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> Best solo character to play
post Aug 30 2014, 12:01 PM
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Hi, Ive been searching the net to find the best guide all ive come up with is RCB build, is this the best solo char to play or is there another.

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post Aug 30 2014, 12:33 PM
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I am a person who enjoys (almost prefers) solo play, but I will tell you that having another person makes things 100% easier.

That being said...

You would want ranged combat, either archery or magic. You can get 3-4 hits in before the monster is attacking you.

RCB build (str/dex) is good melee (can use SoTT, BDD, etc), good ranged (RCB)... But I personally feel that having melee for the sake of having melee is redundant when you can do almost as much damage with bows in melee.

Lets take a look at the magic options.

Int/Con mage. Probably better as group support/ranged dps? I've never had a high level int/con so dunno the specifics. This build is limited to magic, essentially, but high HP so it can take a bit of a beating.

Int/Dex mage. Magic user who can use good high-level ranged weapons (tyrian sling mainly). I almost feel that this is redundant too (but I'm working on one anyways :D) because you can get really good damage with magic from range. Why I started one was the idea of having a mainly ranged character, have magic for buffs, heals, rooting enemies... Magic is very useful. Most trade skills fall under int or dex as well.

Str/Int Battlemage. Norco will want to put his $0.02 in I bet. At high level with end-game weapons (Hotag, Darksword) this build could be a beast. You have the advantage of magic for healing, direct damage (at range), DoT, HoT... And very nice melee damage.

Downfalls of int/dex and str/int would be lower HP due to no con.

Dex/con would be solid too. I find that dex characters are the easiest to build from scratch, so if you want to go that route, get maxed dex then decide what you want to do (most people would recommend doing int first if you're going to do one of the magic builds).
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post Aug 30 2014, 07:05 PM
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I would probably say Str/con because it is cheap, then Str/Dex if you get MoS and/or SoTT, followed by Dexmage if you have a little patience and do no mind a laid back support and this of course followed by Battlemage which require a little more dedication then the others.
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post Aug 31 2014, 09:07 PM
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I definitely agree that Str/Dex and Dex/Int, along with many other non-con builds and hybrid builds are better at higher levels.

As for leveling, nothing is faster than Int/Con, however I leveled as a Str/Con warrior and moved along pretty quickly. However mages cannot easily solo dragons at level 105-106 like a Str/Con can.

As for end-game content, you'll have to do some more research. Personally, for a warrior I believe the 101str/100dex/30con build is best for soloing dragons, whilst the 101str/90dex/40con build is best for all around tank as far as survivability goes.

Being a mage will get you invited to more parties as people are usually short on mages, however the popular end-game content dragons is not very mage-friendly, especially gdi. Archers are even less useful for dragons, however, on the other hand there are a great dps for gdi. "Archer" builds such as the 101str/100dex or 100str/101dex may be primarily focused on bows, but you won't be using much of them if you've got a lifestealing melee weapon to throw around.
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post Sep 1 2014, 12:14 PM
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So many noobs. Just go with con dex bro. Best build ever.
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post Sep 1 2014, 09:24 PM
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Int con Orc ftw
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