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Posted by: Gleedo Apr 18 2012, 01:17 PM


I am a hobbiest looking to write a simple gametype for Red Orchestra 2 which is an Unreal 3 based game.

I have created my gametype previously for fun using the UDK, and nFringe works really well with that, so I thought I would use nFringe with the RO2 UnrealScript source.

Should nFringe still work for UT source files other than UDK ones?

I have tried to setup my RO2 project in the same way by following the 'short way' steps here:

When I open my RO2 project in VS2008 (shell), I see the UnrealScript parse queue get written to the output window, but I have no intellisense like I do with my UDK project.

Any thoughts on if this should work?

Kind Regards


Posted by: 280Z28 Apr 18 2012, 07:46 PM

nFringe no longer includes special support for game-specific (non-standard) project layouts, including the one used by UT3 for mods.

The differences simply became impossible to maintain.

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