your account and request a Trust Level increase.

We will evaluate the credit card and your history, including if the account has been traded or has any signs of potential fraud, before we RAISE the trust level.

There is also a 7 day wait period from the time you change info on your account (name, address, email, password) to when you are able to trade tokens. This is completely automated and CAN NOT be shortened by us. The hold will be lifted at exactly 7 days from the time you changed your account. Your trust level does NOT go down in this circumstance. Please do not submit support tickets about this.
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> Grab Bag Confusion Cleared Up
Posted by OneEye - 12-3-09 18:29 - 0 comments
There has been some confusion about how and when grab bags are issued. Grab bags are awarded after you have had 30 days of consecutive VIP status. This means if you bought 1 month of VIP on 11/30, you would get the grab bag on 12/30. HOWEVER, if you have had 30 days consecutive at the 1st of the month without getting a grab bag for that month you are awarded one on the 1st.

So if you bought a 3 month VIP on 11/30, you get grab bag #1 on 12/30, #2 on 1/1 and #3 on 2/1. If you buy 3 months of VIP, you will always get 3 grab bags, 6 months will always get 6, etc.
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> Sept AE Grab Bag
Posted by OneEye - 08-31-16 07:04 - 0 comments
3 Summon Corpse
2 Skry Scroll
City Faction Reset
2 Drop Rate Increase
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> August AE Grab Bag
Posted by OneEye - 08-24-16 07:58 - 0 comments
Sorry, I forgot to post it. They did go out however. You should have already received it.

Berserker Potion Pack
3 Summon Corpse
2 Drop Rate Increase

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> AE June + July Grabs Bags
Posted by OneEye - 06-3-16 23:24 - 0 comments
2 Rune Packs
4 Summon Corpses
Greater Potion Pack
2 Lair of Minos Access

Server Move (Deluxe)
2 Henchmen
2 Broken Finger Access
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> March Grab Bag + May (Orb Reset)
Posted by OneEye - 04-22-16 20:43 - 0 comments
As some of you know there were some problems with the March Grab Bag where some people didn't receive it. To try to fix it globally, I am going to issue a new March Grab Bag. If you got it before you will get more free stuff. If you didn't get, this should fix the issue. It should go out in the next few days.

I've also made May's Grab Bag pretty good to further reward long tim VIPs.

Orb Reset!
Item Rename
Rune Pack
2 Drop Rate Increases

Sorry for the delay.
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> Grab Bags (March and April)
Posted by OneEye - 04-15-16 18:35 - 0 comments
The problem with Grab Bags should be fixed and the March and April should be going out shortly. For long term VIP members there should be a bonus pack heading your way as well.

2 Rune Shards
2 Summon Corpses
2 Skry Scrolls
Dragon Mask Pack

Sorry for the delay.
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