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Pixel Mine Forums _ Dransik Off Topic _ OLD SCHOOL DRANSIK

Posted by: Satice Jul 28 2011, 12:32 AM

So, It's been AN AGE since I've even discussed Dransik - but alas here I am. A few friends of mine got together and the topic found it's place in our conversation aaaand a few hours here I am as result posting on these forums. Ah, nostalgia! Needless to say everything has changed lol. I essentially put the game down not much longer after it went to Ashen Empire. But I'd be interested in hearing your stories! Former guilds of glory; LK, LC, MOT, TD, RP, Guild events, PK, Mad lewtzzzzzz, Craziness, and let us not forget Screen shots!!! Anything goes!

I was an Officer in LK - Saviors of the weak, Slayers of the wicked, and Iconic Symbols of all that was good across our lands smile.gif.... so on so forth

I'll share some ancient screenies and stories later on when it's not 2:30 in the AM smile.gif

<3 -LK- Satice

Posted by: Austin Power Aug 17 2011, 04:41 AM

Heya Satice o/


Posted by: noobys Aug 19 2011, 07:09 PM

Well someone what of Dransik story.. It started out on Dransik New World Server. Being a crim and killing everyone in the bank in Lopal. Killin Miller was fun that lil tundrien nub. as well frost who was a tuff one to get pwned. Good old days of sitting in the bank going afk and a GM spawning mobs and me losing my +4 sword lol so much to tell.. i have screenshots i could post. as well on Dransik Classik Server.

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