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> Suggestions for AE, Players Suggestions
GM Kardelen
post Jul 10 2013, 04:18 AM
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Added the above to Master List -

Item section-
- Allow Knolls Lemon pie and Carrot Cake to go into slices (8 with cake knife cutting) same as other pies

Interface section-
- Raise the amount of players you can put in ignore list so can cover all alts on an account (cap is 25 now)

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post Jun 6 2014, 07:27 PM
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I'm not sure if ive suggested this officially yet, but i would like to see a wider variety of familiar totem, specifically i would love to see a Minion Totem ;D maybe name it Jerod's Totem of the Minion, or Jerod's Accursed Totem. ya know something like that, but definatly more minions!
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post Jun 6 2014, 10:49 PM
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These are the "implemented" items from the Suggestions Master List

Red = nothing had to be done to put it on the 'complete' list... List has been there since April of 2008.

- Guild MOD: Message of the day from guild leader
- Idle Timer: Show status on guild list to help distinguish b/w idle and active players
- Guild Chat: Invite only chat channel that lets you set permissions on who can enter guild chat for guild only anyone can make a channel and invite who they wish in game
- Guild Bank: Guild Bank, access into it set by leader/subleaders
- Guild House: House made and maintained by the guild
- Guild Notepad: Permanent notepad guild members may use to leave messages for each other
- Guild Rank: Each rank has different levels of access to guild controls/features
- Map Markers: Guild members' locations are indicated on your mini map party feature for this already-problem for pvp aspect

- Remote Tag: You may add players to guild from a distance not going to happen should be serious do face to face

- Shared Housing: Allow players to share housing account bound 1 house per only
- House payment: Special store item lets players pay to keep their house (separate from subscription) vip = requirement to keep
- Door that blocks players to go into a certain room in house(similar to permission for internal guild door) key= trust
-Mob Drops: Good items should have a rare chance to drop from mobs, not just bosses
- Battle Mages: Give Battle Mages at least one decent high level weapon to compete with other builds
- Pit Fiend: Add pit fiend gloves and belt
- Mage Gear: Add more mage equipment, especially that geared for lower level players (<50)
- Buff Lance of the North
- Increase some damage on razor sharp basilisk tooth (stam drainer)
- Razor sharp basilisk tooth should special on everything not just basilisk
- Bronze Revamp: Allow players w/ no subscription to do more
- Speed Boost: A speed/xp boost that lets you move and thus level faster personal PH available in game store-speed spells/items only
- Reduce price of deluxe moves when on sale stock up
- Show Depletion: Resources fade from landscape or change once they've been depleted graphic intensive
- Add opening of oysters at least 100 at time per click 10 at time
- Bank Chat: Add skill for being a loud mouth in the bank smile.gif not going to happen leads to tons of spam
- Player Killing: Add skill for killing other players
- Veterinary: Add skill that lets you heal pets spells can
- Dragon Skin: Make dragons skinnable
- Mage Weapons: Allow crafters to make staffs or mage weaponscan make up to 4 slot now
- Get Rusty: If you haven't used a skill in a set amount of time, you lose some % of proficiency with the skill not going to happen
- Pets (Trained): Allow you to resurrect and "store" your trained pets conflicts with leadership skill and totems
- Delete/Hide Skills: Allow players to delete or hide skills from view
- Seed harvesting: Add a step after harvesting that lets you search a harvested plant for seedsuse scythe= potential for seeds only certain crops
- Glowing Alchemy Chest: to hold alchemy items
- More video options for wider screen 1920x1200
- Ignore by ID: Ignore by player ID, not by name (in case of name change) player privacy can conflict
- /clock: /clock shows your computer's time no
- /alarm: /alarm will set a timer/pop up window to go off in designated # of minutes no

- Advanced Character Screen: Make a character screen that shows more info/stats on player
- Hide Coins: Add the option for players to show/hide the account status coinsno
- Font Formatting: Font size and color could be changed font and size changeable in options
- Collapse Skills: Skills listed in the Skill Window can be collapsed by group
- Make valinor optional can leave at any point now
- Raise the level cap to 125 not going to be raised
- readd old avitars- store mask packs
- AFK: Not quite a "stat;" visual indicator to other players that you are AFK or idleadded
- Total Resist %: Show the total resistance percentage on the paper dollon there
- Internal Poll: Conduct polls with community through website or launcheron forum
- Detailed Stats: Show more detailed stats
- Individual Stats: Add personal stats report to secure site
- Support Ticket: Add ticketing system to support to show status of requestin there now by clicking the number given
- let savannah quests be repeatable repeatable
- Auto Loot: Players not partied have option to set auto loot when solo-ing vip required
- Your Loot: Loot items that once belonged to you automatically summon brings to you
- No PDD: Nothing on your paperdoll can be looted, only backpack items No drop item from store
- PVP Toggle: Players can select whether or not they want to engage in PVP
- Game wide tells between servers: so some player on H can send tell to person on L coding problem
- Global chat between servers coding problem
- Remote add: Add players to your party remotely in there through /invite player
- Enchant bloodroot /wood planks (all types) 10 at time instead of 1 by 1 10 at time now
- Stag Speed: Add "Speed of the Stag" spellgazelle in there
-Fix so mages can pot or open bags with spells on
-Fix potion/regen click for mages
-Fix hotbar greying out
-Body spell do more damageRepentance does now
- Fix dragons so those that have not done quest can not get to them in any way-level /quest required
- Add tigers, lions, other "jungle" creatures ToF
-Elder Dragons: Add Elder Dragons to Nithhogr's floor to make it a little more challenging Greater Dragons
- Change Bonesnarl to where can be killed more than 10 times
- Bosses such as GoL should summon to player now instead of being stuck
- White Fang should pounce
- Buff the northern mobs in TR why? need midrange leveling places/gear for midrange non extra expansion
- Shield Bash: You can use your shield as a weapon with Feats
- Kick: Add skill for Chuck Norris-ing, aka kicking with Feats
- Decaying: Upon death, a dead paperdoll will slowly decay into a skeleton fine as is
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GM Kardelen
post Jun 7 2014, 06:31 AM
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Sendrithduthjack I am unsure why you felt the need to repost a portion of the Master List.
I have kept it up to date and added most of the suggestions by players for a while now. Players ask why things do not get changed I crossed out the ones that are done or will not be implimented in future and gave reason why it may not be feasable or from OE will not be changed in future or is completed to the Developers design.

Keep in mind some things the players are passionate about take a back seat to some other issues such as bugs, which is not always seen by the players as that is kept in a different area. There is a list of priority. If you have a suggestion that is not on that list then let me know by Pm on here on forum and I will add it.

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post Jun 7 2014, 09:36 PM
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Sorry, I am just a bit frustrated. AE has the appearance that it hasn't had any development/improvement in a very long time, and when you break down the crossed off items from the master list of suggestions (many of them very valid suggestions and useful ideas), 1/3 or more of them are just things that are "no, not going to happen". Considering that the Master List began in 2008, it does not have the appearance of much activity.

But on topic...

Familiars no DTM class

In game help menu.
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