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Morgan Fey
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Copied over from the old forums:
Name: Morgan Fey
Race: Night Elf
Age: Immortal (25 when she last bothered to count)
Job: Mother Superior of Templum Veritae
Guilds: La Temple de Veritas/Templum Veritae
Current Guild: Templum Veritae


Born in the court of King Lotor the first. Child of ambassador to the court for the kingdom of the Lands End elves. Trained at court in the ways of magery and other skills befitting a high-born elf-maiden. Met and fell in love with Lord Kargoth, one of the eleven great warriors sent with Talazar to dispose of the evil runic artifacts.

When the warriors did not return from their quest, she roamed the world, searching for her lost love, until she came to the great city of Parian and its Temple of Isos. There she met the servants of Isos and their seer told of a vision which made it clear that Talazar was behind the disappearance of Lord Kargoth. Morgan sought out Talazar to demand the return of her lover. And, find him, she did; fought him and lost. As she lay in a black fog, surely dying, she heard his demon's voice exulting in her mind. "No, elf woman, those who seek to defy me do not escape so easily. Die you shall not. See! I give you life eternal in which to reclaim your Kargoth. Oh. And, let me not forget to mention - you will be cursed to sometimes find yourself in the body of a filthy orc. And, now, prepare to meet your lover. You see? I, too, can be kind! Muwahahaha!" The black fog grew thicker and she lost consciousness. Her next memory was of waking in a torch-lit cave. There was a sound of rasping breathing close, very close. As her consciousness returned and her eyes grew accustomed to the dimness, she became aware that she was being held, like a child, in someone's arms; incredibly strong but terribly cold and thin. She could not see the face of her bearer but from it came that frightful rasping breath. "Who are you?" she asked. Fear began to mount in her when there was no reply; only the harsh breathing. Then, a moth flew into a torch, causing a momentary flare. And, in that moment was Morgan's mind driven shrieking from her body. For leering down at her she saw the ravaged visage of a man most brutally murdered, and long, long dead - yet still she knew - it was her beloved Kargoth.

And here Morgan's history is lost - perhaps many years passed; no one knows. One day, as one of the holy women of Isos searched for healing herbs only to be found near the Josody swamp, she came upon what she at first thought was a dead wild woman - naked, filthy, long matted hair and nails like talons. She soon determined, that though badly mauled by termis, the woman still breathed. Summoning a wood dove to her, she tied a note to its leg and sent it winging to her sisters.

Taken in and nursed by the holy women of the Temple, her body recovered long ere her mind. The women were at first horrified when sometimes they found an orc (Ragnar Waveflame) in place of the night elf but, being wise, soon realized that the seeming young woman was under a curse. Years passed and Morgan did not age. She was accepted into the order and, in time, became its Mother Superior. She vowed before Isos never to cease her struggle against Talazar and never to marry, her heart belonging only to Lord Kargoth.


One day in Vrethpool, she came upon a young elf/orc, Priestess, who told her the sad tale of how she had been murdered and robbed of all her goods. Being but a simple holy woman, she had little to offer Priestess but a yellow shield. They became fast friends and talked of forming a holy guild. And so La Temple de Veritas/Templum Veritae was born, to protect the Temple of Isos and its city, and to aid the weak and unjustly oppressed. Morgan became Priestess' advisor and counselor during her historic leadership of the T until the sad passing of Priestess into the realm of the dead. Today Morgan remains a co-leader/Counselor of Templum Veritae, along with Corgan and Wassabi, and its Mother Superior.

In recent times, children have come forth, claiming Morgan as their mother. Isos appeared to her in a vision and confirmed that, indeed, she did have children in the world, and would know them by a birthmark. Her sons are Lord Reznor (sometime evil pker), Spike, Tzemice (gone to another plain), Garlic aka: Vendel Silverhair, and Gabriel Delobos; her daughters are Xhiang (gone to another plain) and Flower Lady, her darling forever 4 year old gurl.

Name: Torn Blackwinter
Race: Supposed Human
Age: Mid-Life (I hail from another land where life longevity is different)
Occupation: Healer (retired) Alchemist in training
Current Guild: Leaugue of Legends


I was born of a different place. A place absent of Isos blessed light. Forever dark and cold, the featureless landscape of my home land's location remains a mystery to me.

The only posession I retain from that land is my animal companion, Greentalk. Greentalk is an Ognid, a creature resembling a wolf, only differing in a much stockier, larger size. Ognid's also have developed intelligence greater thenthat of a wolf.


I consider myself marooned here. I came to this land mass, atop a floating island of ice. Whilst on a long hunt, the portion of a glacier Greentalk and I were on fell into the sea.

I have become accustomed to local traditions, language, and arts. My new home suits me well. I reside in the Kot & Kettle Inn and Tavern, found in New Korelth. I belong to the League of Legends. However, I have sworn to protect the Queen Mother, (Queen Pink) and her child king son (King Blake).

The Ruler of the land, King Lotor, has blessed me greatly. For this I am forever in his debt, my magic and lance are at his disposal.

Name: Sicarius/Judas Iscariot
Job:Minion of Talazar.
Guilds:Minions of Talazar, Agony.
Current guild:Agony.

Sicarius's parents were murdered by pirates, and Sicarius himself taken as one of their slaves. Upon his eleventh year, Talazar slayed the pirates, and took Sicarius into hell.

Time passed, and Sicarius grew darker and more powerful. He went upon quest of darkness, for Agon, Malax, Sabal, and Talazar himself.

After long, his body no longer was human, and the darkness inside him and turned him into a demon.

At the end of a grueling war, Sicarius killed himself. His demon soul and body didn't die, but he was now confinded to hell itself forever.

Name: Corgan Firebound
Race: Human
Age: Unsure (~23)
Job: Templar Knight of the Templum Veritae, sitting recruiting officer in Jesse James's absense, Ranger, and Master of the Secret Blade.
Current Guild: Templum Veritae



Corgan was born and raised on an island off of Krythan. Being the wandering soul that he was, shortly after hecame of age, he left for Krythan. There he traveled the lands... but eventually settled down in a remote farming town. One day, while hunting game, Corgan game upon a beautiful woman bathing in the falls.

He was instantly smitten by this woman, who he would come to know as Joy. After a brief conversation, the two were ambushed by orcs. Corgan successfully downed one Orc before dragging Joy to the safety of his village. The town, alerted by Corgan's run, defended itself successfully from the orc force.

After a brief courting period, Corgan and Joy were wed. They lived together happily for three years. That was until the day Corgan came home to find his village ablaze. Quickly he made his way back to his home, but found that he was too late to save Joy. She lay on the ground, pinned to the floor by an Orcish spear. He arrived at her side just as she took in her last breath.

In a rage, Corgan stormed out of the house, but was quickly defeated, and sent to be part of the Orc's slave trade. By a stroke of luck, a Dransikan vessel was able to intercept the boat, and free the captives near Silvest.

From there, Corgan set off to Hothbra, looking to find anyone who could help him exact his revenge on the Orcish tribe that stole his life. He fell in with the Templum Veritae, and in short order they launched an attack on the Red Skull Tribe, and defeated them utterly. Corgan was accepted as a Squire to the Templars shortly after that. Some time later he was knighted, and became a full member.


Corgan has had many adventures while he wore the Templars colors. He's aquired a katana, and learned to use it with great skill. He was involved in a plot that sought to reverse the winnings of a long forgotten war. He's a Templar Knight, and will be until he draws his last breath.

Name: Aries
Race: Human
Age: 16
Job: Guardian of Parian
Current Guild: EP (Empire of Parian)

Beginning of Time


My journey began on a warm day in Dransik, where the smell of fresh air and tress covered the lands of Silvest. I was overwhelmed by the support of my fellow people who helped me and I was destined to one day return the favour. I graciously accepcted their offer to learn the ways of the land and the everlasting battle of good and evil.

The side of good won me over and I was determined to banish Talazar and all other evil. I joined the ranks of noble guilds such as the Parian Archers and Hunters Sanctuary, where I trained to be able to fight well against my foes. I trained for many months and finally with no strength left I was ready to fight. I was eager to have the blood of my enemy on my staff, and was willing to go to all odds to obtain it.

Preoccupied with the desire of obtaining blood, young Aries was not aware of the dark forces that were lurking near. He brushed off all warnings that the people of Dransik had once given him. Little did he know that the seed of evil had already been planted in him, and would take him to the darkest of places.

A man named Rocco Siffredi approached Aries in a delightful and cherrful way, and Aries being the kind person he is accecpted the offer of friendship. Aries wasnt aware that there was a plan in Rocco's mind that sought to do great evil over the lands and thus to recruit young Aries to help.

Aries was tempted by evil, torture, blood and various other forms of darkness. He joined the powerful guild of the Dark Legion, where he was destined to one day have power. He was involved in many battles where he fought long and hard, and was given for his efforts a position on the High Council. Here Aries would be able to make desicions regarding this great and dark guild.

But, darkness never lasts as it would always loose to the side of good. Aries knew this, and would learn it in the months to come. The tree of evil inside him began to die, and the spirit of evil soon left his body.

He roamed the lands in search of his true identity, and stumbled upon a great archer known as Preston. He knew that in someway he was destined to serve this man and to follow in his ways. He joined the noble forces of the Parian Archers once again, in search of himself. Little did he know that the friendships he had made along the way would be lifelong.



A man...seeking something he doest not know. Wanting...and praying that it shall come. However, Aries knows it is time to repay his fellow beings, and strives to help anyone who comes to him in need of assistance.

One day he hopes to find what he is looking for, and become the person he was born to be. Searching the lands...far and wide hoping something will show him where he is destined to go.
Returning the favor that is long overdue, Aries continues to help those in need...


Name: Dark Warrior Racer
Race: Human
Age: Immortal
Job: Mage
Current Guild: I Walk Alone.


Many years ago, a minion of talazar fell in love for a sweet woman who lived in Arda. Evil and Good were combined into one human beign, this human beign would become both evil and good.

After 2 years, his father was sent to combat and died in a massacre involving 20% of Minion's army. His wife was off limits to whoever. But with the lack of wiz's on Arda, she died of a unknown disease.

The son was now the heir of both cruelness and sweetness inside of a single body. While a baby, hes been taken care off for many years untill his city was massacrated by Talazar himself and his minions. This poor kid had no name, no parents and now, no history. He was told to run, far, very far from Arda, as Talazar crushed the town in two.

The nearest town was a underground town, Grell. Criminals rounded the place day come day go. As anger took care of his life ever since, and his skills in fighting, he decided to become evil, the only way to enter the vast population of grell. Grell's ciminals made this kid a fighter, a warrior. Since this kid had no name, they decided to nickname him Dark Warrior. After several ages has past, Dark Warrior decided to learn about magery, studiying every moon there was, everything you could know about being a mage, he learned.

Dark Warrior after many years become a wizard and a warrior. His skills were vast unreachable by many. As reading many diaries, he found of his father's army general. This general named DarkWarrior's father to be the fastest anywhere near Dransik lands.

Dark Warrior tributed his name to his father who noone knew the name, Dark Warrior became Dark Warrior the Racer, Dark Warrior Racer.

One day after many research, he found his own's father diary. This diary had only information about war technic. But the last page had a weird symbol, a K with two waves near it, this waves were known to be the symbol of Aquarius, a zodiac symbol. At the bottom of this page there was a call, a call that was only transmited thru feelings. Dark Warrior Racer felt while touching this page that he needed to go thru Bad Lands and find the Spire.

Carrying only a lamp of isos and a book of isos, Dark Warrior Racer barely made thru all monsters. Finally at the spire, all the light is drained from the located spire area and it was all dark. He pointed his lamp of isos up high and a light came revealing his destiny.

A Image of his father was shown above the spire, a old man with a book on his hands. DWR's father explained all his history to his son and gave him to DarkWarriorRacer, this book reveals the secreat of Kamus of Aquarius and his powers, this power now became DarkWarriorRacer's while he read it over and over.

Kamus's power was enough to rule the world, and so DarkWarriorRacer will do, thats his destiny.

Name: Sina (Ignifera)
Race: Orc
Age: unknown
Job: Arcanist
Guilds: Holy Hell Hunters // The Fellowship
Current Guild: The Fellowship

I am Sina, an Orc female and magery is my profession. This might seem uncommon to most of thee. Thus thou art right, naturally. See my story of apprenticeship to learn how all would start long time ago.
This fortune chose the wrong means as it occurred to me merely by an unforeseen and sudden fatality, befalling my family as well as our orcish hamlet where my poor but proud next of skins suffered our life at. The aggression was an insidious proposition of a neighbourhood human clan seeking their salvation by erasing their alleged foes – ourselves.

Their trepidation was weirdly outsized by their nature, thus they did not even listen to their Magus well-known throughout all lands for his reliable visions. Though folks from all lands and races were seeking his knowledge, his own people unvalued his vision about a glorious and peaceful. Yet flourishing future amongst our tribes.

As an outcast he watched the ensanguined goings. Meanwhile, struck by another vision, the Magus followed a divine instruction.
He stumbled through waves of death, dust and smother being on target for a small shack at the middle of our hamlet. The view exhibited was hair-rising. The baby resting in it`s crib – alive! Surrounded by the bodies of her murdered relatives. The Magus arrived right on time to bar the warrior from stabbing the defenceless baby to death. He petrified the dishonourable brute so he could always stay there and think about the invidious act he had been about to do, never able to move again till the end of all times.

To clarify what was going on there and no longer leave you behind with vague presumptions – the defenceless baby was me.
The Magus was seeking salvation in a far away place. Far away from mankind, following the vision he had received that special day. He carried me and affiliated me. He preached to me his believes about the importance of all races to be and thus let the world keep its balance. He taught me about alchemy and all he knew about the rune skills.

When I was a young lady he sent me away, knowing, that he would soon have to leave for another land. Well prepared by my master´ s lore I started my journeys throughout the land of Krythan. My first contact to elves and other beings was not always easy. I had to reexperience their hatred. They called me “sinner”, sometimes laughed at me often screamed or were almost scared to death. They were not knowing what they were calling me, for they did not even know who they were talking to.
However I waited patiently and simply did what I had learned. I healed many of them and I earned my money slaying savage creatures with arms and spells.
In the end I kept the name they had given to me with intent to destroy me, remembering that “Sina” in a language far from place and time means “You”. In virtue of my master´s lore the knowledge that I was here to help balancing the world I turned my name into a quality well describing my talents. Belieing the kind that killed the likes of me, I trained my rune skills to incredible status, always bearing a hand to those who had formerly cursed at me.


Now I stand where I am. I gained respect as a Holy Hell Hunter for many years. It was a happy and prosperous time until the latest radical changes separated the Holy Hell Hunters.
Many of the friends I made there were left behind or got lost. Others gathered again and joined the Fellowship as did I. I may say that I helped the Fellowship re-accreting.

Present and future:

I feel that in the long run I found the place I have always longed to be bound to by the vision of my Lore Master. Glorious and honourable times are awaiting us all my dear Fellows.

Name: Folks call me Night Hunter. That will do.
Race: Night Elf.
Age: I have walked the lands of Dransik for longer than I can remember.
Job: Enthusiastic farmer, not-so-enthusiastic battlemage.
Guilds: Elementus Draconis, Heroes of the Forgotten City, Leet Insane Orginized Ninjas, Brethren.
Current Guild: None.


I was born in Silvest. There my parents lived, long ago, when all forms of thinking beings counted Silvest a haven. I grew up in that wonderful town, trying my hand at a variety of trades and blades. I was most fond of farming and fishing, which I did avidly. On the occasion, my brother Adrako Hysell and I would venture out into the wild, battling spider queens, and charging foolhearty folks to guide them out of Silvest. Times were good, and we enjoyed our town.

But, as happens with youngsters of our ambition, we grew weary of the limited possibilities Silvest had to offer. Adrako and I soon set out from Silvest, vowing to never return. The first town we happened upon was Jeel. It was a lively, thriving center of commerce and adventure. Unfortunately, soon after arriving in Jeel, Adrako and I were seperated, and never saw each other again.

I had made friends with a bloke named Jasper while I was in Jeel. He was a veteran of Krythan Island, and he showed me the ropes. I went with him to Ettin Valley, where I saw an amazing display of power. A man surnamed Human Warrior was killing a Storm Giant by himself. I remember this clearly, as I thought it particularly amazing at the time. I also found the cemetary west of a town nicknamed "NK", and fought odd half-dog half-skeleton things.

Jasper was a member of a guild called Elementus Draconis, which I soon joined. I was ranked as an Earth Wyrmling, and handed a shovel and some seeds. I was led to a place simply named the "Farm Town", and there I worked in the fields with other guildmates. On the occasion we would go the the Valley of the Giants, where our strongest warrior, aptly named Ken The Beast, would bear the brunt of Ettin agression while we all attacked the foul smelling giants.

More and more I frequented a town called Varg, the Forgotten City. This is before it was rediscovered, of course. It was a quiet and peaceful land. It was in this city that I decided to take it upon myself to start my own guild. I named it Heroes of the Forgotten City. We traveled the land helping those in need, always returning home to Varg, to relax at the pub. The guild was small, but it was prosperous, and the members were loyal.

Eventually the time came where I grew weary of adventuring. I told the members of my guild to go their own ways, and I laid down in the Crypt of Varg to sleep. I slept for a very long time. When I arose, I found the world a much different place than it was before.

As I began adventuring again, I ran into an old friend, who was an old member of my guild. Few knew his true name, but most folks called him CoE. He had went on to start his own guild, the Leet Insane Orginized Ninjas. I joined the guild, so that we might have more adventures together. However, my long slumber had left me a fraction of my former self, and the challenges of this new world were far too great for me. Also, the Ninjas had become evil, and were killing all manner of folk they could find.

This would not do for me, so I left, to wander the lands again. Shortly after, I found another guild, one which welcomed me with open arms. They were the Brethren. I stayed with the Brethren for a very long time, and I grew stronger the more I traveled. Since my awakening, I had decided to pursue magery, since I had always found it intriguing. Soon I had become a decent mage, and I was happy.

However, being the restless spirit that I am, I left the Brethren, in pursuit of lone adventures. I made many friends, and many enemies as well. I had found strange new lands, and revisited some old haunts. I grew stronger. I finally felt content, and satisfied.


Here I am today, that same elf I was long ago. I still have a free spirit, and I believe I will always have a spring in my step, and a heart for adventure. I happily pursue farming whenever possible, though I usually find myself training to become a more powerful battlemage. Currently I am awaiting my trails with The Avengers, a guild that I have some history with. You'll usually find me in Darkfell, or Arda, or at my favorite haunt, the Sunset Cafe, in Dunmarrow.

I feel that my defining characteristic is that I don't have a defining characteristic at all. I'm not a great warrior, nor a great mage. I'm not even a very good farmer. Few things incredible or extrordinary have happened to me. I don't seek fame and fortune, and I usually keep to myself. My real name has been forgotten, so folks just call me Night Hunter, because I prefer hunting at night. In the grand scheme of things, I'm not that important. I'm just a regular guy, living out a regular life.

Well, as far as anyone can tell, anyway.

Name: Mana Iho (literally "Power Down", actually Self-Empowered)
Race: Human (hapa child from distant islands of Mu)
Age: Never ask a lady her age!
Job: Seamstress and leatherworker
Guild: Hunters of Sanctuary

Many ships sailed the seas harvesting the herds of whale as they migrated. The spring would find these behemoths of the sea around the remote islands of Mu. Many a sailor would sleep on the deck the next year after trading the nails that held his hammock aloft for the favors of the beautiful maidens of these lands. ManaIho's father was one of these sailors. Upon return the next year he once again sought out his island lover to discover she had passed over the rainbow giving birth to a female child. He smuggled the infant unto his ship and returned to Silvest to retire from his oceanic sojourns and raise his daughter. Alas he was slain by a marauding rouge of the Dark Legion. This devastating lose left ManaIho alone and speechless in her grief. The young child survived by sewing gloves in the dark basements of Silvest. As her beauty blossomed many young warriors sought her hand but she refused to become any man's possession. She meet a man named Silk constantly spinning a wheel (he spoke even less than the mute) and inspired, ventured into the pit west of town to harvest the spiders there. Bloody and scarred while roasting the snakemeat and spiderlegs a benefactor, Crown Royal, took mercy on the child and gifted her with steel armor and a falchion while asking if she had any hides from the snakes she cooked. The idea resonated in her mind and her addiction to removing the skins of the monsters she slew began. The prohibitive cost of healing potions led her to seek out the schooling of body mages. As she wandered the northern isle honing her skills as a combat medic she was befriended by the great warrior, Mephiston, and invited into Fabulous at Battle. In the dismal times of King Lotor's kidnapping she appeased her anger in the constant slaughter of wargs, increasing her skills of skinning and short blades till minos and ogres yielded their skins to her. Mephiston introduced her to Maja, who in her wisdom suggested that polearms were also a fine weapon. The fledgling mute joined the Hunters of Sanctuary. Many, noticing her body constantly lying upon the floor of crypts, questioned her suitability for such a role but she survived and banked a vast pile of the hides of her fallen prey.
Then came the Dark Times when the evil upon the land stole weeks of experience repeatedly. Disillusioned and bitter she retreated to her tanning vats and ignoring any attempts by others at communication she mastered the art of tanning. As the land was slowly returning to functionality she emerged and equipped a staff of enervation, rather than her beloved +5 poignard. Her desire for revenge upon the Dark Legion soon expanded to include the Four Horsemen, the Insane Ninjas, and the Circle of Fear. The Hunters became the family she had never known as a child.

Mana Iho the Mute, although brief in her communication, has overcome the trauma of her father's murder. She has not forgotten those who have preyed upon the innocence of her youth (vengeance is a dish best served cold) or those benevolent souls who have helped her upon her journey. In the spiral of life each sin and virtue is its own reward and punishment. While she prefers to wear her holy armor as a healer, often her zeal in slaying the rampant evil upon this land forces her to don her black plate. Appearances are oft deceiving and the mute has never been one who lets the facts stand in the way of perceiving the Truth. Barbed Devils and Eye Tyrants yield their skins to her knife. The politics and wars of the guilds oft divert her from the hunting she has grown to love. Although her temper flares occasionally, she walks the Ashen Empires spreading her warm "Aloha" to strangers, friends, and even her fallen foes.

I am Camthalion Calanor. Or as some call me, Genome Rob.

My origins are ancient. I am Half Elf.

In ancient Times,The Gods said, There are no attractive people in this land. Let us make one. And so I was created. And people of both genders fell at my feet. But I only took the women, and mooched off the men. And that is how I came to be. So remember, I'm one of the beautiful people, so give me money.

Name- Raven's Killer(Raven killer, Raven)-Aylisur D'sulari
age- Immortal(around 30)
occupation- mercenary, hunter, blacksmith
Past guilds- Many, too many
current guild- None

Riddled in turbulence and misconceptions.
He was born in jeel, to a master mage, and a homemaker. The father ended up going insane after the death of his wife, this is when he started locking Aylisur in the crude basement of the house, completely neglecting him. Aylisur grew tired of the basement, and used a stick and his father's own staff to escape, killing his father in the process(aka Raven). Aylisur went on many long treks around the world trying to find a place for a bluntsmen in the world that was so young at the time. eventually he bacame strong, and decided to go after what his father sought out his entire life. He came upon a deadly minion which killed his party and cursed him with ever changing skin. Has suffered many memory losses and has been possesed a few times by evil minions and old companions. Just a short summary, i will post actual stories of the tales later on, so keep an eye out if this odd character has crossed your path and intrigued you slightly.

regaining his strength after an ambush near Parian, where he lost all his armor, weapons and so on. he is currently re-learning his blacksmithing skills, and trying to make some armor and weapons. He is also suffering from fragmented amnesia, parts of his past are just a blur, and he has lost all coordination with weapons and trades.

Age:100 and some
Job:Searcher for the lost city of Aeguus
Past Guilds:Golden Horde, Gaurdians of Sanctuary, Orcish Horde of Ashen, Dark Legion, The Black Horde
Current Guild:Brotherhood of Aeguus

I was born in the town of Krog. Loved the sights and smell of the city as it was just growing, One day i decide to leave the city and explore the world with a few of my friends, we traveled towards Whisperdale encountering many Strange creatures along the way

Well when i got to Whisperdale some elfs attacked us and chased us out of town. They called us stinkin goat fauckers and other names along that line.

Well we went back to Krog and got stronger, then we meet this Orc Leader named Trog. He was recruiting Orcs to join the Golden Horde (Best guild of all time IMO). I rose in the ranks quickly becoming Trogs right hand Orc.

Then trog disapeared for a long time and i left to join the Guardians so i could protect my beloved homeland

time went by and i got bored of the same old same old and i wanted to continue my crusade to ride the world of the stinky pointed ear scum bags. I made a Horde of my own and we marched to war on the elven town of whisperdale once again.

The Horde was beaten back (IMG:style_emoticons/default/sad.gif) even though i dont like sayin that we lost. We trained harder, and became stronger and many battle insued between the Elves and the Orcs.

Present: i got tired of seeing my comarades dieing and had enough of the blood and guts all over the ground, so i searched out the Brotherhood of Aeguus, and now i search for the Lost city of Aeguus with all my powers

Gurt War Cheif of the Orcs

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Name: Eron "the relentless" Sinclair
Race: Astari
Age: Hasn't kept track, but close to 30 human years
Job: Woodsman
Guilds: Omnia Vincit Amor, Baltic Rangers, LION
Past: Parents live in Whisperdale as cooks. Twin brother and sister are in the archery unit of the Dunmarrow Guard. Soulmate was devoured by rock trolls. Left for the island of Baltis to train as a ranger. Returned once Talazar took it over, wiping out the Baltic Rangers. Became the Jaolin after spending years in the woods. Was an assassin for a short period.
Present: Eron stays to himself in the woods of Parian. He doesn't see many people and has made friends of the local deadwillows.

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Name: Jesse James
Age: Mid twenties
Race: Human... for the most part
Guilds: Templum Veritae

Past: I came not from the lands of Dransik but from a similar plane, one where magic was long since vanished and knights used swords and shields, arrows and quivers only. I fell in love while I worked my father's farm with the princess of the nearby castle. When her father's councellor discovered our love he grew jealous and assassinated the princess and sent me reeling into the world of Dransik with the promise that he would hunt me down for sport and destroy me.

I was born Jorenth Jonas, but I adopted my father's name, Jesse, and gave myself the sirname James to make my initials match up. I have a necklace that I wear, emblazoned with my initials, the only thing I ever recieved from my mother, for she died in child birth bringing me into my old world.

I changed my name to hide my identity long enough from the evil necromancer to train to fight. I was trained in the arts of the bard, singing songs of protection and comfort with rare magical effects. In the end, he came looking for me and I stumbled into the temple of Isos in Parian where I took up with the Templum Veritae to fight their foe and mine who would have risen up against us all and destroyed us.

Since then, the Temple has become my home and the Templars my family. I have been on several adventures with them and a few lonely adventures without them. But whether with or without the Templars whose war cry is "Veritas Vincit"-- truth conquers-- they are always in my heart.

Not too long after joining ranks with the Templars, I discovered that my true blood father was Kargoth, whose sad remains are within the crypts of Krythan, hiding the quests for leadership and strength. I am forever now chasing after his ghost and his legacy, but I will one day lay my soul to rest on my family, and on his name.

Present: I am once again estranged from my family. My young son is carefully ensconsed in the arms of good people and my beloved is in the vale with her father Isos. In the Desert of the Ghal, I am caught in the middle of a struggle for the dunes of chaos that this place is made of. The land is very dangerous, but I stake myself on the side of right and know I will return to see all again. My wolf, Fury, is with me and his greetings of tail waggings come as well. Greetings my friends and may your adventures be guided by goodness and love. And may Isos shine his light into your hearts when even the darkest of nights would threaten to extinguish hope forever.


Veteran of the war with the gods and the Ghal conflict.

For the children...

Posted - March 21 2005 : 04:04:42 AM

Name: Zemechubon Law
Race: Human
Age: 42
Birthplace: Cliffside, Krythan Island
Place of Residence: South Parian
Occupation(s): Blacksmith
Guild: Templum Veritae
Titles(s): Templar Knight
Alias(es): The Golden Knight, The Son of Silvest, The Silvite
Known Relative(s): Freya Goldenleaf(grandmother, deceased), Bastom Baker (grandfather, deceased), Gwynaed Baker-Law (mother, deceased), Zeremon Law (father, deceased)

Though known to some as The Silvite, Zemechubon Law was in reality born on the outskirts of Silvest in the mining town of Cliffside. His father, Zeremon was a well-to-do lord who owned smithy shops in Silvest, Jeel, Josody, Vrethpool, and Parian. During a fair at the king's castle, Zeremon, who was under the commision of Lotor, met Gwynaed Baker, a well-known chef and daughter of Bastom Baker, a former pub owner in Jeel and Freya Goldenleaf a seamstress from Josody. Zeremon and Gwynaed were married eight months later, and Zem, as Zemechubon's childhood nick-name came to be, was born thirteen months later.

Zem grew up in a strict environment. His father was a very busy man, and was often travelling abroad. So, he never had much time to spend with his family. But Zeremon expected rules to be obeyed, and engrained in his son, from an early age, high moral and ethical teachings. Throughout childhood Zem was tutored by the finest teachers in all the land on such subjects as Physics, Mathematics, and Dialect and Astronomy and was instructed in the Way Of Isos. From ages ten to sixteen, Zem attended the Royal Academy at Eastwatch where he became versed in archery and melee combat and was introduced to the art of blacksmithing. Zem found that he enjoyed the craft so much that he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and become an expert blacksmith.

At age twenty-two Zeremon appointed Zem as the Master Blacksmith of Rhonidd's Weapons, a little known armory based in southern Parian. For eight years, Zem practiced his craft for the citizens of the city. His technique became sharply honed to perfection, and men travelled from distant lands to purchase his weapons and armor. Zem had indeed followed in his father's footsteps, becoming independently wealthy by the age of thirty. As a show of gratitude to his parents, Zem purchased the deed to Farmtown and gave it to them as a gift. Well into old age, Zeremon and Gwynaed retired to their well-deserved paradise, where their every need was cared for, and their fields and livestock were tended by two dozen helpers. Zeremon left his son the business to do with as he saw fit. Zem continued his work in Parian, and became ridiculously wealthy during the first Great Thrallenite Rush one year later.

When the warring Orc tribes began to advance eastward, Farmtown was the first settlement caught in their wake. The entire town was razed to the ground and no one was left alive. By the time Zem reached the smoldering ruins of his parents' home, the embers had already begun to cool. When the king heard the news, he summoned Zem to his court to offer his condolences and pay tribute to the deceased in the way of gold. Zem refused the gold and instead requested leadership of an entire armed regiment to move against the Orcs. His wish was graciously granted by King Lotor. For three years, Zem headed an opposition campaign against the advancing Orc armies and scored several crucial victories at Arda, Dawat, and Ethera Palace. Ultimately, Zem was decorated by Lotor for his bravery, and courage and was knighted at the age of thirty-four.

Weary from many hard-fought battles, Zem returned to his cottage in southern Parian. It was at this time that he began attending ceremonies at the Temple of Isos in an attempt to leave behind the demons of his past. He became closely acquainted with the Templars and was shown much favor by the High Priestess. It was not long after that Zem was invited to join the ranks of the Templars. After initiation, and time as a squire, Zem was eventually knighted into Templum Veritae when he was thirty-five years old.

Posted - April 04 2005 : 9:26:35 PM

Here is a quick, purely informative version of Behin's bio.
Behin Wylede came into existance in the form of an Astari in the hamlet of Autumn. She spent the largest portion of her adolescence farming, and, as such, now despises sunlight. She spends a large portion of her time indoors, resulting in rather pale skin. After farming, becoming disgusted with foraging, she ultimately began a quest for a career that could be completed entirely withindoors. She found this in sewing. Unfortunately, this job requires some foraging for the valued malacinth seeds, and some farming to plant these seeds in order to acquire the cherished malacinth flax. But occasionally she pays others to do this for her.

Some have accused her of using unnatural steroids or demonic influences, with the street name of "macroes" to become such an expert at her spinning and sewing skills, but th

She began her ventures into magery in the form of healing her human Friend, Texa$, as he battled against other minions of Talazar in a quest for the rare and valued powerful artifacts, so he could be equiped for the battle surely to come upon the return of our Lord Talazar. Now, as a royal mage to Talazar, she frequents his courts, as the official philosopher, and vehemently awaits his return to this land.

This is why, not in the simple interest in the activities of others, but in the interest of discerning the pulse of the land, and identifying new ideals in the interest of outlooks towards life, that she likes to chat on server chat a lot. Her writings on Body, Soul, Mind, and Nature are in progress and will likely be posted for the viewing of the community within months.

More Recently though, she has fallen in love with Matayo Z. She met him when IK and DM joined as sister guilds, in the interest of developing a communal discourse and method for establishment of a sturdy foundation in the community. Their discussions led to late nights reflecting over life in the Necropolis. These dates were brought to an end when frustrations over the injustice of life led to violent outbursts against the zombies who also liked to frequent the gorgeous lake at the Northern end of the Necropolis, thus causing the Wraith Sentinels to express a desire for them to depart.

Now, as the Archangel of Death, she lingers in this land, awaiting the return of her Lord Talazar.

Behin Zanitous, Death Archangel of Reconciliation.

Posted - April 10 2005 : 09:54:03 AM

Name: Sevon
Race: Human
Age: 28
Job: Governor
Guilds: United Empire
Current : United Empire

Early Years : Born under the rule of King Lotor the first in the city of Jeel into unthinkable poverty. Father was killed by a band of thieves while out hunting for food. Mother died in labor seconds before his birth. Spent his early childhood fending for himself surviving off bats and spiders. The noble town folk of Jeel and surrounding cities treated him poorly. Lotor's noblemen looked down on the poor like they did not exist in these days.

Sevon learned the important of hard work at a early age. He saw the pain of others who had little and the way they were treated by the rich of the land. In his early twenties he moved from city to city looking for good work and a safe place to rest his head. He met a blacksmith named Tanner in the city Vrethpool and learned the skill as his apprentice.

Sevon never mastered the skill of blacksmith due to Tanner being put in jail after he fell behind on his taxes. Sevon developed a distaste for Lotor's monarchy. He saw how Lotor would tax his people but ignored the needs of the poor. Sevon respected the King for his stand against evil. But still felt the absolute power of his monarchy had made the King out of touch with the poor.

Even without being able to complete is blacksmith apprentice he had the knowledge to make a living. As soon as he had the gold in place he left Lotor's Kingdom and moved to Josody. When Sevon first arrived in Josody his breath was stolen from him. In the dark of the night on the dusty trail Josody glowed bright as a beacon of hope for a better future. He had arrived in "The city of Lights".

Studies and Training : Over the next 10 years Sevon mastered blacksmithing and also began to study history and later the art of magic. During his studies he read a fable about an Island named Hellous. Legend says this Island had a traumatic history and many wars. The two great powers of Hellous was Sarens Empire and United Empire. United Empire it turns out was rumored to be a democratic power. No further details could be found. Except that this Island is said to have disappeared in the sea after the earth shook.

The idea of a land that was not ruled by a dictator or monarchy intrigued Sevon a great deal. Little did he know how it would change his life forever. The nest few years of his life past with more studies, and lots of traveling. He soon mastered the skill of the sword and became well versed in magic as well.

One day while visiting Parian he came across yet another book about the legend of Hellous. This book was filled with much more detail. this book spoke of a mystic scroll that held the knowledge of the old world. It is said that a spell was cast on this scroll and only a direct decendant of a man named Grelton could read it. Grelton was the last Governor of the United Empire before Hellous was swallowed by the sea. He also read about a scroll found long ago by a miner that is rumored to have come from this Island. Sevon decided to find this scroll and see it for himself. He also read that this scroll was found recently by a miner that is rumored to have come from this Island. Sevon decided to find this scroll and see it for himself.

Rebirth of an Empire : Sevon set out alone and traveled to a mining town on the other side of the land. There he asked about the scroll and was told a miner named Bardoc had the scroll. He searched the land day and night looking for Bardoc but could never find him. He returned to Parian only to find Bardoc was waiting there for him. The miner had heard he was searching for the scroll and decided to bring it to him. Sevon purchased the scroll for 400 gold peices. He tried to read it but did not understand the writing. After some practice he learned how to pronounce the words and read it aloud. A strange glow came off the scroll and swired around him like a summer storm. Just then he fell into a deep sleep. Sevon slept for over 5 days.

During his sleep he fell into a what seemed like a dream. Only he was not alone in this dream. The long ago Governor Grellton came to him and began to speak. He told Sevon the long story of the United Empire. He also told Sevon that it was no mistake that this scroll fell into his hands. It was no mistake that Sevon could read the words well no other man could. It turns out that Sevon himself is the only living direct descendent of Grelton. All the wisdom and knowledge that was once in the mind of Grelton was now in the mind of Sevon. Grellton had one request last request. He said......

"Freedom is what we lived and died for my son. My death caused many to loose that freedom. You must rebuild our United Empire and seek out the freedom that was lost with my death. You must give freedom back to the people of Dransik and ensure it will never die again. A democracy for all. An Empire of many, United as one. Now wake up, and let freedom rule again."

Sevon awoke , and the United Empire was reborn.

Present : Sevon lives in Josody, The new seat of government for the United Empire. More will come when the present becomes the past.

ame:Kritonic Olmec(Lord Olmec)
Job:Warrior Hunter
Guilds:S(Silent Trainers),LC(Lotorian Citizens),DoS(Druids of Sanctuary),X(Vagabonds),PA(Parian Archers),CoK(Crafters of Krog),V(Imperial Dawn),EG(Etherian Guards),DtA(Death to All),EP(Empire of Parian),Dr(Hunting Party).
Current Guild:Dr(Hunting Party)
Born on a dark red day in an unknown part of the world to a noble line from before the rune wars. the home of my ancestors burned and pillage by an unknown force...
I was taken to Whisperdale and raised there for safety. Learning the ways of peace and the art of hunting from my foster parents Vestil and Felisa I grew into manhood curious about who am I? And why do I look different from everyone else? On a clear autum night I asked my foster parents mainy questions.. They handed me a chest with a look of sadness on there faces. I peered into this chest and seen only a few items. A bow a sword made of the finest gold caught my attention first, but there was a piece of old parchment at the bottom that stays in my mind the clearest. It was a letter from my father telling me of my noble blood and warning me of a force in the lands that sought tottal domination and that I wasnt safe and neither would any of my descendents as long as this foe survives.
I took up the tittle of Lord since I was the last of my noble line and the rightfull heir of that tittle.
Venturing forth with more questions than answer's I found myself in the city of Hothbra. Shocked and happy to see others like myself I became to content and lost purpose. I found myself in a guild of other free souls and explored the lands un aware of the growing darkness. As the days shortened I began to search for greater purpose and soon found myself in the service of King Lotor the Second.
Hunting all over the world to supply the kings crafters with needed items I grew in rank and prestige in the guild, then a dark war in a distant land began to spill in. King Lotors court fearing these evil invaders sought to bribe them with aid. When are allies from the Great city of Parian confronted us we at first denied but then tried to purge the guild. There hearts where so curropted the forgot there allegiance to King Lotor and fled to a city on the mainland surrounded by mountains.. Being lost in a dark world a friend invited me to join a fellowship of people. Unsure of our destiny we set out upon the lands and in time became known as druids.
As our respect grew so did the attacks, being only skilled at hunting I was defeated in mainy battles. Then a trio from parian joined our order and brought with them the skills needed to survive this dark age. With time and training we sought our enemies out and battled them to the ends of the world..
During the age of peace that followed we began to travel as a whole without a home searching, as I was searching for my past. Peace had softened the land and when the darkness began to spread the strong hid behind treaties and the weak behind guards, we struck our enemies down and rallied the few willing to beat back the dark and guided the weak until they became strong. As time passed we drifted apart and I found myself in Parian serving the Archers there in the defence of the city. Petty internal battles destroyed the once great defenders of parian and I found myself in Krog aiding a band of human,elf and orc crafters. A battle of pride began between the forces of good and I fought with honor and valor but in the end seen the futility of it... After fullfilling my obligations to the crafters I ventured forth and helped in the founding of a new revolution that sought to unite the lands under one banner one empire.
The revolution was deemed not needed by a new era of peace and we began guarding ethera waiting and watching..
As the world began to raise it swords into battle I tried to find an end to the darkness. After much thought I dared to defeat the god of darkness himself Agon. I entered his temple and slaughtered his priests, when Agon appeared I tried to bow and destroy him but I missunderstood the nature of the god Agon. As the arrows passed through him I felt a pitch black cloud enter through my mouth,eyes,nostril's and ears. All I remember is darkness after that, waking up feeling inside an insatisfiable lust for blood I set out upon the lands looking for tottal destruction. The old fellowship finding me in a dark state sough to bring me back to Isos's light, but Agons shadow is far too strong. Through my own great stregnth I learned to control my blood lust and need for totall destruction and aided in the birth of a new empire, but empires do not last.

A new begining brought me to fellow hunters..
I now search for two things.. an end to this curse and to find my
past, my destiny. The winds of change are blowing where past mysterious swirl in the air as something that taunts us and future challenges appear as wraiths in the shadows. Such is my life.

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Name: Runic Warrior
Race: Night Elf
Age: Immortal(over 100, lost count after rune war)
Job: Duelist/Hunter
Guilds: UE-United Empire, DE-Dark Element, FU-Fear Us, ?-Aliens, Celrics.
Current Guild: Agony

Past: I was out hunting against evil, but as I was going back to the bank, I ran across this demonic looking figure named Talazar, who was tearing the town the shreads, I was stunned when I seen this demonic being, I then started to study about Talazar and everything, and somewhere in this study, I lost part of my good side.

I then ran across him again as he was invading lotors castle, nothing was stopping him, but something made him retreat out of lotors castle, I then followed him to hell sercretly afters he invaded and destroyed all the towns.

We got to his fort which belonged to the minions of talazar, and he killed all the others who had followed him, but he left me alive for some reason, he sensed something inside of me I guess.

We then got to talking, and he gave me a head of one of the powerful leaders he had killed, and sent me to show it off to everyone, then I lost the head while showing it off, and something about losign it just drove me mad, and hate filled my soul.

I then rembered the words talazar told me; "Take thee head and show me enemys my power and serve me well my dark knight!" I then set off on my evil rampage as the dark knight of talazar, as the most powerfullest follower of talazar.

Till one day I found word that talazar has dissappered, abonded me so that day I left as his follower and took over his spot, and declared my self the new ruler of the rune warriors, which is where I got the name runic warrior, but my 3 royal rune warriors died in a huge war when we were ambushed in a 50 on 1, then I then had to retreat, and tryed to join up with valekars army, but something changed inside of me again, I was tired of all the bloodshred.

Present: I joined the Agony guild, with some former mot members, of which is a neutral guild, allies with H and VL, we now just hunt and only attack who ever messes with us.

I now mostly only duel ppl for cash, and hunt with my gang, and kill who ever messes with me during our gangs hunts.

Rather I'm guildless or not the DE blood still flows in my body.
So mess with me and die like the rest.

DE-Dark Element(DE for life)
Miller/Warrior X

Da Beast was hatched from a Dragon egg about 4 years ago! Me walked the lands as a Night Elf in the beginning in the dawn of DNW days. Me was transformed in fire and ice into a Demon-like Orc in the early days of Primordia. A kind wizard cast a magic spell on me and poof Me is now a human.

However, I still have the long hair of an Elf and the stamina of an Orc in conducting "mate-ing recituals" and other non-human attributes - like furry hair all over the place.

Me wanna be transformed back to a Night Elf. Me as a human has gain 50 million pounds of excess fat! Humans look ugly when carrying a rubber-tire arounf their bellies!

Vice Admiral KenTheBeast Salutes!

Posted - May 07 2006 : 5:32:04 PM

Name: "Sark" Ragnar
Race: Human
Age: ~27
Past Jobs: Knight of Silvest, Swordguy of Utter Cuttiness
Current Job: Minion Lord
Past Guilds: Order of Silvest, Demonic Puppets
Current Guild: Minions of Talazar


"Sark" Ragnar was born to a noble family of Silvest, an only child. He was trained from a very young age by his father Athano in the arts of combat and social graces. In addition, he was apprenticed to one of the local blacksmiths. Sark was usually stuck with mining ore, but he did also smelt and forge the ore if his master was in a good mood. He came of age at 16, which is also when he was knighted by his father and accepted as a full member and servant of the Order of Silvest, the military and police organization of the town of Silvest.

Sark and several other trainees grew close as friends, and after being knighted, swore an oath of brotherhood. Immediately afterwards, they left the lands of Silvest without a word to their families and superiors, choosing to seek their fortunes and adventures elsewhere.

Adventure and plunder they did. When not with his friends, Sark made a modest living working with the Hothbra Guard to police the bandits in the area. He also gambled a year of his time and his life up north in the Winterlands looking for Frost Armor, which he did not find. He may have found love among the cold tundra, but he foolishly eluded it. Upon returning to Krythan, he and his friends resumed their usual activites, calling themselves "The Demonic Puppets" in jest.

One of these dangerous escapades took them to Lotor's Castle, but at the wrong time. An assassination attempt on King Lotor had failed while they were near. The Lotorians blamed the Demonic Puppets, thinking they were agents of Talazar. In fact, they did not commit the crime. Even so, the Lotorians arrested everyone in the area but Sark, who had barely escaped.

Sark became a depressed and angry exile after this event. He journeyed the lands of Dransik for years, seeking something or some way to free his friends and get his revenge. In his anger, he blamed Lotor for the event and causing Sark this misery. While in exile, Sark met Corgan, whose heart also burned with revenge for the murder of his wife and sacking of his village. The two travelled together, becoming good friends, and sharing several adventures. After a particular excursion, Sark began thinking about Talazar's army and the Runes, wondering if allying himself with the demon would be the quickest and easiest path to his immediate goal. Corgan opposed this vehemently, himself looking for a different and more sensible solution. This subject became the reason they finally fell out and split up, Sark seeking fellowship with Talazar, and Corgan eventually finding his way to the Templum Veritae in service of Isos.

While in the town of Lopal, Sark encountered Prince Marth, then the Archminion of Talazar. He approached Marth with a request to join the Minions of Talazar, and after an interview, Marth accepted him.


Sark Ragnar worked his way up the ranks of the Minions. He currently holds the title of Minion Lord, and command of his own legion of troops. With his new friends and peers of equal rank, Sicarius and Hazard, Sark serves Talazar dutifully and honorably. The trio earned themselves acclaim within the organization through their exploits in combat and command, especially with their successful campaigns against rebellious warlords and several cities.

Sark and Corgan have become bitter enemies, and now strive to defeat each other in combat whenever their guilds are in battle against one another. Sark is no closer to freeing his friends or killing Lotor than he was years before, but he is confident that the time will come soon.

It is unknown if Sark will die a Minion of Talazar...

Dern Ironskull

Posted - May 09 2006 : 07:07:14 AM

Dern lived in a far away land near a group of mountains that he coveted, and that were known by the same name. He spent many a hot day mining ore in the coolness of the caves, and many chilly nights smithing by the warmth of the local forge.

One night, the land just died. A blight had come over the land, and all the trees and greenery decayed. It was quite a depressing sight, but not as depressing as what followed. After the blight came, the honorable people of his land began to leave, even the heroes. The honorable folk left, so the heroes were no longer needed. The heroes left, so the crafters like Dern were no longer needed either.

It started raining as Dern watched the last of the heroes leave. Dern offered to make the hero some armor, or a weapon, for their journey. But the hero replied that “hope had been lost because the sword in the sun had returned to insure the death of this land.” Dern wondered what the hero had meant by that, but unfortunately the last hero faded into the drizzle before Dern could ask.

Dern entered the lonely forge and stoked the fires that had been his only companion on too many of a night. He began crafting a broadsword, and questioned why he would make a sword when there was no one left to wield it. Dern’s amusement with the situation quickly turned to sorrow. Why did he continue to craft when hope, honor, and heroes were gone? As Dern hammered out the sword, he also hammered out the question he posed to himself. As he stood there admiring the newly forged sword, Dern came to the resolution that he crafts because that is the profession he has chosen, although sometimes is seems like the profession chose him. Honor and heroes will be found again one day, but Dern should remain true to the calling.

At first, Dern did not recognize the whisper. He thought it was a strange whistle coming from the familiar forge’s bellows. But when the bellows stopped, the whisper remained. Dern though it might be from the wind and rain that had been falling most of the night. But the rain had stopped, and the wind seemed to be calm. Hearing the whisper a bit clearer now, he could tell that it came from the forge. Dern checked the ceiling of the old forge looking for leaks that were prone to splash into the smoldering coals of the forge and burn off with a sharp hiss. But the ceiling was dry. So Dern investigated what was inside the forge was making this whispering noise, and that is when he saw it. The symbol in the forge….

It certainly wasn’t the first time Dern had seen this symbol. He had seen it every day of his life. It was the same symbol that Dern placed on all of his crafted items, his calling card, his insignia, and even his signature. Dern even had the symbols on his arms. They had been there his entire life. Not quite a tattoo. Not a scar, or a birthmark. No, they were something else. Dern could not explain what they were, so when those that noticed the symbols thought Dern had burned himself on one of his own signatures still to hot to the touch, Dern did not correct the observation.

Dern quickly compared the symbol in the forge to the symbols on his arms. He could barely discern the outline of the symbols on his arms. He remembered the symbols were always much more prominent during the time of the heroes, but had faded ever since the blight took over the land. The symbol in the forge shined with a light brighter than the smoldering coals. And as the light intensified, the sound of the whisper became more audible, until it exploded with a flood of blinding light and deafening sound. The symbol was the last thing Dern saw, and the last thing he heard was the command to find the land of Dransik.

Forty days later, Dern could hear and see once again. He immediately began searching for the land of Dransik. It took him several weeks to find the portal to the land of Dransik, but eventually he arrived in Silvest. After entering Dransik, the symbols on Dern’s arms were more prominent once again. Those that noticed the marks on his arms told Dern about an honorable group of heroes that bear the same markings. Dern searched far and wide for the leader of this group, The Chosen Twelve, and caught up with its leader Korocain in the town of Josody.



Name: Rolf Stian The Mongo
Race: Originally Night Elf
Age: Too many winters has passed since the birth of this monster
Job: Retired Pest
Guilds: Too many.. Most known in No Rules and A
Current Guild: A.S.V.O

Rolf was born in Whisperdale. It was a stormy night, and Rolfs mother died shortly after the birth.
He grew up with no idea of who he were, and what he was.
People looked at him as he was a monster, so he hid in the woods, eating raw snakes, cats and rats. Now and then, some deers showed up, and Rolf skinned them, and made clothes. He sold them to travellers, and hid the money.
After some full-moons, Rolf decided to travel away from his birth town. He travelled towards Josody, to start a new life.

Rolf arrived Josody a late evening. His feet was slamming in pain, after all the beating he had taken from Thieves and Slugs. His fingers was pointing in all directions. When he finally crawled into the bank of Josody, people stared at him. Minutes passed by, before a kind Orc, with the name Gandalf the Orc, stepped forward and took Rolfs hand. Gandalf healed Rolf, and silently said :"Step up, my brother. Take my hand and stand up!"
Rolf looked around, Everyone but three persons were looking at him with hate and anger. He was the only Elf in the bank, and didn't look to be any popular among them. But three persons was standing around him. Gandalf raised Rolf up, and the other two took their cloaks off. To the right was Lord Flexor, a tiny orc. To the left was superdaFFa, a tall human with gear Rolf had never seen. Gandalf stared at Rolf, and said :"Meet your brothers. Together we shall find our destiny"
SuperdaFFa handed over some gear to Rolf, and said "Take this so you can get safely to Chlera, the town of hope. The town that will give you a new life."

*TO BE CONTINUED* Gotta study for my exam

UKN1(*) "PKer outside chlera!"
UKN2 (*) "LoL, it's just Rolf the Runner xD Let's get him"
(UKN = Unknown nickname. Can't remember who it was :-\)

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Name: Rith Lord Aetius
Race: Dark Elf
Age: 1791 (Immortal)
Proffesion: Rith Lord

As a young Rith apprentice Aetius fought in the Rune war. Although the allied forces won the war, the Rith sect suffered the heaviest casualties. Aetius lost his entire brotherhood in the battle of Arda, out matched without the promised support of the Templum Veritae, and with Lotor's troops delayed fighting an entire Runic battlion near Josody the small band of elite warrios killed thousands of Rune Warriors, but one by one were killed. Aetius was the only survivor, given the gift of life by his dying master, Aetius swore to have his revenge on the Templum Veritae and to destroy every vestiment of the Rune Warrior's corruption in the lands of Dransik.

Aetius currently finds himself awash in an uncertain time, with the Rune Warriors defeated, he makes his living as a destroyer of demons and is regarded as one of the most effective dmon slayers in the world. His betrayal by the Templum Veritae has never been forgotten and he constantly harrasses and targets them when they are weak.

Posted - June 01 2006 : 2:54:25 PM

Ok, I'll try to sum up my chars bio:

Name: Succubus
Callsign: Subbs
Race: Unknown, human by shape
Guilds: Knights Of Hothbra, Primordia's Ageless Wanderers, Knights of Hothbra (KOH, PAW, KoH)
Current Guild: None, but ...
Hometown: Hothbra
Mostly found in: Hothbra, Jeel, King Lotors Palace, Ethera Palace, Chlera
Profession: Jane of all trades, carpenter, farmer
Age: officially 26, but you never know, she's a Succubus ...
Favourite Weapon: Crossbow, Long Blades
Favourite Armour: Leather
Favourite Colour: Black

(Story added soon)

Posted - June 01 2006 : 10:40:39 PM

Name: Bright Eyes
Race: Human
Age: Late Teens
Job: Magey Things
Guilds: The Old Ones [O]
Current (and final) Guild: Red Skull Clan


I was a happy girl, growing up in the great city of Silvest. My family was of average means; my father was lumberjack, and mother raised bloodroot to sell to the warriors as they passed through town. Although we didn’t have much, my parents worked hard to send me to magery school.

At the beginning of my 4th year at the school, I met a boy named Aewelv on my way home from classes and we quickly became great friends. In time, our friendship grew into romance. I loved the way he looked at me when he would walk me to school in the mornings.

Aewelv became a regular at our house. It was normal for him to join us for the evening meal. My father took to him, even spending time with Aewelv when I was at school.

One evening, while Aewelv was visiting, father brought out the family chest and was showing Aewelv our heirlooms. Aewelv was very interested in one heirloom in particular – a powerful, enchanted Staff which had been given to one of our ancestors to honor him after a great battle.

The next day, I was returning home from school, thinking about how much I loved Aewelv and how glad I was that father enjoyed his company so. I went into the house, but no one greeted me. I called out, but no one answered me. Then, I heard screaming coming from out back. I ran to window and saw my father’s bloody body collapsed on the ground by the back door. A little farther out from house was Aewelv, pulling a dagger from my mother’s limp body…

I began to get dizzy, reaching for anything to hold me up. Tried to yell, but no sounds would come. Tears and sweat immediately soaked my tunic. Somehow, in the midst of this, I had the sense to hear Aewelv say, “Now for the chest.”

I ran for the storage, opened the heirloom chest and hid inside. I could hear the back door opening. Frantic, I cast Ignite and found the family staff. As Aewelv entered the room, I lifted the staff and its glow lit every corner my miniature prison. (I have never forgotten how strangely comforting the staff’s glow was to me at that moment.) Aewelv opened the chest and I surged forward with all my might, burning my rage into his chest. As he fell to the ground, I looked into his eyes and spoke… “I loved you.”

My memories become very unlear to me afterwards. My vision went blurry as his blood seemed to fill even the air of the storage room. I’m not sure for how long this went on.

It was evening when I woke up, covered in blood and both hands still gripping the staff. As I stood to leave, I noticed a spent magic scroll had fallen from Aewelv’s body (which was quite unrecognizable at this point). “The lying fool! The bastard evil lying Astari fool!” I cried out as I tore the spent Race Change Scroll into pieces and forced it into his deceitful mouth.

I brought my parents’ bodies into the home and I cleaned the house meticulously. Of their own will, my hands seemed to work, and my legs carried me from task to task as my mind reeled in confusion and darkness.

As I walked away from my home that night, I looked at the shadow cast on the ground before me and felt the warmth on my back from the flames which engulfed my house. Though sheathed, I swear I remember a faint ringing sound coming from the family staff, slung across my back.

I moved to another town and took up foraging. Hearing the grinding sounds of the stick plunging into the earth gave me a sense of security. I grew in strength and skill as a caster, training under wise mages as they would pass through town.

The town where I lived was quiet and peaceful, for the most part. It was well-defended from the evils that plagued most of the countryside. Every now and then, news would come of a warrior or mage found murdered and then burned in the nearby woods; but none of us took much notice of such things. After all, being a warrior or a mage was a dangerous job. And, every now and then, I would wake in the morning, more tired than usual, and find the symbols from the family staff impressed into my hands and hear its ringing in my ears.

Name: AcT IcE
Race: Elf
Age: Immortal
Job: Wizard
Current Guild: 3E-Elite Empire

Blessed with strong magic’s when born from a strong warrior and strong lady battle mage. His parents left him at a young age, where he was left to teach himself from a book his mother left him. He raised himself. Stranded in the lands way before the Rune War.

But twenty years has passed, and his powers have grown very strong, studying them and practicing them everyday. Two to three times a day. He was blessed with the magic of cold. Talazar and King Lotor began to fight. The town he grew up in was made of a lot of well known knights and mages. But him being the strongest and most experienced mage, known as the "Wizard" was who they let lead them.

They followed him to battle. Taking King Lotors side, but not calling King Lotor his king, for he did not believe in kings. He fought for his people, knowing that he cared so much. He lead them, as the supreme wizard, other words the commander of the army.

His army and him showed up a couple days late, which the blame was for a late set off on his journey. The Minions of Talazar were already ahead. Many knights of Lotor have been put to rest. He scouted ahead of his army. Taking with him all his skills and magic’s he has ever learned. A demon comes out from behind a tree. Little did the demon know of him he asks his name. The wizard said "Hail to thee." The demon asks again. The wizard was in the state of mind there were no worries for this. The wizard said "My name is AcT IcE I lead the army of the Lost Elves Race." The demon said he’s never heard of him. So the demon runs towards him. Not knowing his magic ability. The wizard cast a powerful ice shard. Killing them demon in one blow. The wizard thought to himself "If this is what I am here for, Talazar will not have an army to lead when I leave."

He travels back to where his people are camping and explains what happens. Minions followed him back there without his sense of awareness. But being an elf he has great hearing. He knew someone was following him but wasn’t sure. A Minion Mage appears. As a Hell Spawn. The wizard did not think anything of it. Not knowing he had magic with him. The wizard castes a very strong shield on the elves camp site. And freezing the Minion and a Knight from the elves striking it with his sword busted the creature into pieces.

The wizard calling his people for a meeting. They realized they cant die. But if they were to lose this war, they’d have to rot forever. Which the wizard told his people there would be no rotting while he is alive. All of their armor is forged from the strongest steel in his country side. All his mages were well trained.

The wizard ask his people "Is there anyone who would die for peace on this land?" Everyone left their swords, staffs, shields, and wands. Then he asked "Who would travel to the Castle of Talazar and help win the war?" Everyone stepped forward. So he said “March to battle.”

They get to the keep and take out of the front line soldier’s. Only a couple got cut in two. Only way they would be able to die. The wizard gets to the castle where they find tens of thousands of Lotors soldier’s dead. The wizard and his army rush in, surprising them, Him being able to cast ice bolts helped a lot. The archers shoot arrows taking out a lot of the guards. Talazar being told that his castle is being raided, he quickly calls his “Elite Soldier’s.” Which come out in the blackest armor with fire built inside. Being magic protection against his magic and mages magic. A knight of the elves jump out, striking with a blow so hard it would split a man in half. It shattered his sword. The soldier looked at him, sliced his head off. The wizard watching it makes him lose control. Causing a destruction on the castle in caves in. killing half of the elite soldiers. The wizard and mages are casting so much magic, they don’t even feel tired because of watching their people get killed. The wizard points his staff down hold on tight. He launches himself across the room to where Talazar is. He does a devastating blow to him, knocking him back. The reinforcements of Lotors come. And help carry some of the dead out.

The wizard using magic and spells nobody from his people have ever seen. He is beating Talazar easily. Talazar pulls out his sword. And says “Now you shall die.” Well the wizard did not think so much of it knowing he was just as strong, Talazar grabbing the wizard by his neck squeezing tightly. The wizard knew he was done for. When another army comes. A lady pulls out a hammer that struck lightning. Taking Talazars concentration off of the wizard. This lady that helped him, he did not know her. But she looked similar to him. Facial and body. It so happens it was his mother. The battle mage had got Talazars attention. The wizard quickly drinks a mana potion, And stamina potion. Bringing him back strong. He than cast an ice shard and ice bolt. Knocking Talazar down. Talazar gets up. And disappears, nobody knew where he was. But they knew he was in hell somewhere.

The people knowing they won. The wizard commands his army to leave at once. He looks at his mother and walks off. Only thinking about how she left him by his self when he was a child. She quickly runs to him. And says “Son, I am sorry.” The response “You left your only child, with a book and no heart, now ill leave you without a son.” His mother tearing up. She did not know what to think. Her only son heartless as Talazar himself? No he had heart, so much heart that she wouldn’t be able to understand.

King Lotor walks up to the wizard and ask him to be his army commander. The wizard said, I don’t serve any king. I serve my people. I wont take your offer. All of his people feeling so good about what he did, they go back to celebrate.

Forty years has passed. He was a teacher of the magic’s he once knew. He travels all over the lands of Dransik. As a lost adventurer. He still from this day has spoken to his mother. And knowing he hasn’t ever seen his father. Until one day. He was back in his town, and a knight with shiny armor comes to hand. Old, and buff. He has a big two handed sword on his back, He rides up on a horse and ask him “Is your name AcT IcE the wizard that knows the art of cold?” He said, Yes I am. Who might you be? The man said, I am your father, I have some explaining to do. The wizard begins to walk away when he said, Please son, let me explain its only for your best.

Well the wizard found out why his parents left him because they were wanted as a Minion of Talazar. His mother leaving him the art of magic was for a reason. They did not fight with Talazar instead they ran. Wanting to keep their son safe. The wizard, lost and hurt now understands why his parents left him. His father gets on his horse, looks at the wizard and says, “I’m sorry son, I know growing up with no friends nor family was hard, but at least you have learned more than you would have if we were still here.” He rides off. The wizard goes in for a cup of wine. And lays to rest.


He now journeys onward. Looking for his mother. Taking with him only food and his book his mother gave him. He knew everything out of it. He learned the magic Body, Mind, and Soul. He was know the superior wizard. He as the lost adventurer only travels at night, thru the lands of Dransik.

He led his army into combat, he commanded his troops. He lived to tell the stories, He was the Wizard and Hero known as AcT IcE.

Sorry if this sucks my first time to actually make a role-play story.

Posted - November 17 2006 : 3:07:56 PM

Name: "Tempester"
Race: Human
Age: 21 (Male)
Birthplace: Silvest, Krythan Island
Place of Residence: South Parian
Occupation(s): Carpenter
Guild: Templum Veritae
Titles(s): Templar Squire

Silvest, Cliffside, Eastwatch and Varg all recall a child matching Tempester's character from years ago, though none take claim to say the boy is from that town. All stories of the boyish menace seem to end when the boy reaches his early teens. The few that knew him well can't really even recall his actual name, just the nickname he was given for his unruly temper. His past for the most part is unknown to the public, as is the same for most men who have make a livelihood in Dressmaking.

Tempester has joined the ranks of the Templars of the Templum Veritae, however much of his past is still enshrouded and not even the most persistant of guildmates has been able to discover much. He has deep concerns now that his guildmate Corgan Firebound has left, and things to not rest well in his mind. He has begun to learn the history of this great Templar warrior...

Note: A lot of the character detail I’m not going to give away outside of the roleplay storyline, so you’ll have to wait to learn more.

Edit - Giving this a bump and updating my information.

Edited by - Tempester on February 05 2007 05:25:52 AM

Name: Dragon Prince Marth
Race: Human
Age: 30+
Job: Blacksmith
Guilds: ED, SoG, S|H, MoT, WoH, CG, WP, MR, LVM
Current Guild: None

Will update when I have more time.

Whereabouts are unknown. Some say he is caught in between plains of existance.

Posted - January 01 2008 : 05:29:04 AM

Name: Blamina
Race: Orc
Age: old
Job: sheep
Guilds: League of Legends/ The Circle
Current Guild: The Circle

On a cloudy morning I was born in a barn near Krog. When I was 6 weeks old and was enjoying the fat orcish meadows a bunch of human raiders came and slaughtered my mother. They took me with them to roast me later. Luckily an orc shaman saw what happened and followed the humans. He proddled them with his proddlestick till they died of giggling. Then he looked at me with his kind orcish eyes and said "dos orn dro". Zack Bang I was an orc. Don't ask me why he said the words in drow. -shrugs- Now I was an orc I followed him home and learned a lot about magic.
later I found out I have 2 sisters, Eniriel and Haudrauf and the kind orc shaman turned them into orcs too.
One day when I was eating my salad on the meadows and training some light spells, a bunch of humans came into town. This time they didn't wanted to steal sheep, they talked with the town chief. Krog sent it's best warriors and mages into battle against Talazar. No idea why they sent me also.
Anyways after several years I got tired of the fighting and was searching a peacefull place where I can wait till the last fight begins. I went back to Krog and with the help of some humans and elfs from League of Legends I built a barn for me and my sisters.


One day someone built a house next to mine. A man called Da'gar. After several talks over the fence we frequently hunted together. He understands the sheepish needs (sunshine and banana pie) better as anybody I met before.

Posted - January 11 2008 : 2:12:42 PM

Name: Finnian
Race: Half Human/half Elf.
Age: Being Half Elf, age is relative.
Job: A Paladin of sorts - who believes that the end justifies the means, hence his neutral alignment; because you cannot defeat evil if you are not willing hunt it down and slay it in the darkness where it hides.
Guild: League of Legends

Finnian was born of a Human father and Elven mother in the town of Darkfell. He greatly loved his parents and was loved in turn by them, but was never really accepted by the people of either race from which he decended; and so he left his home at a young age and began to wander, never staying in one place too long. In his journeys he encountered the occasional aging warrior in a tavern or inn - old men sitting in dim corners, recounting tales of past valor to any willing to listen. One of these old warriors - an Orc named Mrog - took a liking to Finn, as he reminded him of a son lost to battle long ago.

It was Mrog that taught Finn the way of steel - not only how to wield it - but many of the mysteries of forging it as well. The use of the sword, axe, and other weapons seemed to come naturally to Finn - as if the steel were a part of his hand. Mrog also sent Finn on many errands, to far away towns and places to learn many of the other crafts that would aid him on the path of a warrior: how to hunt and use the animals he had slain, the use of herbs to make medicines and other elixers, how to craft tools and needed items from wood and stone. And as his skills grew, so did his disdain for the evil he saw across the lands to which he journeyed - greed and lust, the worship of idols and false gods...it sickened him beyond what he could bear.

And it came to pass that one day, as Finn sat alone on a mountain overlooking the vast battle plains, that he swore a Holy oath to himself and to God; he would use all that he learned and all that he would ever be, to defeat evil in any form he found it - regardless of the cost. For he knew what was right and Holy, and vowed to cleanse this land.

Hello AE my name is Deliverance and im new to AE, I hope to meet all of you someday, I play on Legends

Name:Deliverance, no last name recorded
Age:Not recorded
Guilds:New to AE
Current Guild:Looking for one


A stranger to most, friend to few, loving husband. Some have said to have seen this man centuries ago, some have never seen him before, always in the mountains picking away at Iron. This was a long time ago for him, he had watched rulers come and go, wars happen and peace made. Always helping where he could without getting into direct confrontation with any of the sides. We look back at his past, born of a human mother and unknown father, was he half orc? Maybe half elf...or perhaps something darker, no one knows for sure. He was born in the area to the west of Krog through the narrow mountains in a small hut in the middle of nowhere. At the age of what some people think to be 15 he learned the art of the polearm, becomming adept when hunting for food to support his mother.

One day around his 25th birthday, he was out hunting at night time, apparently as he grew older his vision became better during the night than at day. This would be a boon to most hunters, but Deli as he was called by his mother didnt hunt innocent animals such as deer and rabbit. He took down the local kobolds, sonic flyers, and other monsters of the night. Thats when he heard the screams of his mother, he flew through the forest, barely a blur among the vegitation as he raced home. Comming upon the scene there were goblins everywhere, apparently it was hunting party, the hut was burning down and his mother was sprawled out on the ground, motionless. With reckless abandon and heated rage, he leapt into the group of goblins with his lance, smacking the first one on the head sword heard it nearly cracked the wooden length of his weapon. The goblin dead on impact fell to the floor, the others looked in crazed rage at one of their own fallen and went at Deli, he used the extentsion of his weapon to keep them back, this however was a losing battle.

In a flash the world went black, he thought he was dying but soon he could see again, the goblins were torn apart, parts laying here and their, bones popping out, blood on every tree. He searched frantically for his mothers body, but could find no trace of it. He stood there as it started to pour down on him, with the pitter patter of the rain he grabbed what he could and started out knowing something dark and sinister had ripped those goblins apart and spared him. And such as so he gave his name Deliverance and swore an oath on his own soul, wether or not it was damned that he would not let that happen to anyone else if he could prevent it.


Picking away at the mountain he turned his head and watched the sun as it set, its been so many years since that unfortunate day, he hardly could keep count, so many things had remained a mystery. He now worked as a blacksmith in the town of Krog for now, the love of his life which is another story for now, stayed by his side as they made a life for themselves in this brand new world of Ashen Empires.

Race:Night Elf
Age:Unknown ... probably about 20
Job:Farmer, cook and seamstress
Guilds: None as of yet
Current Guild:None

Born to a poor but very loving family, Flutterby was the only daughter of a Farmer and seamstress. Known as "bug" by her friends and family, bug loved adventure. Bug had no siblings and an awful habit of running off chasing after butterflies, or other shiny things. She loved to splash in the water of the river and pick flowers, proudly bringing home the seeds she'd gathered to show her father who would ruffle her hair and chuckle.

One day Bug wandered a bit too far. She noticed night was falling and started back towards what she thought was the way home. Nearly an hour later, tears started streaming down her cheeks.. lost and unsure where she was.. no clue where home was, or even its name! She stood at a crossroads. Her father had trained her some to use a little knife, he called a dagger, the son of her mothers friend had made and she remembered it was in her knapsack. Pulling it out, greatful for her night illumination Bug started down a path. Unknowingly it was a walk that would take her far from anything she'd ever known and from the parents she loved so dearly. To never see them again.

Gently padding down the dirt road in the dark, she trembled and held the handle of the dagger in her sweaty palm fearfully. A loud mumbling sound came from the East not far from her, shuffling.. moaning.. what could this be? Intrigued Bug stopped and peered into the darkness. The smell of the rotten flesh of a zombie, then an oozing, dripping, hand shot from the dark grabbed hold of her shoulder. Suddenly something Bug never knew existed inside her, a trait she'd inherited from her father, welled up and she thrust her dagger out over and over again. The zombie lay motionless on the ground, standing over it in the moonlight as the blood dripped down off of the dagger onto the ground by her foot. Bug at that time, became a woman, a dangerous one to all evil.

Bug traveled on the pathway she learned to forage, feed herself, protect herself and even enjoy her favorite childhood pastime, butterfly chasing. The sun had risen as it always does, lighting the land and all on it, Bug started down her path as always before. Suddenly, up ahead she spotted a rock building, excited thinking it was home she raced forward and a very large, green, muscular guard yelled "HALT!". Her eyes moved slowly, from the hefty leather covered feet, up the sturdy legs covered with smelly tanned hide, over the chest easily 3 times her size to fire lit eyes of caution. An Orc, she'd never seen an Orc before and stood staring at him for a few minutes. He chuckled "You no from here, you go down road, you lost yes?" he inquired. Bug thought for a moment. She wondered if she could trust the green man, and ultimately decided the truth was the best direction to take.

Quietly, yet without fear showing in her small voice "Yes, Sir, I lost my way several days ago and have no idea where I am or where I am going.". He stopped a moment, gave her a gruff grunt and motioned to town "safe here, here called Krog, people nice, you stay". That was all she had to hear, she darted into town and started meeting all the kind shops people, the local townsfolk and rural inhabitants who came to sell their goods in the city. She had learned to not travel past eyesight of Krog, her sense of direction was awful.

Now the loving and devoted wife to the very man who had crafted the dagger that saved her as she fled for her life. Bug tends to crops just as her father, cooking and baking as her mother. Yet, keeps up on her weapons training with the guidance of her husband. Greatful for this peace, knowing they will move forward one day. Seeing many many more terrifying creatures than her worst nightmares could ever conjure, Bug knew she'd be ready. Strong, learning her weapons slowly more each day and at the side of one of the strongest men she'd ever known.


If anybody sees their bio in here and wishes to repost it on their own, just copy and paste it to a new post and send me a PM, and I'll delete it from this repost.
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Thanks a lot that must have been loads of work. -hugs- I'd have been content if you only started it. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif) Okay I better not say that and shut up. -shuts up-
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We can post our character's bio right? Just making sure (IMG:style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)
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Morgan Fey
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I didn't want all that "lore" to be lost. I know the old forums will be there, but eventually they will probably just be forgotten.

Yah, Maz/Taz, please go ahead and add your character bio to this thread. If I already copied it over, let me know and I'll delete it so the one you create will be the only one.
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For FULL details, goto: http://forums.pixelminegames.com/index.php?showtopic=1465

Name: Kagham
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Age: 27
Occupation: Sailor
Guilds: Crafters ©, Dreams of Chaos (DoC, aka EYE), Baltic Rangers (BtR), Hell Hunters (HELL), Dransik Navy and Marines (DNM)
Current guild: Dransik Navy and Marines (DNM)

Thrown from a time during the rune wars, Kagham is the embodiment of the spirit of a mage during the darkest days of the invasion. Somehow hoping from one body to another when fatal wounds are taken, Kagham has changed races repeatedly. Over time he has come to recover the memories of his previous lives and his original task during the Rune Wars. Persued through time by the evil masters of the rune warriors, he is never sure who is actually an ally and who is not. As such he is reluctant to talk about his plans and goals to help prevent the same evils from occuring during the current age.

At times, farmer, carpenter, ranger, prophet, warrior, hero to a few, quiet nobody to most. Not really a reluctant hero, he knows what needs to be done and does it, but would rather spend his days making rocking chairs and cabinets than lances and arrows. With an unusually defined sense of what is right and wrong, he seeks justice and drives at what he sees as the right course, regardless of how it will be viewed by the masses or the authorities. Many times this puts him on the wrong side of the law, but Kagham is the sort that would find it difficult to sleep if he did not do the right thing just because a politician told him he could not.

He has joined and occaionally led bands of quasi-outlaws who were generally loved by the farmers and cursed by tax collectors. Similar perhaps to a legendary Robin Hood, or a more jolly batman. Kagham prefers action over words, but also prefers considerable planning over rash actions. If pressed he will act, if given the time, he will plan.

Blessed (cursed?) with an unusual sort of luck, Kagham regularly finds his misfortune saving his life and guiding him through tricky situations. Occasionally he has dreams of things that he has done but does not remember. This is mostly how Kagham has learned about his past lives and his purpose in the lands of Dransik. Even so, it may be years between dreams and they may not be in order, or even useful if they are, so he is hesitant to do more than be wary if events suddenly seem to be lining up with something he has seen before.

When not killing hostile wildlife or pseudo-sapients, Kagham can be found in bars, taverns, or forests, wandering apparently aimlessly. When questioned though, he will insist he is not intoxicated, but merely exploring.
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Name: Mazrath
Gender: Male
Race: Astari
Age: N/A
Occupation: Astari Guard
Guilds: N/A
Current guild: None


Mazrath was born and lived much of his early childhood in Whisperdale, the Astari Capital City. His father was part of Lord Vezryl's personal Guards. His mother was a seamstress whose talents were unmatched within the realm of the Night Elves. He had one sibling, an elder sister by the name of Crystal. She had a talent for taming wild beasts, her specialty being Ogres, giving her the infamous nickname 'Ogre Tamer.' Her current wearabouts are unknown, but Mazrath continuely seeks her death for the chaos she has caused.


Mazrath recieved much of his training from his father at an early age. Once he was old enough he entered the Astari Guard Academy. There he was taught a variety of skills, from Advanced Combat using a variety of weapons, to basic crafting skills. He is also very talented in archery.

His weapon of choice is that of twin scimitars he recovered within the complex maze that guards the Badlands.


Mazrath has long black hair, light grey skin, and pointy ears. He is about six feet tall. His eyes are black. He wears custom made armor from Talenite. His armor is incredibly light yet incredibly durable. His armor also allows for silence thanks to an enchantment casted by his Aunt.

His armor is pitch black and reflects little to no light allowing for perfect concealment when in shadows.

To his varies enemies he has been given the nickname 'The Shadow'


His nickname, 'The Shadow', makes him out to be a rutheless killer. In truth he is a very caring, loving person. Often times he is overly confident and loves a good challenge. This combination often lands him into serious trouble. He will taunt his enemies to no end in an attempt to bring out their best fighting ability.


This is just a rough draft. Will edit later along with posting Tazryl's bio.
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I've published my older RP documents on Google Documents... so instead of posting them all again I encourage you to read these stories...
  • My Story. My Pain. - Corgan's origin story and first RP attempt
  • Quest For Strength - The story of how Corgan became a master swordsman.
  • Fall From Grace - An adventure where Corgan is taken to the brinks of hell and back again.
  • Pandora's Box (Forum Link) - A story I never finished. It's over 50 pages long and kinda spiraled out of control on me. I'm currently reworking this one, so follow the forum link (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
  • The End - The story that never happened. Before IWG took over (back when TKO was driving things into the ground), all of the major players in Ashen Empires RP got together and did an "end of the world" group roleplay. My contributions detailed the end of Corgan's life at the hands of Agon's curse... and the start of a new life. IF ANYONE HAS THE FULL VERSION OF THIS PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
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Name: Siabhra
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Age: Very Old
Occupation: Crafter
Guilds: Started in LoD, then was in Z, Now In LoL
Current Guild: LoL (League Of Legends)

Siabhra was raised on the "Island of Mis-fit Toys". When she got old enough she left there and wandered. She settled down for awhile, Married and had a son. She named her Prime Evil. She went out one day and was caught in a huge storm and was lost for such a long time that by the time she found her way home again her Husband and son were gone. She then set out to find her loved ones. She wandered for so long she hardly remembered who she was or anything about her life, she only knew that she was looking for her son. She came to the world of AE to look for her son, Prime Evil. She learned the ways of AE while living her "newbhood" in Chlera. Siabhra found her lost son PE and adopted many more son's becoming "Mom" to Z Guild. Slowly one by one her sons all grew and left AE for other worlds, but Siabhra remained. She was very alone for awhile and then found a new home in LoL Guild. She still missed her sons very much. Then one day she learned that her hubby had arrived in the lands of AE looking for her. She met her hubby when he arrived on the mainland and helped teach him the ways of the land. Siabhra and Tazogre were happily united in a beautiful wedding hosted by LoL in October of 2007. Siabhra and Taz have both built houses and are now the leaders of LoL Guild in Barwyn and Val's absence. Siabhra is now a semi retired crafter and lives in her home in Whisperdale.

((hugs)) (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wub.gif)
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Name: Jerod
Race: Night Elf
Age: Immortal
Job: Vessel of Agon
Guilds: Brother Hood of the Son
Current Guild: The Dark Brotherhood

Ripped from his mothers womb a child is born in battle. As an elf raised in the underground orc hold of Grell, he feels rejected and alone, his only comfort is the temple of Agon. Day after day he reenacts the blood ritual, wondering why Agon does not head his prayers. One day Agon appears to him in a dream, telling him he must slaughter the townspeople to gain favor with Agon. The first kill was the hardest, the second was easier, by the fourth kill his blood thirst was unquenchable! He killed the guards, women, children, last of all was the Priest of Agon. A thunderous voice speaks to Jerod, "With this sword you are my vessel, sacrifice the innocent, the wicked, the damned and the divine in my name and you shall be immortal!" As these words were spoken a sword of immense power was materialized in-front of Jerod, as he grabbed the sword he could feel the pain of all the souls it had cut down in its past.

Hail Agon!
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Name: Servent
Race: Night Elf
Job:Agent of Talazar

Once praised by King Lotor for his great faith in Humanity Servent was taken in off the streets and given shelter and training in all facets of Castle life. Lessons ranging from stable chores to battle tactics where his every day teachings. He was simply named Servent by his teachers and commanding officers since he would not give a proper name to any but the King himself. And even after the student bested his elders one by one the name stuck with him. He climbed the ranks within the castle walls and was soon in his rightful place beside the King.

Sent into battle countless times to defend the lands and the helpless scores within its boundries Servent found himself jaded by the empty praise of commrades as they one by one left his side in battle and rank. Servent would spend many nights in the temples of the land learning of his foe and the Dark lord in which he fought to repel from his home he came to love.
He learned many falicies in the stories he was told, in the teachings he was taught. And so with the sword on his hip and the bow on his back he left the safety of his lands in search for more answers of the world he did not really know much truth about.

While traveling into the dark he was blessed with a paralizing feeling of being watched. Being watched but not from afar or in a secretive manner. It was almost as though he was beeing looked at from with in. Battle ready he drew his bow with deadly aim and scaned the landscape for his first target to fell, there was none to find. Looking around he almost did not notice there was nothing around him. No trees, no hills, no landscape, nothing around him at all. A voice called out to him, It called him by name and not by his given to him by the stable hands and teachers. Who was this and how could it be possible they know his true birthed name?

The voice was given form infront of him and with deadly speed and accuracy the first shot sped toward the head of his foe. Even before he could realize he was about to fell the dark master with this flash of his arrow flight, the Arrow was shattered in mid air and the Dark lord was now but inches infront of him. With his hand upon Servents sholder he was calmed instantly and droped to his knees with praise in his heart. He was home.


Name: Pestilance
Race: Night Elf
Age: 26
Job: Unknown
Guild: Pride of Lions

As the son of the one known as Servent it could never of been forseen that he could be birthed from the Royal foundations of such a great soldier of Lotor. The risen again incarnate of evil was what this "man" was in reality. The night Servent's heart and soul left the Kings side and faith his son Pestilance was born unto this world. As a gift of his new life Pestilance was the hell bent brimstone image of his father. Cunning speed and intelect of battle that was matched by only a few before him.

Pestilance was an instrument of destruction for Talazar heeding his every word, a machine with a goal provided to him by the dark lord. And every task was carried out with the blood thirsty precision of Agon and the twisted joy of Blood elves.

Pestilance is a lost soul with out his master and can not think for himself but for more then which target to slaughter first. He was born unto Servent but is nothing more then an instrument of organized chaos for the Dark lord Talazar.

With twice the strength of an elder Elf, this Blood elf creation likes the upclose and personal feeling that blood spray in your face gives him. Choosing a devastating battle sword crafted from unknown origins he slices through his foe with gruesome accuracy found in much smaller blades. He is truely a General of demons.

Hail Talazar!

Name: Midnight Romeo
Race: Night Elf
Age: 26
Job: Templar Paladin
Guild: Pride of Lions

Raised an orphan within the walls of Lotors castle Romeo showed greatness even at a young age. Never finding a family to belong to he poored himself into his studies and into work around the orphanage. Although smaller then most of the older boys at the orphanage Romeo became a champion of the weak and defensless. His prowess in battle tactic and innate ability to calm and heal those in need gaind the attention of the Templars.

The young man Romeo was watched and allowed to learn the teachings of Lotor and the ways of a paladin. Keeping order among the children of the orphanage and assisting the guards of his district he found the man he wanted to become.

At the age of 18 Romeo left the comfortable walls of the home he knew for the vast cities of the land. Learning from his travels and seemingly being guided unto his education and calling in life. Without being forced or taught to do good and right Romeo moved from place to place helping out where seen fit and opposing all that would mean harm to the weak and deffensless. The Teachings of Isos lead him to Valmond where he found himself encountered with a choice to make,a choice that would change his life.

The choice to wander alone going where ever his feet and the winds could carry him. Or to join something greater then himself, to become part of a family of brothers, to become a Templar and a true Paladin. The choice was not a hard one to make for the man of 20 years. He would follow his one true joy in life and become a shadow, a man that is every where and yet no where. As a Templar Paladin Romeo was called to duty in such places as Hammerfist and all the way to Kafra, seeking to even the scores of man and beast alike.

Such a beast was to be found that would forever cement romeo into his faith and convictions. On his travels to New Korleth as was a normal occurance for him, Romeo entered unto the city to find it was being over run by Talazars forces. Into battle, hammer drawn ready to spill blood for the just he found himself surrounded by demons. This was not so much of a problem for Romeo as it was more unusual for such a creature to be so organized in battle. With all his skill and bezerker rage he quickly dispatched the demon horde, Called upon his divine healing and sought out the source of this organization within the demon horde.

Find the source of the attack he did. The dark Blood Elf Pestilance was dispatching demon troops and single handedly cutting through scores of would be attackers with little effort. Pestilance was so good in battle that he actually seemed bored with it. This was Romeo's chance to attack, to take the beast of a man by suprise, this was not going to work out the way he expected.

With a quick heal to an armed combatent in Pestilances grip he expected to draw more attention away from his charge, but the reaction was the opposite. Pestilance dropped the foe and turned his full attention now to the charging Romeo. Much to his supprise the distance was closed much more slowly then expected between the two. Once set in motion toward their collision the world seemed to continue to move at the speed of battle while just their charge was slowed almost to a stop.

The exchange of blows sparked a bright explosion of light. This collision left both Romeo and Pestilance dazed and confused as to what has actually just happend. As though they fell into the place between conciousness and were inside each others minds. They drew blade and hammer once more and this time the exchange of blows was halted in a paralizing of both warriors. A dark figure walked in from the shadows seeming to hold the two at bey with his walking staff.

Servent was behind this halt in battle, The father of Pestilance would keep this battle from happening with his newly aquired powers of magistry granted upon him by the Dark lord. And in the dark the three were silent in speech the roaring in their minds. At the moment Romeo laid eyes on Servent he knew it be true that he was not some simple orphan with no real past, with no simple explaination for his existance. He knew he was the son of Servent and brother to Pestilance. This wretched pair was his legacy his only family? He would never join them in the blood shed of innocents and destruction of towns. Servent spoke to the siblings as to what had transpired the night they were both born unto the world and how they were given different lives for a purpose. The brothers were destined to be the greatest foe to each other for the rest of their lives. The creation of one good and one evil child from the fallen from grace Servent to even the battle fields was almost divine in nature.

It was explained that the father could not allow the two siblings to destroy each other and would fight to keep them apart as to allow both of his children to follow their own paths. That if they tried to harm one another they would be again sent to this temperal location and forced apart. And with that another flash of light and there stood the once beautiful New Korleth destroyed and over run by demons. The city was gone and so was his newly found family. But they were not his family they were his foe and the Templar would continue to hunt them across the lands. This was his vow, this was his new driving will, shining within Midnight Romeo.
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Morgan Fey
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Nice gentlemen. Good to see the RP spirit still is among us!
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Name: Spar
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Age: Immoortal
Job: Hunter,Killer
Occupation: HuntGuilds: Dead (Dead Players) M (Mafia) M (The Mafia)
Current in AE: I roam all the woods in search of my new calling,looking for new Species and new gear all of Mafia is resting for my return
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Name: Burzum
Race: Orc
Age: Time is a concept created by the sheep of Isos, to monitor their own decay...
Job: Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Instrument of Agon.
Guilds: ORCS, S*F, V, Mr, D, Fire, DtA, LoD, LvM, A, DA, dh, oOo, BLDZ, B.
Current Guild: The Dark Brotherhood
In the time of the Battle of Armageddon (that only some of today's adventurers can truly claim witness of, let alone remember it) when the evil Lord Talazar launched his first of many grand assaults upon Dransik, many lives were lost, and many more minds...

None agree on the length of the battle, as our sun seems to carve its own path, and move as it wills(even to this very day), but none would argue that many suns set, and many moons did rise before all was quiet.

Hundreds of Warriors, Wizards, and Archers, Man, Orc, and Elf, fought side-by-side (even if not in unity, but only to capture the glory of the final blow for themselves!).

Draped in the char of thunderstrike, the scars of swords, and the stems of arrows in his body , merely accessorizing his garb of Dread, he laughed in amusement. He pulled back his Runed Blade, which made a crack across the sky like lightning when he brought it down upon the next approaching line of defenders, striking them dead instantly, as their already cold blood baptised the next wave of approaching 'heroes'.

It is not known to whom the final blow fell, but it is said that after some time Lord Talazar grew bored of fighting with combatants no more threatening to him than dolls to children. With that, he burst into a fast moving black mist that quickly dissipated into the night sky, save for one scattering black wisp that darted quickly about the battelfield.

Those who stood by to examine the Dark Master's remains fell prey to this spirit. As any around could see it jumping from one body to the next, both man(orc/elf) and animal alike it became apparent that the Lord Talazar had released a power that had began to spread its influence wherever it willed...Such is the origin of the Darkness (or "Burzum", as the Orcs called it in their tongue). For many centuries this spirit has roamed the world of Dransik , jumping from body to body... to what end? It is not clear.

But gather round by this fire, and hear the dreadful tales of the fates of those that the Burzum chose as its vessel... and pray you yourself do not tempt his passage! For you may never again find comfort in the house of night, and only your nightmares will succour you.
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Zem the Silvite
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Originally Posted - March 21 2005 : 04:04:42 AM

Name: Zemechubon Law
Race: Human
Age: 50
Birthplace: Cliffside, Krythan Island
Place of Residence: South Parian
Occupation(s): Priest of Isos, Knight, Blacksmith
Guild: Templum Veritae
Former Guild(s): Hunter's Sanctuary
Titles(s): Warden of Vrethpool, Templar Knight, Knight of the Royal Court of King Lotor II
Alias(es): The Golden Knight, The Son of Silvest, The Silvite,
Known Relative(s): Freya Goldenleaf (grandmother, deceased), Bastom Baker (grandfather, deceased), Gwynaed Baker-Law (mother, deceased), Zeremon Law (father, deceased)


Though known to some as The Silvite, Zemechubon Law was in reality born on the outskirts of Silvest in the mining town of Cliffside. His father, Zeremon was a well-to-do lord who owned smithy shops in Silvest, Jeel, Josody, Vrethpool, and Parian. During a fair at the king's castle, Zeremon, who was under the commision of Lotor, met Gwynaed Baker, a well-known chef and daughter of Bastom Baker, a former pub owner in Jeel and Freya Goldenleaf a seamstress from Josody. Zeremon and Gwynaed were married eight months later, and Zem, as Zemechubon's childhood nick-name came to be, was born thirteen months later.

Zem grew up in a strict environment. His father was a very busy man, and was often travelling abroad. So, he never had much time to spend with his family. But Zeremon expected rules to be obeyed, and engrained in his son, from an early age, high moral and ethical teachings. Throughout his childhood Zem was tutored by the finest teachers in all the land on such subjects as Physics, Mathematics, Language and Astronomy. From age eight to age sixteen, Zem attended the Royal Academy at Eastwatch where he became versed in archery and melee combat and was introduced to the art of blacksmithing. Zem found he enjoyed the craft so much that he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and become an expert blacksmith.

After his formative years, Zem went to work for his father's company, starting from the bottom. By age twenty-two, Zem was promoted to Master Blacksmith at a south Parian armory owned by Rhonidd Smith. For eight years, Zem practiced his craft for the citizens of the city. He eventually perfected his own special technique, and soon, men travelled from distant lands to purchase his weapons and armor. Zem had indeed followed in his father's footsteps, becoming independently wealthy by the age of thirty.

As a show of gratitude to his parents, Zem purchased the deed to Farmtown and gave it to them as a gift. Well into old age, Zeremon and Gwynaed retired to their well-deserved paradise, where their every need was cared for, and their fields and livestock were tended by two dozen helpers. Zeremon left his son the business to do with as he saw fit. Zem continued his work in Parian, and became ridiculously wealthy during the first Great Thrallenite Rush one year later.

When the warring Orc tribes began to advance eastward, Farmtown was one of the first settlements caught in their wake. The entire town was razed to the ground and no one was left alive. By the time Zem reached the smoldering ruins of his parents' homestead, the embers had already begun to cool. When the king heard the news, he summoned Zem to his court to offer his condolences and pay tribute to the deceased in the way of gold.

Zem refused the gold and instead requested leadership of an entire armed regiment to move against the Orcs. His wish was graciously granted by King Lotor. For three years, Zem headed an opposition campaign against the advancing Orc armies and scored several crucial victories at Lake Kor, the Valley of Giants and Ethera Palace. Ultimately, Zem was decorated by Lotor for his bravery and was knighted at the age of thirty-four.

Weary from many hard-fought battles, Zem returned to his cottage in southern Parian. It was at this time that he began attending ceremonies at the Temple of Isos in an attempt to leave behind the demons of his past. He became closely acquainted with the Templars and was shown much favor by the High Priestess. It was not long after that Zem was invited to join the ranks of the Templars. After initiation, and time as a squire, Zem was eventually knighted into Templum Veritae when he was thirty-five years old.
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