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post May 16 2009, 02:01 PM
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Hail, this is the original Albert (No I'm not playing again and never will)
I've come to ask for a favor. Be for this pixel mine forum **** came up I had two RP stories based on my original characters time in Dransik on the old Dransik forums.
The stories were:
- Alberts Story
- Alberts Story part 2

If anyone could find it It'd mean a lot to me if you PM'd it to me or posted it up so I could continue working on it.

Thanks again.

-Gov.Albert of the United Empire.

(PS: See you all in EL)

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post May 16 2009, 02:04 PM
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I never bothered to spell check so try to stay with it.

-IF you don't like reading don't bother-

Dransik - Albert's story.

The unknown year of the 5th summer day, it was a cool, chilled night in Jeel. People

gathered out side the Grifford’s house as Ophelia did not cry, nor did she feel pain when

she gave birth to her second son Albert Richard Gifford. His Father, Randy Grifford a

great soldier of the outpost guards, had returned earlier from his mission given to him by

Lord Arcus (father of Lotor). He was cut up and in pain but didn’t show it, Ophelia

smiled as the young boy cried, his father did as well. He picked his son up and spoke out

to the child in a calm voice “You Albert will be a great warrior”. As his older brother

over heard what his father had said to his brother and started to cry, his father then

walked up to his oldest

son “ there, there, Luthor You to shall seek power and great straight among the

lands of Dransik", the youngster wiped the tears off his eye’s and smiled.

Many Moon’s later, war’s and battles waged threw out the Lands of Krythan, until one

day Albert’s father never came home. Albert was around the age of 6 when he was

outside his house playing with his older brother Luthor. “They’ll never find him” said a

man speaking with Ophelia. “Arcus send’s his regards…” Ophelia covered her mouth

and dropped to her knees as tears rolled down her cheek. A second man kneeled down

beside her and started to comfort her due to her loss. Albert and Luthor both Rushed to

her mother to find out what had happened when they both noticed There uncle Talazar.

Beside there mother. “Uncle Talazar!” Luthor said loudly with a great smile seeing his

beloved Uncle. But Talazar did not look at him of give him any welcoming look or

gesture. Talazar was a noble man, brother of Randy Grifford, He was also a great

brave knight who fought along side his brother and under the name and glory of Lord

Arcus. He was a High ranked Solider in the Holy Army. Luthor admired Talazar with a

passion, always looked up to him as if he were a god. “Uncle Talazar….” Ask again in

a softening voice when Luthor noticed a tear rolled down his face. Talazar whispered in

Ophelia ear “I promise you… I’ll be sure to avenge him Ophelia…Zorak will fall”

Ophelia’s eye’s opened, her puffy red eye’s looked upon her brother in law’s eye’s, she

did not know what to say. With a quick kiss on the forehead Talazar got up and look at

Luthor. He whispered something to the man standing beside him which looked like a

royal man, a guard perhaps, then turning back to Luthor he handed him his father’s sword

“it is time Luthor…”Ophelia stood up and pushed Talazar away from the boy and

grabbed the sword then threw the blade around 10 feet away, “How dare you?” she said

“I beg your pard..?” but before he could finish Ophelia rudely interrupted him “You will

not Send my oldest child into death the way you did with my husband! Leave…” but

Talazar did not. “LEAVE!” she yelled Talazar’s eye’s widened “He is to go to Silvest


become a Warrior… It’s what his father would have wanted” said Talazar, Luthor knew

then exactly what was going on. He grabbed the sword and left his mother speechless, her

lips shook and squeaks came out of her mouth but she did not know what to say. The

Royal man grabbed Luthor and walked toward a strange portal, Luthor did not even look

at his mother one last time. Albert, Clueless, but some how felt something was wrong. He

sprung up to go after his brother but Talazar’s hand pushed out slamming Albert to the

ground. Albert looked up at Talazar and glanced deeply into his eyes “Your time will

come to young one” Albert felt very cold looking into the holiest man among Dransik. He

Felt it was wrong.. He felt death greet him…as if he would never see the light again.. he

pushed away from Talazar as Albert’s eye’s started to water. Talazar looked at him

confused and puzzled. Albert Ran.. Ran for day’s…not knowing where he was going…

he Ran as fast as he could.. He heard voices in his head.. He swore he could hear his

father calling out his name. He stopped and smiled as he ran toward the voice when a

large man appeared with a hooded robe. Albert was scared he took a few steps back but

the Man grabbed his Hand stopping him from even thinking of escaping he checked his

wrist. “Bah! This one has not been threw his training O’delik” a man pounced out of a


and looked “not to worry Jewels… not to worry...” he then smiled and barked loudly

Albert flinched and blinked, he had no Idea what had just happened, it was as if he had

been sliced in 4 then glued back together.. He blinked again and found himself in a

church.. He knew where he was because he had read fairytales of the island of starting

warriors and adventures. He seen different raced people all around him. An orb in his

hand he looked into it and thought of swords *Poof* a small sword appeared in his hand pulling

him towards the ground. “Oye! Watcher self ther sonneh, that ther hatchet’s bigger then

yerself wouldn’t ya say?” Then man smiled. “Geez, he’s much to young” said a priest.

Albert looked at his rist, there was a mark, the mark meant he was a warrior of Dransik,

he was an official Adventurer. “There’s nothing we can do, once there sent they must

find there way out” said a wizardry styled man. “Very well” replied the priest “Away you

go” Albert was gone from his home for many months, training; battling spider’s also

strange vast creatures that he had nightmares about many times. He outgrew his fear

while helping a poor boy named William; he felt a connection between him and William.

He’d never forget when William asked about his father, but Albert could not recollect his

memory’s upon him. Week’s past as he realized It was time to face the skeletons and

leave.. he managed to do so with the help of a pretty girl her. She went by the Name of

Jezabelle. She was kind and nice to Albert and a lot older then him. The two become

friends for only a short

period while battling there way out. They both came to a stop and both have chosen the

left portal, not knowing where they’d end up. As Albert hit the ground hard he noticed he

hit the ground alone. He knew where he had been and ran down the path back to his

home town Jeel. He could not remember the last time he seen his mother but it felt like

yesterday to him that he was just playing with Luthor, Lance, Sevon, Semple in the

Farmer’s field. He was home the villager’s among them look weirdly at the bruised,

beaten, scared child. They did not know If they should show respect of laugh at what they

have seen. And man cried out “Why he’s no older then a teenager?!” Albert ignored the

rude looks and comments and walked to old house. It has seemed abandon. Albert pushed

the door down one great kick he explored into his old house, it had been covered in Dust,

There was a portrait of him and what seemed to be Talazar but it looked like somebody

tore a knife threw the person sitting beside his father, nothing had been moved since the

day he left there was a parchment on the Table “To: Talazar” it was signed by his mother

Ophelia Grifford. Albert dared not to open the letter yet. He pushed the door back into

place and ran into the Jeel Pub. “Eh! No Children aloud in son” said a grouchy man, “I’m

looking for somebody” replied Albert “Lost are yeah? Well.. not saying I could do you

any good…but who is it you are looking for?” The man lifted his flask into his mouth

chugging an enormous amount of ail” – “I’m looking for a Man named Talazar” The man

spit out his ail clearing his ear’s with his finger’s “How dare you speak of the Dark

lord’s name!” he shouted at Albert, “I…uh…what?” – “The great Lord whom Defeated

Zarok? Boy were you born yesterday or what?” – “I ….uhh” Albert looked and felt very

confused. “Dear boy the Dark times are over, Arcus and Zarok are both dead” Albert

remembered his mother telling him about the Evil doer Zarok and the keeper of Good

Arcus. “But why do you speak of Talazar as the Dark Lord?” – “SHHHHH… Dare say

his name? Are you mental? The Dark Lord wears the pieces of the Rune’s, built threw

materials of death and evil, the once known Captain of the Holy Army of Arcus

Murdered his very own Lord.” - “But why?” - “The God’s law and act upon he who

defeats the ruler of evil shall be crowned ruler of Evil.” - “So tala…*he stopped* The

Holy one killed Zorak and became the Dark lord?”- “I’m afraid so” Albert was puzzled “I

don’t understand… if people just keep killing the Dark Lord how will it end?” the

drunken man looked at Albert with a smile and didn’t answer. “So who is Crown Lord

of Dransik now?” the man chuckled and answered in a slurry way “vell…*hic*…Hiz

son! Of corze! *hic* *hic*….Lotor” the holy army had fallen but the LK - Lotorian

Knights and LG - Lotorian Guardians, had now taken order among Dransik. “Boy!”

yelled out the drunken man “You’ll need know how to fight properly! I normally *hic*

charge people 200gp but this one’s *hic* on me” the man made a weird face “Umm I

already know how to fight; I have a sword” – “bah! Small blades and dagger’s my boy!

It’s faster! It’s Simple all you gotta do is *hic* jab…jab…*hic*….jab….*hic-

hic*….jab” Albert left with a confused look but some how felt wiser and trained in the

arts of small blades. He then over heard a few men talking about New Korelth. “New?”

Albert walked up to the 3 men chattering away and asked him about korelth. “It’s none of

your business!” said one man “Easy Sehur, my son we rebuilt it” –

“Rebuilt?” ask Albert “Yes, for many moon’s now the Dark Lord had destroyed it to gain

a way for his army for an easy access to take down Arcus kingdom, he succeeded

unfortunately….many were killed The Dark Lord’s new wave of monster’s are

ridiculously strong, Monster’s from a land no man dare to step. Demons, Minions,

Balarons creatures far more fierce then Zorak’s Orc’s and Kobolds. His Army’s fought as

far as cross seas to Mainland, Krythan was in grave danger…Thank god for the Lotorian

knights” Albert could only think of one person now “Ophelia! Do you know her?” ask

Albert “The Grifford’s wife? Indeed I do? Why do you ask me this? – “She’s my mother”

the man paused and looked at Albert like an art piece of some sort. “Luthor….My go

you’ve grown!” – “No no, I’m her second son Albert” – “Oh…” the

man seemed to lose much interest, he also frowned when hearing it wasn’t Luthor,

Albert took offence but didn’t show it among the men. “Do you know where I can find

her?” Albert asks worriedly “Not sure where she took off.”

Albert looked disappointed. “Perhaps you should come with us though” the men

whispered among each other. “He’s the brother of the supposed chosen one!” – “You

think he’s worth anything??” – “Shhhh” Albert stepped back overhearing them.. “Im

sorry could you repeat your name child? I think we know where your mother is” Albert

Drew his Sword and Sliced Sehur left ear straight off. “Blimey!” – “Dean get him!”

Albert pierced the second man his eye’s went white and Albert knew he must of killed
him. The third man yelled out “Criminal!” Albert jabbed him about 5-4 time when he

received a blow to the head by a guard. Sehur got up; blood dripping down his cheek

pulled out his dagger and went for Albert. Albert was very weak but managed to lose the

guards threw the wood’s he ran and ran until he tripped. He was bleeding heavily he got

up and seen Sehur behind him we went for his Sword but the Sehur was much too quick.

Albert looked terrified “You picked a wrong bone to chew here boy” the man swung


sword aiming for his head when an Arrow pierced threw Sehur’s neck. Sehur dropped no

faster then a sac of potatoes, Albert looked up at the hooded man and pasted out.

Day’s past when he realized he had woken up beside a 3 armed men in what appeared to

be a cave. “Where am I” Albert was dizzy from all the blood he had lost. “Easy son your

not going anywhere to far, Mercy Fetch O’Delik.” Said a tall skinny man. He had heard

that that name before... “He’s on his way relax” said Mercy “Don’t tell me to Relax!”

barked back the skinny man the two bickered among each other until a bark at the door

came “Ice!” said mercy, they both stood with the chins up and straightened there

shoulders. The God-like figure walked toward Albert. He seemed young in his high

teen’s age. “That’s him, Randy’s boy, the prophecy states he’s the one to seek glory and

might. The one whom defeat the Dark Lord” – “Defeat Talazar Ice? No way!” said the

man guarding the ladder. “No chance, to Zorak with this child he’s a mere 5 year’s of

age” – “Im six’s” said Albert proudly he knew theses men did not fear Talazar as they

spoke of him as nothing. They all looked at Albert, O’ Delik Smiled. “My boy the LG

have placed a warrant for your arrest..10 count’s at the age of 6 must a new record”

O’Delik turned to Mercy “he got out pretty quick from Silvest huh?” – “hah quicker then

any of use that’s for sure” – Albert got up “Who are you?” – “Ice wolf O’Delik Leader of

PACK, I promised your father while he was gone that I’d train you up” – “You knew my

father?” – “ahh I knew you father very well actually, we fought in the Holy Army

together, I was under age to sign up but your dad got me in.” Convinced he was with

friend’s Albert felt at ease. “And the other’s?” – “Mercy Colentran” – “Dorny Kelvar” –

“I aint telling you squat kid!” as the buffy tall man approached him from the ladder “If

this Runt thinks he can Join us, fight, eat, sleep, speak among us then Im out Ice” he

started to climb the ladder when ice started barking at him he stopped climbed down and

kneeled to Albert and apologized “They call me Jewels..” – “I see, but where am I?

Albert asked “Under the City of Hothbra, Your safe here, people who attempt the guild

quest seek this place you have nothing to fear, now common I’ll show you around”.

Day’s and night’s passed as Albert became a member of PACK of O’Delik. He was

neither a high rank nor a great asset to there guild but only to Train with them and learn

from them is what he did. Albert confronted Ice wolf out side the Hothbra wall’s near the

shore line where Ice was sitting on a rock looking out to sea. “Ice?” Ask Albert O’delik

raised his eye brow “Did you know my mother?” – “I did not, but your father spoke of

her many times”. Albert felt now the day his mother found out what happened to his Dad.

”Will you help me find her?” – “That I cannot promise you” Albert’s heart did a back flip

into his stomach. “I can only teach you and watch out for my pups, you must find her on

your own…but in due time Albert”.

Years and years past as Albert faught with PACK not making a great bond between them

he noticed a weird vibe with Dorny Kelvar, his Cat like eye’s and mischievous styles, he

knew he was worse then Jewels without even having a reason to hate or put down a

grudge with him. Albert was at the age of 14, LG seemed to have forgotten the Jeel

incident and Albert was more then a Free kid. “Jewels take Albert and seek what the

orc’s are up to” – “You got it Ice, let’s go Runt!” Albert followed Jewels threw Hothbra

passing by fellow guild mates and other guild’s such as the “Jeel Crew”, “Holy

Crusader”, “Fear US”, “DNM”, “Shades of grey” and many other’s. Many of them had

mutual respect for PACK, but FU was a frightening guild, talazar himself had many run

in’s with the strong guild, he himself avoided them as much as possible. “Keep up with

me runt” yelled Jewels. “Im not as trained as you keep that in mind” said Albert “well

your not far behind, keep up and pipe down” they were going to the Orc Fort just east of

new korelth. “Listen and look” whispered Jewels. It had appeared to be Humans

negotiating with Orcs. “I’ve never seen orcs and human’s get along ever in my 34 years

of life” Albert was excited he’d never had an adrenaline rush since the battled the thief’s

few months back. “Who’d you suppose they are?” whispered Albert “em oh tea” (which

stands for MOT) “Em oh what??” – “SHHHHHHHHHH” an arrow flew across behind

them missing Albert by inches, nearly 24 orcs had been surrounding them the whole time

“ALBERT RUN!” Screamed jewels, Albert shook and shook hard he had shivers all over

he did not move nor blink or breathe. “ALBERT!...ALBERT!” Jewels then punched

Albert as hard as he could, Albert then blinked looked up at jewels and all he heard was

“RUN!” Albert got up and ran for his dear life, he noticed Jewels wasn’t following him

but fighting off the orcs “jewels!” he said to himself. He turned around drew his Broad

Sword and sliced an Orc in two, An orc Warrior came at Albert at full force, Missing

Albert once again Albert maneuvered around the stupid creature slicing the back of his

neck then elbowing an orc behind swinging around and taking another orc head off. He

glanced over the 2 charging orcs running at him and seen one of the MOT members stab

jewels right in the back about 2-3 times before losing vision due to the orc “NOOOOO!”

Albert Screamed demolishing the two charging orc’s then headed for the criminal whom

killed jewels but he realized a parade of orcs turning the corner of the mountain Albert

took off and got away with his dear life Albert ran to Hothbra without stopping to catch a

breath, He burst into the pub with tears ready to launch from his eye’s, he was bleeding

from a wound to the arm and covered in Dirt. He approached Ice and the others.

“I….I….*sniff*….” Albert was speechless, ice knew right away something had gone

terribly wrong.. “Albert, where’s jewels” ask Ice already knowing the outcome of this

looks of Albert “He’s…gone…we were.. Set up…they snuck behind us..” ice grabbed

Albert in Anger and ask in a high tone voice? “Is there any chance what’s so ever he’s

alive?! Lie to me Albert please! Is there a reason to go back? For him?!” Albert did not

reply, Ice was now shouting at Albert “IS THERE ANY CHAN...” – “HE’S DEAD!”

Yelled back Albert. The Silence killed the mood in the

Hothbra pub, Mercy Was crying, her eye’s face went from pink to purple in seconds,

Dorny had a weird look on his face. “He said it was em oh bee or see?” Albert tried to

think “MOT? Minions of Talazar?” Albert looked confused Dorny had a nervous look on

his face “There follower’s of Talazar” said Ice a man over heard in the pub the word’s

Talazar and left the pub immediately. “Ice….I’d better gather the boy’s and inform

them…” said Dorny mercy was still crying. “They knew we were coming…it was as if it

was planned out..” said Albert Ice started to think about what or who could

of tried to assassinate Albert. “Clearly somebody who knows him well” Said mercy still

wiping tears from her eyes “what? Knows who well?” asked Ice “isn’t it obvious? Albert

of course! It was somebody who knew they were going out, somebody from the guild

must have tipped off the orcs and MOT members of there wear about, MOT member’s

carry tag on there left palms, they must, it’s ordered by the Dark Lord!” a moment of

silence went on for a moment “Dorny…” said Albert. “Its outta the question” said Ice.

“there’s only one way to find out” replied Mercy... the three of them approached Dorny

who was speaking to an odd individual Albert and Mercy drew there swords Ice how ever

calmly ask Dorny to put his hand out, the man who he was speaking with walked away in

a hurry seeing them come “Don’t make it any harder then it is…” said mercy. He pulled

out his right hand and nothing appeared. “The other hand!” spat viciously by Albert he

calmly removed the glove on his hand and slowly reached for his sword with the right

hand gripping the handle with out them noticing it. He revealed his hand with a smile a

circle with a ~M~ appeared. His Eye’s whiter then ever horn’s blasting threw his

forehead he laughed viciously Minions and Demons followed by a Balaron Blasted threw

the west entrance of Hoth. Mercy pierced Kevlar but it didn’t affect him. Kelvar then

unleashed his Flaming sword and struck Ice knocking him out on to the ground. Mercy

sliced at his leg’s damaging him very little Albert Realized they were up against some

major power and went for Ice and Bolted. Kelvar Laughed as he Blew up and vanished

into thin air leaving his monsters to do with dirty work, Mercy was helping Albert carry

Ice to safety when she was brutally bashed by a Balaron plowing her threw the south

Hoth wall and threw the hoth inn. Albert knew for a fact she was dead. The LK guards

arrived and the beast took off. “Wasn’t that bad…” Said one of the LK guards.. “Next

time Talazar might show up him self and we can finally put this rubbish to rest” the

guards laughed there way outta the city, Albert didn’t find the Humor in the guards joke

seeing as he lost a good friend and his leader was badly injured. “Al...” softly spoke Ice

“yeah??” – “leave...” – “Leave, Find Lotor, PACK will manage” – “but..But...” – “But

Nothing Now go!” Albert laid Icewolf O’Delik on the Ground near a cushioned grass

patch and started to walk away. “Good bye Ice” he said, but Icewolf did not reply.

Albert strolled down the path leading toward the new Kingdom, controlled by the

honorable Lotor. He ran into a place called Valley of the Giants where he met a man who

would change his life and show his great new home. Albert was being attacked by an FU

member when he was saved by a golden shadow. “You Alright boy?” said the Knight

“I’ll manage” – “The name’s Little Diablo, You can call me LD” – “Pleasure to meet

you” the Knight smiled and escorted Albert to Korelth, “But I am to see the king…I”-

“You are to see the Council of the United Empire.” Albert didn’t understand what was

going on. He was taken into a room where 3 members drinking some fine Chlera Ail.

They seem just as confused as Albert was, they got up “Test him” said Little Diablo “A

man dropped a Fire shield and Ice sword, Albert dared not to take even knowing the great

value of the items, he did not move nor say a word. The 4 of them looked at each other

“He’s young” one of them said “never the less, there’s potential in the boy” replied LD –

“Deluca, what do you have to say?” the man said nothing and left the room. The three

men looked in confusion as they called for him but he did not return. “Well son... They

call me Knight of the Grail” Albert smiled and held in a laugh “Think my names funny

do you? I’d love to hear yours” – “Albert Grifford” – “Randy’s boy?” replied the other

man “You knew him?” – “we did not, but many did... My names ~The Emperor~” Albert

then really didn’t want to laugh. “The United Empire consists of an Empire of many

United as one; we fight for the white council and under our Lords name Sevon.” –

“Sevon?” he asked. The name struck his brain like lightning. “I grew up with a boy in

Jeel named Sevon he was much older then me and my bro must have been my age

when I knew him when I was around the age of six, the time my father…” Albert stopped

and the other’s looked interested. “The United Empire is a very old guild son we’ve been

around for years. Many of them I highly doubt the Sevon you knew or grew up with was

the Great leader of the United Empire.” – “Was?” replied Albert, the men looked very

sad now, they all looked away from Albert “He’s….very ill, some say he left the world of

Dransik, many don’t know where we went off to.” – “will he return?” – “Hard to say”

Albert was curious about his new Lord Sevon, was it the boy he grew up with in the same

town of Jeel? Or perhaps a misunderstanding. More moon’s and years past as Albert

became an official member of the United Empire, He had explored Main land with his

new member’s and fought his first war at what many called “The storm Giant layer”. A

confusing battle it was, many attended the fight between good and evil. Albert grew

strong, he gain new items and Rich’s and was nearly an adult. It was a cold afternoon

when he returned to NK (New Korelth) bank from a very rough battle at Nightmare Lake.

LD was seen speaking with a man who held a tag “DBD” – Death Before Dishonor. His

mind boggled again as he new the guild was very powerful taking most of the victories

when they battled, The Fall of FU lightened up a lot of the people killings around the

lands but it seemed DBD was near and ready to take there place. LD announced the dis-

banning of the United Empire and the fall of the White council. “LK has fallen, and so

have we, we must go our own ways from here on in…Good luck everyone” Everyone

was confused as they started to walk away from LD “Albert...” called LD “yes?” – “I

want you to meet somebody” – “whom?” –“He’s the Leader of the Holy Crusader’s, the

White council’s last stand against Talazar; he goes by the name of Bird.” – “Albert had

heard of some silly names before but this one was far to funny. “Bird...is that his real

name or just what they call him?” – “Ask him you’re self.” A man appeared along side

with a every big solider and a pretty lady at his other side. The three of them bowed, LD

did as well, then hitting Albert in the ribs to bow down as well “Greeting’s” said the

middle man whom looked straight Holy, pure, and loved by most of the people of

Dransik. “Greet’s” replied Albert “Ahh Bird this here is Albert, Prince of the United

Empire.” Bird raised his eyebrow “A prince is among us I see...” the lady beside him

smiled then man on the other side did not. “You wish to fight along side the Holy

Crusader’s do you?” – “For the Time being, until Im ready to bring back the United

Empire.” LD smiled and replied happily “Well Albert, enjoy your new home but don’t

forget where you really belong” he winked at him and LD took off. “We haven’t properly

introduced ourselves; my name is Bird Leader of the Holy Crusaders” – “Laura, Sister of

Bird, High council of the Holy Crusaders.” – “TaLon, High council of the Holy crusader

and a great friend of Bird.” Bird smiled and Tagged Albert into HC. There Albert met a

great friend (Dark Sentinel). He trained threw out the year’s with HC, time flew by, up

until the deed was past the DS. He then knew it was time for him to leave and start the

guild quest. Albert would never forget the greatest friends he had made in HC almost

better then UE. He had completed the quests very easily within the weeks. He had

purchased the deed and became Governor of the United Empire. It was Week’s later

the God Lothgar decided to destroy the lands of Dransik. Meteors flew all over the lands,

Albert jumped into his boat and sailed, sailed far was when blackness hit him and months

later he awoke on a strange planet that went by the name of “Vorlia” his story there

would not be a big one, He had ran into many old friends that were also seeking a way

outta this strange land. One friend Albert who would never forget would be “Nanten

Cronic” Nanten trained Albert on the lands of Vorlia, and explained to him why people

spoke with such a strange tongue.

Year’s later we were all called back under the God of Zarquon. Many return, many

vanished and were never heard from again. Albert met new friends in the 2nd coming of

Dransik and pursued his goal a new goal to search for his long lost brother and Destroy

his relative Talazar. He knew by now his mother had passed away, seeing as it had been

decades since they last met. Albert was around the age of 36 or 29, he lost count. He had

joined a new guild to help his retrieve his old guild. The Guild was called “?” Aliens,

Albert did not follow great White Warrior into his future of darkness but realized he was

hated by old friends for staying in his guild. He apologized to Bird and the Holy

Crusaders for joining such a horrible guild and went on Bring back the United Empire

with the help of Bird and many others. His first member O.O.D *Orc of Death* was a

great man, still to this day is. Many others have followed Albert, Helping each other

along the way Albert met a man he would never in his life time forget. A man that went

by the name of The Secret, a new best friend along with a strange person named

Desi, Albert then created a very wise and powerful Senate “Red Dragon”. Staying away

from the war statues and being a neutral guild was Albert’s best idea to help the guild

grow in peace. A ceremony was to take place at Lotor’s kingdom when they were

ambushed by the Great DBD. Albert lost many members due to the ambush, and would

never forget how the Holy Crusaders sided with such Evil. All was forgotten in due time.

The United Empire split in half which created A – Awakening guild (420). The two

guilds agreed and disagreed among each other for many months. Albert had decided he

needed a more reliable guild to ally with and went back to Bird to apologize, Bird never

till this day accepted Albert’s apologies for what he said to Bird and HC, and it seems he

never will. A new council formed among the United Empire: Nousaken Reborn, The

Secret, Guru, Eiwrin, Sir Blueman, Metallica, Silent Revenge, and Bikerjoel, and mess*** :) (Sorry)

The guild had lived again for over a year as time pasted

and a new god appeared (The Tyrant). Albert no longer wanted to live within the

shadows of peace and realized ~”In Dransik there is no good or evil…only power”~ he

then hid the United Empire guild scattering his member’s all over Dransik, He

himself had join a new Resistance to end the weak “Alliance”. The resistance went by

NQ – Un relenting. Albert still till this day fight’s for NQ, in hope

once the war between the new alliances is broken. People will focus on the real issue and

defeat Talazar. He also searches for his brother and somewhere in his heart hope’s his

mother is alive or in the least bit looking down on him. If or if not the prophecy was true

about him or his brother in time will Dransik find out. hidden deep in his pack, he still carries the letter

belonging to the Dark Lord, and regrets for what he had said to the Holy Crusaders in the


His Friends

His Guild

His Story

~ UE Albert.
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I skimmed there it a bunch of times for spelling mistakes.

Should be better then the first. =)

Albert’s Story (Part 2) – Time of the Red Dragon

- It was Dark, yet the sun was up with no clouds in the sky. There I waited… Waiting for the fog to clear, my eyes widened as he appeared; my name no longer carried the NQ tag as the resistance fell along with the alliance. The honorable tag of the United Empire scared on my chest stuck out once again. He frowned upon me when took notice of my presence. He unleashed the blade from his scabbard and swung sharp and swiftly, only stopping inches away from my neck. Resting the blade on my neck, he moved closer towards me… I could see my mother in his eye’s along with death. But then he blinked and I awoke…

*Wipes sweat off his face* -

”Are you feeling alright Lord Albert?” said the Inn keeper - “Fine, thank you” Albert placed 5,000gp on the inn keepers table as he headed toward the door “ Lord Albert!” Shouted the Inn keeper - “Yes?” – “Your change …” Albert smiled and continued to walk out the door and strutted off to Parian. People all over the bank were shouting about there goods that they were selling. “RED DRAGON SCALES ONLY 1m!” yelled a small little fellow, “How many? “ – “four, fresh from Dragon Island” Replied the small little man. “ I’ll give you four and a half million no more no less” – “Deal!” the man had excitement in his eye’s. With the Purchased scales Albert then added them into his pile and headed toward the Parian Anvil. He crafted his new Shield without a doubt of failing.
”Ah there we are” Albert loved the success of forging goods. “Well, well, well… Nice shield we have there” A great knight appeared beside Albert – “Sir CaB, it’s good to see your doing well.” – “Indeed, the god’s have granted me another life. I mustn’t take this one for granted.” said CaB calmly. “Aye, You fool we almost lost you at Lotors, next time just try...” but before Albert could finish a screech blew out in the air of Parian. A bloody child ran to Albert’s knees and collapsed. Albert kneeled down to comfort the child’s last moments, “Sp…Sp….ire..” the light in the boy’s silver eye’s left. Albert looked deep into the dead boys eyes and there he saw it… A man… the Dark Lord, the one he dreamed of. All sound was gone... Albert tried to get another look at the mans face. He seen the golden scabbard at his side in crested with jewels and gems. “Albert!” yelled Cab but he did not move nor blink or breath until Cab struck him twice up side the head. “LETS GO!” yelled Cab inches away from Albert’s face. Reality struck him as he handed a guard the dead boy, then ran off to the battle grounds where this towering silver hell rock stood. Minions and Demons flew out and hell spawns appeared from no where. Albert took the east side of the spire battling alone. He could see Dorny Kelvar demolishing guard after guard. A flashback hit Albert from the day Dorny betrayed PACK and joined MOT. Albert stopped fighting and calmly walked towards Gen. Kelvar. Nine Demons charged Albert but he did not draw his sword nor flinch. The demons stopped and realized there was no fear in Albert…eight of them backed away but one stood forward and struck Albert as hard as he could the demon fell back on impact. Albert, eye’s on Dorny then withdrew his blade. The nine demons took off the second the blade readied for battle. Dorny seen Albert come, the look of joy from death on his face took off with the demons when he met eye’s with Albert. Dorny took two steps back “No… I killed you all in Hoth years ago! How… You’re dead!” – Albert began to run with his Icer held upside his shoulder. “NO!! Away From me!” *Devil’s language spoke out* a Hell spawned appeared and Dorny’s true smiled returned. Albert’s emotionless face dropped. He took many steps back as the Hell spawn glided towards him. The Nine Demons swooped down out of no where. Death was among Albert.. The Hellspawn blew a skimmed yellow fire ball which smashed Albert causing him to pass out… His guild mates chased after the Demons but the Spire reinforced more Demonic soldiers causing Dorny and the Demons to get away with Albert.
Near the south bridge of parian, known as the 2nd bridge. There Nousakan stood as he went into combat mode and cut off the escaping Hell squad. He managed to take two down. But it was too much for him. Lotors Road guards finally arrived and order was restored south of Parian. “ALBERT!” – Cab yelled across the battle ground searching for his friend… “They got him…” Said Nousakan “No… Show me his Body!” – “No they captured him…” replied Nous. “They must’ve known Albert was preparing the attack today.” – “I shall call upon my guild mates and we will rescue him, The Rebel Faction shall aid UE in this rescue operation.” – “Very well, gather the troops…blood will shed”

Dazed and unable to move, crucified in an X shape to the wall in a rusty cell, Albert opened his eye’s and a tear of blood rolled down his cheek. 5 hooded men stood around Talazar as they approached the cell. *hisses*. The hooded members all laughed and spat at Albert. Talazar walked forward to Albert. “My dear nephew, I could have sworn I had you killed many moons ago...” Talazar glared at Dorny, Dorny had a nervous look on his face. “Forgive me my Lord” Talazar walked up to Dorny with a calm look, he pulled out a dagger with the symbol of dread upon it. “My lord…I beg of you…” – Dorny began to cry. “Useless Scum…The task which granted you general! And all this time…” – “I swear it my Lord! I killed him! I swear it!” Dorny knew what was coming. “Close your eye’s my child…” Dorny closed his eyes as Talazar grabbed the right side of his head with his left hand stabbing him in the head on the other side. The 4 hooded men dropped to one knee and bowed down. “Feed him to the young Balrons…As for you I came across this” it was a piece of parchment. Albert knew right away it was Ophelia’s letter. “Shall I read it?” He smiled and went on…

Dear Talazar

By the time you read this I shall be long gone from Jeel, I’ve known all along that you are responsible for casting my husbands soul into the kingdom of heaven. You have took Luthor from me and I have lost poor Albert, I do not know why you killed Randy, whether the rumors of it being an accident is true or not your soul is pure evil and it shall soon fade out. The Oracle spoke to me, and I must say, your future is a shady one. I know what you’re planning and you will never kill Albert. I shall always be there to protect him. As for Luthor you claimed his soul the day you placed your demonic eyes on him. The curse you plan on performing will never work…

- Ophelia Grifford

”Well, there you are…I killed your father” Talazar smiled “There’s only one person who stand in my way now..” Talazar stabbed Albert and raised the dagger upwards from his stomach to his left lung. The dieses kicked into Albert’s blood causing him to die quicker. “It is time my men…in a few minutes I shall be immortal and to haste this process…” Talazar raised the Dagger of Dread once again but this time an Arrow flew threw one of the hooded men piecing Talazar’s hand away from Albert, he could not move, desperately trying to free his hand which was forced into the wall by an Arrow from a Golden Fire Bow. The hooded man whom was shot looked at his stomach then died instantly. The rest of the hooded men vanished. “Cowards!” Talazar then gave out a roar, his Soldier’s and creatures came rushing towards the kingdom of hell. “Nous! Grab Albert!” barked Cab. Nousakan quickly untied Albert and carried him out the cell and down the main hall. Nousakan ordered his men to ready “Men! Brace! And Defend!” A group of UE members withdrew there swords and lined up out side the evil kingdom waiting for Talazar’s Army to come. The RF members were battling at the lava creek not too far from the kingdom. “CHARGE!!!” Yelled out Balthezar. The UE members assisted RF and the battle went on for hours. Nousakan abandoned his troops with the scroll of recall to save Albert.

Albert Awoke in the NK inn with many at his side. “Mirtha grab the water! He’s awake!” Mirtha jumped up and grabbed the wooden cup of water in a rush, while bringing it back she tripped and the cup flew into the air splashing water all over Albert making it easier for him to wake up. Everyone looked at Mirtha and frowned “….Oops Sorry” she said quietly. Albert smiled in pain. “My Lord, It’s good to have you with us.” – “thank you Nous, but why is there so few of you?” *cough* Albert spat blood out beside him. The room fell quiet… “We are all what’s left…” said Mirtha quietly. Nous furiously walked up to her “Who allowed you to speak!? He doesn’t need to hear it yet!” Yelled Nousakan. Mirtha began to tear up. “The four of you? That is all? How many fought?” – “…we all fought…worst of all RF is holding us responsible for the death of there five members.” There was a silence in the room for about 10 minutes. “Well? Now what?” asked Joel. “We go for the bodies” replied Albert. He attempted to leave the bed but Nous pushed him back. “I’ve gone to check…the bodies were feasted on…no honor…” He placed an Amulet and a blade on Albert’s chest. Albert knew it was Silent Revenge’s amulet. A salty discharge from Albert’s eyes began to pour out. His eye’s crystal clear yet tears fell from his face. He then identified the Royal Dagger, which appeared to be :::marked ownership of Slyth, you notice it was handed down to Crash and Burn.::: “Thank you Cab…” he kissed the dagger and closed his eyes. “let me rest” – “Aye.” Replied the UE crew.

The Members placed themselves outside NK guarding every door window and corner of the inn.

- The Dream.

A strong white shadow came to me.. I stepped forward towards it. I was in Dexmore yet the snow textured like the clouds of the sky. It was the child who fell in my arms in Parian, beside him Cab, my brother Luthor non-demonic and young again. My mother and father, Jewel’s. Many more loved faces kept appearing but a hand called me out, it was the hand of an angel. It pulled me toward the light…

Albert woke up in a shock. “We move to my ship!” Demanded Albert. “My Lord?” replied Nousaken. “– “I am to leave the land of Dransik, as my God has sent his angel to tell me of his calling.” Confusion broke out in the room. “Where is one’s ship my lord?” – “Dexmore”. – “Can you make the trip?” – “Indeed” – “Very well Pack up and move forward.”

The crew moved out passing threw the town of Garnea making there way threw the Golem Valley, is took a nights trip to make it to the choke of winter wonder land.

*pant* “we must rest Albert..” said Joel “ Time is a factor, I’ll move alone” – “You cannot be more serious Albert!” spoke out Nous franticly gasping for air. Albert then emptied his rations and back pack. Taking nothing but some GHP, he went into the frozen lands alone. “I can’t…” sadly said Mirtha “nor can I” said Elknar “Joel past out threw exhaustion. “We rest until the moons light hit’s us, then we search for our stubborn leader.” Everyone Agreed.

The moon light struck and the members set forth towards Dexmore. They followed the tracks which belonged to Albert. It was nearly sun rise when they reached Dexmore. “He made it.., we must check the north Dock!” The four of them ran to the dock but didn’t see a ship. “He’s gone…” said Elknar. “We’ll I’ll be...” as the Sun started to rise the United Empire Ship began to come to view. Nous took out with Telescope and seen Albert waving at the tip of ship miles away. Nous smiled, “He did it…” The tag’s among the UE members vanished so did the view of Albert.

The frozen ship sailing with a crew of one, Day’s later the ship entered a tropical storm in the middle of the Icy waters. The warm breeze melted the ice off Albert’s face, Albert couldn’t hold the ship as the wind’s were far to strong the water began to spiral into a circling vortex.. The sternpost of the ship snapped and flew into the hole, along with the rudder. Desperately trying to keep the ship from going into the Vortex, Albert caved and released the wheel of the ship. The Galleon performed a 180 spin throwing Albert into the water. The water ate at Albert’s skin then eased, as some parts of the water were hot as Talazar’s creeks and some parts were cold as the Ice Devils nest. Albert then grabbed onto a frozen piece of land with drawing his sword and jumping back onto his capsized ship. He looked into the sky and there appeared over him a Balron with many minions around the enormous beast. He stood up and shielded his face from the ice flying around his face; there he stood at the other side of the ship, Talazar. His right hand was medicated with Dark magic and it appeared as a chrome gauntlet. Albert Half naked from the storm approached Talazar, The battle began. The Balron and minions swoop down to aid Talazar, “NO! He’s mine to finish!”. The creatures backed off and the two dueled away, Up until Albert finally disarmed the Dark Lord. Talazar slipped and crawled backwards away from Albert as the sword of Talazar sunk to the bottom of the sea. The blade of the United Empire rose as Albert went for the finally strike. Talazar’s Wing’s flung open as he back flipped out of his position and flew away causing Albert to strike hard into his ship. The Balron and its minions blew fire at Albert which made him lose his balance falling into the center of the vortex.

Talazar Roared in anger causing all of Dransik to Shiver. “I failed…I couldn’t slay the chosen one.”

Albert washed up on a peaceful shore. He managed to get up to his feet, his gear was different and his blade was light. His skill and power was weak. He stumbled toward a town that he never seen in his life. He approached the town entrance and the guardians standing guard. The guards said nothing to him. He came across a fountain and looked into the water. His reflection was young again.

He then walked towards a wooden sign.

Sign: Darnorlth Province: Sedok
City of Breathnor.

The new adventure begins..
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You Sir a ****ing god! I forgive you for all the times you demolished me in game (IMG:style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)
Kaali ftw.
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I still love your tales chief (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
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QUOTE(Elkki @ May 17 2009, 06:01 AM) *
I still love your tales chief (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

Thanks Elk (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
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Albert reading that brought me back to the good days rising up the ranks of UE under you.

Cant wait for EL to come out so we can once again play together as brothers at arms.

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Get your *** on EL then (IMG:style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif)
See you there brother.
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