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> Lady Ann, Take a crack at finishing the story...
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post Apr 3 2008, 09:02 AM
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Can someone first get us all up to speed about who she is, what she did and why she is in so much trouble?

Here is some old news regarding Queen Ann and shortly after her wedding... This seems credible but unsure of what remains


Submitted by: Shelingar

Was something I was meaning to post for a while.

Some of you may remember King Lotor's Wedding day. As you may recall there was an Talazarian Infiltrator that appeared during the celebrations and then Talazar attacked New Korelth.

While most people ran off to defend NK, I stayed to protect the Queen. She walked to the zoo in LSP and then hid by changing into commoners cloths.

Anyway was amusing at the time, but has no bearing on the current missing Queen story.



7ebe9a1e5f9646db083e31bfae5dc5ed:1498 (Shout) King Lotor: I will soon take Queen Anne to the royal bed, but first we shall celebrate
da2abbbd892ce585948b73c2e800186d:1499 (Say) Maverick: hi queen
9d6b9106f7d7fee3f369d9bf9c336f13:1500 (Shout) Tempester: >> [target]
573196a556fe9015d1d2013ba011784b:1501 (Say) Maverick: nice cleavage..
ba659b2455fb9ed4e88a8718e74b7e82:1502 (Say) hellodonkey: royal BED lmao
07468d7b6ed01e56d258a99840de1bf8:1503 (Shout) Still Da Mom: you willl do WHAT?!?!?!
69af7884556793cf2fbe4154a3b3371b:1504 (Say) Iziz: lol mav
1c262f018967776bacf1801d5ef129a8:1506 (Combat/Magic) You cast Thunder Strike on Talazarian Infiltrator for 19 damage.
61d65e0928c37c965cb841b8795325e2:1507 (Combat/Magic) You receive 19 experience for Nature.
0cba76e3b20577cf8adf750e08ad26f3:1508 (Combat/Magic) You receive 19 experience.
263b2d5976ee1bd1084350c596491aa0:1509 (Combat/Magic) You receive 14 experience for Mage Weapons.
7fa2c19609c6e3afc4b617cce1e6e64a:1510 (Shout) Killerao: MOOOO
20f79426c0812f57070d13251be171ba:1513 (Say) Nith: i wast
d6d510de02447580482cd724e5a20158:1514 (Say) Maverick: like me pimpage pants queen?
459711f0c1fd0966581d00bc4c135754:1515 (Shout) Still Da Mom: I thought this was a childrens' game!!
caa989e5c5edfd4ef1262b177eec0ae2:1517 (Say) Lord Tazryl: Congratulations Queen Anne!
800949371868d301134cef7b44a0e554:1518 (Say) Ekse: Booze is here!
b9fc7124f60d240779e9839421259400:1519 (Say) Maverick: how bout we run away together
3e322b6ea1407b46542afc31e3ff021a:1520 (Say) Maverick: now that you have the kings gold
d52799b269542daf15f2fa566fbaeef9:1523 (Say) You begin to run faster.
df9580087993405e2faca660db2f3c9c:1524 (Shout) Tempester: MOo!!
95b45697ceb453460e747c675b3c106c:1525 (Say) Xzupermanx: yes, my str is increase cuz im drunk!!!
2a596e897330af44ae4e00ad4269f0cf:1526 (Say) Iziz: we kno u want her
420fdd247cb5c12f427fe0db854c6431:1527 (Shout) Kisston: whats going on
62d82ddc3feee8d3ee50d5459c8ee141:1529 (Say) Maverick: yes i plan to be the next king
d7eb40cee80495d32e45791ef904af3b:1530 (Say) Ash Mcmahon: I'll vote for you Mav!
0df788431473e9510cf29fa9c7baa942:1531 (Say) Ash Mcmahon: (IMG:style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)
024ea65abba049561ba4bdc093a22ce0:1532 (Say) Queen Anne: Thank You Lord Tazryl
f5c03392c621351f1e1a3df3ffcc5e69:1533 (Say) Maverick: after anne poisons lotor in his sleep
64a7ebda3fbf605feb81613e115cab22:1534 (Say) hellodonkey: celebrate
76228d98f34caf084d51fbcc13236735:1535 (Say) Maverick: hahahahha
af98595d8dfac54f81c18096099232bf:1536 (Shout) Shelingar: guard the Queen!
7bd4dbbd1169d9d7d163ef704040e452:1537 (Say) hellodonkey: with what
0f3a560fb277531b58dd93d23a3b8b47:1538 (Say) Trollet: Gratz queen Anne
f7ed11bafa0cb54181de3eb0b86462fa:1539 (Say) Killerao: Moooo
4913473112a13038a0431e19f5535605:1540 (Say) Drekavac: what's supposed to be going on
896a2a028b840e3673afa3d196391cbc:1542 (Say) Tempester: Moo Queen, Moo (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
333ded8a530a0c894ae0ec64a77f5939:1543 (Say) Shelingar: there is a Talazarian Infiltrator lurking about
b7d5c5e5b17dc658bce612c4db1d9f9d:1544 (Shout) Xzupermanx: soooo is this it?
47e85625c62df20c0e44777359ca2b06:1545 (Say) Queen Anne: Hello Cow
ac62ff0d91e2d311da040a53bf11b12c:1546 (Say) Maple Syrup: SPAWN A DRAGON
1889290e7c9289141cc48a8f368a841a:1547 (Say) Maple Syrup: SPAWN A DRAGON
4d1865f29cdfe8f68f2337ad491fba45:1548 (Say) Maple Syrup: SPAWN A DRAGON
de02e57442170d40a64d2f0f6dd0f790:1549 (Say) Maple Syrup: SPAWN A DRAGON
8b7ba85454cf4532c1f3f7ca20565a36:1550 (Say) Donk: may i kiss the hand of the queen?
24b7d2bdc4b7ceaf737c64609c0b72a4:1551 (Say) Napoleon: I needs fluffing
6a301335fd5d2ffe0e4b6246bbced9e8:1552 (Say) Finalfantasy: bone dragon boss (IMG:style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif)
bbd14a1ef0830ed083e16f57d145df68:1553 (Say) Finalfantasy: muk2!!!!!
70d0fc1b5828d1c1de366367c82f7474:1554 (Say) Fitz: Hail M'lady Queen
4bcfeb6bc5f9a64e595339ff4ca4dda2:1555 (Say) Erudite: guys plz the spam is horrendus :0702b46f39ab783448733e0051b74de3:1556 (Say) Maple Syrup: SLAY LOTOR
8e45a4a95ede2b729ec3def12fe2491c:1557 (Say) Maple Syrup: SLAY LOTOR
38d03f3ea547bc6426a55a390b72aa93:1558 (Say) Maple Syrup: SLAY LOTOR
c7f84e618a7949b21fda09ca147990b5:1559 (Say) Maverick bows to the Queen
1f75db77ebdf735dbcf2e3b7c103d5b5:1560 (Shout) Killerao: mooo congrats Lotor and anna.. mooooOOOo
7919f1f2fc113005e96ab5040a4c8cc0:1561 (Say) Finalfantasy: with this many people muk would maybe die (IMG:style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif)
ede6b87a90defbc0600484c5659f0283:1562 (Say) Tempester: no one step on erudite!
463d5019b3d91395295f1580c96d2a5e:1563 (Say) Queen Anne: Hello Fitz
047f5767c5ff93b0987c416e6cf39ac7:1564 (Say) Queen Anne: Thank you Maverick
28c6744580255310074e6811a8dacc0f:1565 (Shout) The Apocolypse kneels
e3c25bddd096f8a403a990d8e86acfdc:1566 (Say) Drekavac: may you have a long and happy life
fe9aa44df3cb6eca5e9e9cfb15e2c9c8:1567 (Shout) The Apocolypse: hail queen anne
6e133ef222ffe0ff865a0c24b8129b7e:1568 (Say) Queen Anne: Thank you Drekavac
951a0dee63a1b33f90f58012e2b8afa2:1569 (Say) Drekavac bows
d370924817f8a5de4b9bcdfc0c50d693:1570 (Say) Maverick: juniper..
a2c1a283801f6684650088e1f896fb12:1571 (Say) Erudite: congratulations queen anne
343d6fc891be826885d20bb8dea58b3e:1572 (Say) Maverick: marry me??
182591a65cbcd33f77fd9cfe5779afb9:1573 (Say) Queen Anne: Thank you Apocolypse
5a8fca9fa71498ed0424d205fe0b9acb:1574 (Say) Erudite: id bow but i dont think i can :S
ea34196001a3b53937f6d5f453cbbb2e:1575 (Say) Shelingar: Has anyone spotted the intruder?
5ece1c843a01c13cb9b2a38a9eced139:1576 (Say) Maple Syrup: Timaeus
a3015c9f905738a9f8cd4203178ce5a4:1577 (Say) Ash Mcmahon: For an infiltraitor he sure is slow at getting news across ;o
0cf0cf204ec8a8ab1b7fd9bb359a8cb0:1578 (Say) Ash Mcmahon: or Talazar is loosing his touch.
ab7666227aa63f27a8b56f98e18722a9:1579 (Say) Maple Syrup: I shall be your servant
250dc5dea82348b3c5e3c6093be2c711:1581 (Say) Hygnos has invited you to join their party.
3defeec08c9a85e9f148ad511b84db64:1582 (Say) Maple Syrup: Evil master
3419ad32de1f14b000aa8500037754f6:1583 (Say) Ash Mcmahon: Don't say that Maple
15222a886336870e7adc130685a9ea67:1584 (Say) That person is no longer the leader of the party.
04ad001671edfe8cf9b4a41037d6b8e7:1585 (Say) Trollet: Gratz King Lotor, take good Care of your Queen
785db55853ebdfd338cc582ef92d5c13:1586 (Say) Ash Mcmahon: She may get the wrong ideea.
a4c1b60aec9c27719390a22e30d50993:1587 (Say) Ash Mcmahon: (IMG:style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif)
ef9f724b468f9730f7db1e09b0fbcf2f:1588 (Say) Ekse bows
a3d9a04bc532ed7375930771595df2eb:1589 (Say) Queen Anne: Thank you Erudite
5c6cd8e040c8fceb6fdf5e4cc8d7f270:1591 (Shout) The Apocolypse kneels
b92d4b89dad68912555b299b7b810ea5:1592 (Say) Ash Mcmahon kneels
062e9638d9f1103bda564b649e1fbd4a:1593 (Say) Lord Tazryl bows before the new Queen of Dransik
7140fe75bbb80bef32b92bf4abeef27e:1595 (Shout) The Apocolypse: congradulations King lotor
37d65fb5e5075bf2912a0dcec6c1d512:1596 (Say) Tempester: The Cows of Dransik wish you good health and long rule over these lands, we r bow our heads humbly, and we roll around delightfully!
fb5c20f78155eba15a243e26cc52ec31:1597 () Shelingar bows to Queen Anne and pledges his sword and staff to her service
71020436ca968ebeefe9c5a3274f3ff1:1598 (Say) Killerao: we sure moooo
77240c64cdb3be3e30c3e558585403d0:1599 (Say) Queen Anne: Thank you Tempster
ab78877775f28134dabb618ff7684329:1600 (Shout) Afkaserious yells SPARRRRTTTTAAAAAAA
f7e2f01ca24c2150264e64867173d9e5:1601 (Say) Lord Tazryl: I hope you and king lotor the best of hope. May you have long happy lives.
1b505f532a7338f2066d69aa009c15cd:1602 (Say) Erudite: what bout thte bunnies?
42d50d477ab5cfa2ce91f275f02ea502:1603 (Say) Napoleon: Bunnies supports this wedding also!
fa40c0bfe8631ab2449547bb6737bc6f:1604 (Shout) Afkaserious yells SPARRRRTTTTAAAAAAA
6abb534477ef4017d51afe147aaeef2f:1605 (Shout) Tempester: TO NK!!
b45e57f69aab88b1127a4eb764ebdac6:1606 (Shout) Ash Mcmahon: Momz! To arms!
da480556546a3301b8f1d94ddf69daab:1607 (Shout) Knight Warrior: to nk!!!!
80d6ea38bdbb0c47a1a32d39fec03676:1608 (Say) Still Da Mom: I will save you from that pervert Lotor!
8ed2e1467d348d082f830c004307000f:1609 (Say) Queen Anne: My Family in NK are in danger, please protect them
cb9b98bfd8bff0a8ecdc6835b79c8b09:1610 (Say) You have invited Nwellyn to join your party.
08b2f3e0be5e6fe93881dce5e60373c5:1611 (Party) You have formed a party.
7acb9223525cd59668deecd62496e452:1612 (Party) Nwellyn has joined your party.
11da7566eff1822ed8aa44902eaf59c7:1614 (Say) That person is already in another party.
6a58e43178d410dfdfab16b3b63d76f5:1615 (Say) Still Da Mom: I'm gonna see if there's anything on these bodies first
9db1efe57811c3114f3c3541898c35c7:1616 (Party) Nwellyn has left your party.
260b89241df1af2edd51b7be60679b3f:1617 (Party) You have left the party.
7bf76b8c4778c8863b122e122a0f93b5:1618 (Say) Still Da Mom: even Xp's head is worth hanging around for
03cffa0fb821e6202199cb82e87a1ba9:1619 (Say) Still Da Mom: =P
831bad0fc4eb04e7b93e115b0713c4cd:1620 (Say) Shelingar: grr
9059be4add35cd999bc8abe64d36f5c4:1621 (Tell) (Nwellyn) Shelingar: grr invite next to disband is a bad idea
47c598977cdda299e9acdc75b59c30fb:1622 (Tell) Nwellyn: hehe (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
548e96e1b301077a1bc5ad2159ffb862:1623 (Say) Still Da Mom: he's such a pig
555fae6ef0133ee734a72396ca02ffc3:1624 (Say) Still Da Mom: don't give it up Anne!!!
c48a857dd90002fa3d807536f27f2dff:1625 (Combat/Magic) Shelingar already has a speed increasing spell.
a689d1bb12ec570b9684f7dfb4e242ca:1626 (Say) Still Da Mom: take the money and run!
6ec3ccee5fa3fc8cae90696d9b3772ac:1627 (Combat/Magic) Shelingar already has a speed increasing spell.
ef3a4aea5cbac07bff72d2f8c1443684:1629 (Combat/Magic) You receive 213 experience for Nature.
9e18eea3f8b8616c009e12fcfb0f9bf9:1630 (Combat/Magic) You receive 213 experience.
d57c8f160d14fa783571de99a09a05ea:1631 (Combat/Magic) You receive 159 experience for Mage Weapons.
f3a482e24599647afd835556b3d827ac:1632 (Combat/Magic) You have cast Speed of the Deer on Still Da Mom.
3ce8301227f66420efccc08af6caa429:1634 (Combat/Magic) Shelingar already has Celerity.
89e90b33b3887a80125f31dc663a1a45:1650 (Say) Shelingar: are you well my Queen?
f2494099c7013511e4ae50af975a795b:1652 (Say) Queen Anne: I am worried about my home town of New Korelth - it is under attack
790ccbc39dd230d494e296a3b5b3b240:1656 (Say) Shelingar: yes ... many brave mages and warriors have gone to defend it, but the infiltrator still has not been found to my knowledge
3ac230d2642bc7139d2d3dede1f5f453:1657 (Say) Shelingar: I cannot in good faith leave you unprotected
80a2417a4d1fb2065aa07bf38a6b6892:1660 (Say) Queen Anne: My King said to stay in the zoo, I would be protected.
f48b31f5efb12b4f5a8485c8cbbd22ee:1662 (Say) Queen Anne: Please go protect my home town.
191c46fa44447d926e2b1ad2ada18256:1665 (Say) Shelingar: My friends and allies are defending your town
e553f2699995d409f89e34ce6d4b3d1d:1667 (Say) The movement increase provided by Maple Syrup has worn off.
8cf3592903f4f045398034529454b192:1668 (Say) Queen Anne: I will be fine I can stay in disguise until we leave on our honeymoon.
06d2b843dbf1f15425ce39c579284a04:1669 (Say) Shelingar: alas you are not in disguise yet
96433c3d362c2a4eb7c496597f360819:1672 (Say) Shelingar: very well my queen I will remove my self to a greater distance so as not to draw attention
e0646ff93f62c86695fd1e9706d85df5:1673 (Say) woman: Many Thanks Shelingar
81ebb7469a1a5a47153ecd7b8a2bf9b1:1674 (Say) You are leaving a SAFE zone.

Morgan Fey stated "And that was the last that anybody has seen of the poor lasseh! I hear only her dress has been found?"

With a response last Frutser 30 by Tempester "Her dress is sitting in meh bank. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif) We r founded it, yus."

Then... Lets write her next chapter...
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post Apr 3 2008, 11:43 AM
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That sounds like a great idea.
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post Apr 7 2008, 06:26 PM
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King lotor stole her from meh so i hire some evil tall lookin demon to kidnap her (IMG:style_emoticons/default/huh.gif) and then then then dat evil demon no give back cuz i could not pay him what he wanted my soul is mine! MINE!!! He can keep dat dirteh skank she stanky !
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post May 7 2008, 08:27 AM
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naaaah! she took still da moms advice.
took the money and ran
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