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> Dahaka's Crafting Guide, Crafting Tips & Strategy
post Jul 5 2011, 02:30 PM
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OK.....this is going to be a rather looong guide and will take a while to complete. I don't have a particular preference on where to start so, if you have questions - post them here. I'll integrate the answers into the guide.

Why is crafting important to Ashen Empires players?
I think it's easier to understand the roles of crafters in AE after you have been playing a while. In a nutshell, crafting and crafters provide strategic logistical support and economic stability to the AE player community. In this guide, I'll be breaking down the value that crafters provide into a more concise series of topics based on skill sets.

What crafting skills are most important?
Well it really depends on what you want to achieve.... Are you a solo-hunter or group hunter? Do you use ships? Do you run a guild? Here is a very general overview of the skills most actively needed:

Alchemy - Pots (Healing & Stam), Blood Bandages (first aid), Unguent (adds special damage to weapons)
Cooking - Food (provise enhanced stats for a limited time)
Metalworking Skills - Ammunition for Ships (Carbonite & Sulfur)
Runecrafting - Totems (provide enhanced stats for a limited time)
Woodworking Skills - Containers (for item organization), Ammunition (bows & x-bows), Bilge Pumps (repair ships)

Secondary Crafting Skills
A lot of people overlook the secondard crafting skills (including myself) because they 1) typically don't have a high fail rate, 2) don't produce a useful product, 3) are really boring. But I recently found out there is a major advantage these skills offer "if" you level them to 100 - you can double your production rate. These secondary crafting skills include:

Milling - turning logs into planks
Smelting - turning ore into ingots
Spinning - turning flax, silk, ect... into string
Weaving - turning string into cloth
Tanning - turning hides into leather

What role do my stats have in crafting?
Well mathematically speaking (typically), each skill has a basic success rate (usually between 30-50%), this basic success rate is then modified by a players skill (Skill Level/2) and relevant stat (Stat/6), here's an example:

EXAMPLE: A crafter with a lvl 100 trade skill and 60 orbs in a stat relevant to the trade skill will craft an item with a 30% basic success rate. What is the modified success rate?

30% + (60/2) + (60/6) = Modified Success Rate

30% + 30 + 10 = 70% (Modified Success Rate)

So......your "Skill Level" is a lot more important to your modified success rate than your Statistics are. Also, there doesn't appear to be a perfect 100% modified success rate, there will always be a small chance of failure (I estimate success rate is capped at about 99%).

Crafting Taskmasters & VIP Subscription
If you are starting out as a crafter and want to level crafting in the fastest way possible ---> purchase an AE VIP membership and craft for the crafting taskmasters, who are found in various places throughout Lotor's Summer Palace. Taskmasters basically assign you crafting tasks and then give you bonus XP to the skill you are training in at completion of the task (the bonus is based on skill level). The key to "Power Leveling" crafting skills is ---> have a lot of crafting resources on hand before you start your taskmaster quests.

Buying, Selling & Trading Crafting Resources
There is quite a bit of gold & tokens that can be made by players involved in gathering crafting resources (i.e. alchemy ingredients, ore, wood, gems, ect......). I encourage players to try to sell these items to other crafters instead of selling them at NPC stores. The can potentially get a much better return on those kinds of items from crafters. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wink.gif)

Alchemy (INT)
Alchemy is a very useful skill which utilizes ingredients from both farming and mob drops. Some key ingredients that are worth collecting are:
- Enchanted Bloodroot (Farming + Nature Magic) - Greater Healing Pot, Lycan Pot, Blood Bandages
- Bear Claws (Dropped from Bears) - Greater Stam Pot
- Storm Giant Blood (Dropped from Storm Giants) - Restoration Oil
- Frost Troll Blood (Dropped from Forst Trolls) - Major Healing Pot, Lycan Pot
- Dragon Blood (Dropped from Dragons) - Dragon Essence, Poison Unq
- Wurm Intestines (Dropped from Sand Wurms) - Dragon Essence, Disease Unq
- Wyvren Ichor (Dropped from Wyvrens) - Major Healing Pot
- Sulfur (Mining lvl 45) - Acid Pot
- Obsidian (Mining lvl 70) - Obsidian + Acid Pot = Obsidian Seekers
- Mandrake (Farming - lvl 70 tp Plant) - Greater Stam Pot, Restoration Oil
- Ettin Heart (Dropped from Ettins) - Restoration Oil

Cooking ---> Cooking (INT), Roasting (INT) & Brewing (INT)
Of these three skill sets, I think Cooking is the most important because of the benefit players gain from "Cooked" food. Another thing to keep in mind with these skills is that there are no level requirements to make anything! As long as you have the tools & ingredients, you are good to make anything.

Here are the most used "Cooked" items:
- Plain Cake - +6 CON & +Stam Regen
- Bananna Pie - +6 INT & +Stam Regen
- Cherry Pie - +6 STR & +Stam Regen
- Apple Pie - +6 DEX & +Stam Regen

Foraging (INT) & Farming (INT)
Foraging & Farming are a pair of skills that are "Essential" for a lot of game aspects. Players need farming products for both Sewn items and Food. This is a great pair of skills for players looking to earn some extra gold & tokens....

Malacinth Seeds (lvl 20? Foraging - lvl 30? Farming) - used for Shadow Weave, Verdant Souluri & Shimmering Silk gear
Luna Root (lvl 90 Foraging - lvl 50? Farming) - used for Ship Sails, Moonsilk Gear
Mandrake (lvl 70 Foraging - lvl 70 Farming) - used in Alchemy
Bloodroot (No lvl requrements) - used in Alchemy when "Enchanted"
Dolas Fern (lvl 45 Foraging) - used to enchant malacinth cloth
Sugar (No lvl requirements) - used in cooking/brewing

Additional Notes:
1) Good skills to use with Nature magic
2) Enchanted Foraging sticks are made by carpenters (with heartwood) - +20 Foraging
3) Harvesting (Sugar, Wheat, Barley, ect...) is a DEX based skill

Leatherworking ---> Skinning (DEX), Tanning (INT) & Leatherworking (DEX)
This is really an interesting skill set which is great for DEX Mages. A LOT can be done with leatherworking in a lot of different ways. Skinning is from my perspective the most lucrative single skill in game - Salamander Skins & Dragon Hides typically sell from 1-3 tokens each (on the Heroes Server). Leatherworkers can also craft Balron armor as well.

Skinning Requirements
Quality Hides (lvl 30)
Superior Hides (lvl 45)
Flawless Hides (lvl 70)
Wyvren Leather (lvl 80)
Titan Hides (lvl 85) *Quest Items
Salamander Skins (lvl 90)
Dragon Hides (lvl 100)

Additional Notes:
1) Salamander Skins require "Sewing" to craft
2) Wyvren & Dragon Hides are crafted at Rune Spires

Metalworking ---> Mining (STR), Smelting (INT) & Forging (STR)
Mining is one of those skills that is "Essential" for a lot of game aspects. Players need ore for high level gear & items. This is a great skill for players looking to earn some extra gold & tokens....

Mining Requirements
Sulfur (lvl 45) - used for both Alchemy & Sulfuric Shot
Brimidian Ore (lvl 45)
Obsidian (lvl 70) - used for Alchemy & Obsidian Seekers
Talenite Ore (lvl 70)
Dark Ore (lvl 70) - used for Jewelry Making
Carbonite (lvl 100) - players buying carbonite use A LOT of it, for both Cannons & Cannon Ammunition

Additional Notes:
1) Brimidian ingots are forged at Obelisks
2) Talenite & Carbonite ingots are forged at Spires
3) Carbonite ore is smelted at Dwarven Forges

Runecrafting (INT)
Runcrafting is the process of taking gems and creating crystals, then taking crystals and making either Runes or Totems. There are no "Essential" runes that can be crafted which are not dropped or sold in NPC stores, so.....totem making is what this skill is all about. That being said, here are the gems & crystals that are important to know about:

- Pearl (Fishing - Oysters) - Crimson Crystal
- Black Pearl (Fishing - Oysters) - Dark Crystal
- Hematite (Dropped from Imps, Golems, ect...) - Red Crystal
- Diamonds (Dropped from Imps, Golems, ect...) - Glowing, Water, Spectral & Twisted Crystals
- Sapphires (Dropped from Imps, Golems, ect...) - Glowing, Water & Spectral Crystals
- Twisted & Red Crystals - Totem of Regeneration (+Health Regen & +Stam Regen)
- Dark & Crimson Crystals - Totem of the Warrior (+STR & +CON)

Additional Notes:
1) "Totem Molds" are used to craft totems and are made by carpenters (using greater hardwood)

Woodworking ---> Lumberjacking (STR), Sawing (DEX) & Woodworking (DEX)
Lumberjacking is one of those skills that is "Essential" for a lot of game aspects. Players need wood for high level gear & items. This is a great skill for players looking to earn some extra gold & tokens....

- Finewood (lvl 30?) - used to make Feather Boxes
- Heartwood (lvl 45) - used to make bilge pumps
- Old Growth Lumber (lvl 70) - when sawn, they produce 15 planks each (3x the rate of normal logs)
- Greater Heartwood (lvl 70) - used to make Glowing Crates, All Weapon/Armor Cabinets

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post Jul 20 2011, 07:19 PM
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Dude do mind if add a link to this on my page and website?
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Go for it! Information is good
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post Jul 21 2011, 04:39 PM
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much thx, just posting a referral link to this topic
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