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> Jillian's Tips for Getting Started on Valinor, Non-spoiler Guide
post Apr 29 2008, 09:23 AM
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First and foremost, Welcome to Ashen Empires!

When you first create your new character, you will awaken on a beach. There will be an NPC there who will give you a brief introduction and will tell you to talk to Tremley. You will see him standing on the docks not far away. During your conversation with Tremley, he will ask you what you want to be - Warrior, Mage, or Craftsman. Whichever one you decide upon will determine the type of clothing you will be given to start out in. The starting clothing is different in appearance only, and color of clothing is random. Lord Tremley will then instruct you to enter the castle and speak with Sage Haritod.

If you are brand new to Ashen Empires ("AE"), Sage Haritod can give you quite a lot of useful information on the basic commands of the interface, and a general understanding of playing the game.

After speaking with Sage Haritod, you may notice a line of NPCs behind tables to your left and right. To the left are each of the Crafting Trainers - these NPCs will give you a series of quests to perform that will help you through the first few levels of your chosen crafting skills. You may have as many crafting quests going at once as you want.

Along the right side are all the Combat Trainers - these NPCs will give you a series of combat quests to help you through the first few levels of your chosen weapon skills. Please note that you may only accept one weapon quest at a time. In other words, you may not accept a quest from the Archery Trainer if you are currently doing a quest for the Long Blades Trainer. However, you can go back to the Long Blades Trainer, cancel that quest, then accept a quest from the Archery Trainer. If you do so, any experience (xp) you accumulated for that quest with the Long Blades Trainer will be forfeited.

Also to the right, near the Polearms Trainer, you will see some stone steps leading downward. These stairs will lead you to the Mage Trainers. Mage Trainer quests are considered "combat trainers", so again - you may only accept a quest from these trainers if you are not currently performing a quest for another combat trainer.

The Tailor Trainer is located in the castle, west of Sage Haritod, in a room along with the Provisioner NPC. As with all other crafting trainers, you may take quests from the Tailor Trainer no matter how many other crafting quests you may be currently doing.

**Special Note on the Tailor Trainer quests. At once point you will be asked to make an item from silk cloth. In order to sew silk items, you will need at least level 5 in sewing skills. So to get to level 5 in sewing you will need to work with cotton cloth first.

The Farming Trainer is located in the farm shop along the right hallway of the castle. As with all other crafting trainers, you may take quests from the Farming Trainer no matter how many other crafting quests you may be currently doing.

The Fishing Trainer is located on the docks near where you started on the island. Look for him behind Lord Trembley.

There are many, many, quests you can do on Valinor Island. I suggest that you speak to every NPC you see. There are several just outside the castle to the south in the "garden" area. The following is a list of quest NPCs you may want to converse with:

Captain of the Guards - located along the path leading south from the castle.
Kumba Northern - located (usually) just northeast of the Captain of the Guards in the "garden" area.
Mary Locksley- located just southwest of the Spawngate (to the east in the "garden" area)
Davey Logan - located to the west in the "garden" area.
Timothy Jager - located to the west in the "garden" area. You will need to accept a quest from the Captain of the Guards before Timothy will give you a quest.
Serina - located inside the castle near the Mage shop, along the east row of shops (behind combat trainers).
Sara Bent - located next to Serina, near the Mage shop.
Douglas Logan - located downstairs in the Tavern.
Curtis Leabu - usually wandering around the castle inner walls near the Temple (the doorway just east of Sage Haritod).
A Young Maiden - generally located just south of the spawngate, though sometimes she might wander inside the wall of the castle in that area.
Paula Duncan - located on a small farm west of Valinor Castle (follow the road south until you come to Guard Calaway, then continue west to a small house).
Roger Duncan - located inside the small house near Paula Duncan.
A Strange Looking Man - located at the bridge to the swamp inside the Deadlands (you will have to have completed all quests for the Captain of the Guards and speak to the Eastern Gate Guard to unlock your access to this area).
Crazy Hermit - located on the northern coast of the Deadlands (you will have to have completed all quests for the Captain of the Guards and speak to the Eastern Gate Guard to unlock your access to this area).
Lorlee Eclain - located in a shack deep within the Deadlands, west of the swamp.

You may do any/all of the quests listed above at the same time, and in fact I would recommend that you do. In many cases you are asked to kill certain monsters as part of the quest, and if you start all these quests at the same time then you could actually complete one while working on another - remember also that as you are killing the monsters you need to for these quests, you are getting weapon/mage xp for those quests as well. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

Some quests will give you gold, some will give you items, some will give you points in your experience pool ("epool"), or any combination of each. Your epool amount can be viewed by accessing your Skills Window. It is the number displayed at the center-bottom of the window. Epool can be added to any skill that you already have trained, in any amount you choose. To use your epool, click on the small box to the *far* left of the Skill you wish to add it to. A box will pop up asking you how much epool you wish to use. You can add it all, or you can backspace over the amount in the box and type in exactly how much you wish to add to that skill.

Very basically, my suggestions are: Speak to all the NPCs, and explore the Island of Valinor fully. I do need to warn you that you will not be permitted past the Eastern Gate Guard until you have completed all the quests for the Captain of the Guard (there are 3 quests).

The VWC on both servers have set up a Help Channel so that you can ask us questions no matter where you, or we, are on that server. To join the help channel, right-click on your chat window and select "join" from the menu. In the box that pops up, type: help. To chat in the help channel, press Enter and then press TAB until you see [help] at the left of where you type your message. Everyone is welcome in the Help Channel, even if you are no longer on Valinor! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

My short list of FAQ's

Q: Do I have to use "WASD" movement keys?
A: No. You may change this by pressing the ESCAPE (ESC) key on your keyboard to bring up the Options Menu. Select Keymapping Options and select the type of movement that you are most comfortable using.

Q: How long can I stay on Valinor/When can I leave Valinor?
A: You may stay on Valinor for as long as you wish. Please note that if you choose to stay on Valinor, you are restricted to overall level 10, or level 15 in any skill. Once you reach those levels, you will not be able to progress any further until you leave Valinor. You may only leave Valinor if you are above overall level 7, and have paid for your Ashen Empires account.

Q: I got some items off of monsters that I don't want, but I can't sell them or give them to my friend - why not?
A: There are several items marked "No Drop" in the item's description (hover mouse over the item and press the CTRL key on your keyboard). These are special items that can not be sold or traded to another player.

Q: How can I make money to buy stuff?
A: Hunt, hunt, hunt! You will be surprised how quickly your bank account will grow by just looting everything off every monster you kill and selling it to the shops. Items such as bat ears, meat, hides (if you have a skinning knife), spider legs, silk, etc. can all be sold. Just remember, before you sell these items there may just be a quest that wants you to collect them - so check with the NPCs around the castle before you sell. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

Q: What do I do with a Sextant?
A: A sextant is used to determine your exact location. Just click on it and you will see a set of coordinates displayed in your Main chat window. This can be very helpful if you get lost in a dungeon, or need some immediate help from a fellow player.

Q: What is "bonus xp"?
A: As you kill monsters that are within a certain level of your character, you will get "bonus xp". This experience goes directly to your overall level (not skill levels).

Q: A friend invited me to join a chat channel - How do I do that?
A: Right-click inside your Main Chat window and a menu will appear. Select "Create New Window" - you will be prompted to name this chat window. Then right-click inside your new chat window, and select "join" from the menu - type in the exact name of the channel your friend asked you to join. To send a message in this channel, hit the Enter key on your keyboard and when the text input field opens hit the TAB key on your keyboard until you see the name of your new channel in the [brackets]. You will only need to do this once, unless you change it.

Q: I took a quest from one of the weapons trainers, but I don't want to do it right now, how do I cancel it?
A: Speak to that trainer again until you see the option to cancel that task. Please note that if you do cancel the task, you will lose any experience for that task that you may have accumulated. For instance, if you were doing a task to gain 300 xp in Large Blades for the trainer and you had gotten 100 xp - if you cancel that task, the next time you take a quest from that trainer, you will have to start over and get the entire 300 xp.

Q: How do I cast spells?
A: First, let's get your wand ready...when you talk to your mage Trainer, they will give you a beginners wand and one Class rune (the type of class rune will depend on which mage trainer you talk to). Equip your wand by clicking on it in your backpack, and drag n' drop the Class rune into the top right slot of your Casting Box (Press C on keyboard to open this box if it isn't already open). Now click on the purple Spellbook at the top of your Casting Box. Then select the type of spells you want to see from the list on the left page (Body, Mind, Soul or Nature spells). You will then be on a page with spell icons - colorized icons are spells which you are skilled enough to cast. Drag any of these to a slot on your hotbar (bring up hotbars by pressing the numbers 1-9 on your keyboard, each number represents a different hotbar). Then, when you are ready to cast the spell, press the corresponding Function key (F1-F12) and click on the monster you want to cast on.

Q: In my Spellbook, what are the numbers under the spell icons?
A: Under each spell icon, you will see Runes/level: number/number.
For instance, under the Body spell "Protect" it says, "Runes/Level: 1/0". This means that spell requires you to have 1 rune (the Class rune in this example), and at least Level 0 in Body skills to cast that spell. Runes/Level: 2/10 indicates that you need 2 runes (1 class rune and 1 of any other non-class rune) and at least Level 10 in that mage skill to cast that spell; and so on.

Q: I am skilled enough to cast 2-rune spells, but I only have Class runes - where do I get the other ones?
A: Non-class runes (any rune other than body, mind, soul or nature) come from monster drops. I don't want to spoil your fun in discovering where to find them, but I'll give you a hint: If a monster seems to be a type of mage itself....chances are they might have a rune on their dead body. [(IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif) ]

Q: How do I pay for my account?
A: Login to your account on the Pixel Mine website. You must have a verified email address. Along the top of the screen you will see some links - click on the link to the "Store." There you will see your options; right now you can only purchase a subscription using tokens.

Q: How do I leave Valinor?
A: First, your character must be at least overall level 7. You can then go into the Temple in the castle and speak to the NPC standing next to the Portal. He will ask you which town you would like to start in, and will explain each town to you. After speaking to him, walk into the Portal and click on the center. You will then be teleported to the Starting Town of your choice. He gives you a warning about the dangers of not subscribing.

Q: Can I come back to Valinor if I leave?
A: No. Once your character leaves Valinor, you may not return on that character. If you wish to experience Valinor again, you will need to create another new character to do so.

Q: Can I still get some help when I leave Valinor?
A: Absolutely! The "help" channel is not restricted to those on Valinor. If you get on the Mainland and have some questions, join the help channel and we will do our best to answer any question we can. There are also *a lot* of players in Ashen Empires that will help you once you get to the Mainland - don't be afraid to ask! Just one word of warning: If a "deal" seems too good to be true...it probably isn't. Use your best judgement. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

Q: I left Valinor and got killed by a monster - where did all my stuff go?
A: After you leave Valinor, if you die, you drop everything in your backpack (except items marked "no drop"). You will have to get back to where you died, stand next to your body and "loot" yourself. The location of your body will be shown on your map as a large X.

Q: I'm having problems with my char and a friend offered to come on my account and see if they can fix it, should I let them?
A: Absolutely NOT! Never ever, under *any* circumstances allow another player to know your account login and/or password.

Q: I paid for my first month, but I'm having trouble paying for the next month. A friend offered to buy me a Gift Certificate if I trade some game items for it - is this a good deal?
A: There is no *rule* against it, but be advised that IWG will *not* support this. If you trade items to another player in exchange for a Gift Certificate, you are doing so at your own risk. If the items are taken and you get no Gift Certificate (GC), IWG will *not* replace your items, nor will they "give you a month of the game".
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I will continue to add information to this post as much as possible, and if anything changes.

Above all - have FUN and don't be afraid to ask questions! Once again, welcome to Ashen Empires!

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