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> A Lover's Sanctuary., The tale of King Lotor and Lady Anne.
post Apr 14 2008, 08:45 PM
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You may or may not remember but some time ago(i have no idea) King Lotor and Lady Anne were married. One thing that has been bothering me, well not really, is the background story of King Lotor and Lady Anne and how they became lovers.

So I decided to tell it. This is going to be a short romance story(well as best I can make it anyway)

The story starts off with a thirteen year old Lotor, who at the moment is just a Prince. He views anyone who is not royalty as mere commoners. At times he will even look down on the Nobles of New Korelth. He is very narrow minded, but all of that changes. So be thankful to Lady Anne, otherwise we might have a terrible leader!

So here is the first Chapter(oh and epilogue... well more of the narrator explaining stuff)

The Lover's Sanctuary.


King Lotor II was not always the man he is today. In fact if it had not been for her our kingdom would be much different. The Lotor family has had deep connections with the city of New Korelth. His uncle the one who would take claim of the throne if King Lotor would die before Lotor II came of age lived there with his wife. King Lotor also had great political support from the New Korelth Noble family.

In the summers he was given a break from being prepped for becoming King, Lotor was sent to New Korelth. At first Lotor viewed these vacations as punishment, thinking he would be better off studying. He believed because he was a prince, heir to the throne, that he was above them all. He viewed them as mere commoners, even the Noble family he looked down on.

If his father had kept his earlier letters from this time period, it would be quite clear that he voiced his opinions on this quite clear. He detested the city of New Korelth. The only thing that kept him from openly defying the Noble family was because he knew that New Korelth was perhaps the greatest supporter of his father.

Still this did not prevent the young prince to speak about this to his servants and even his father. He believed himself superior; he believed everyone around him to be mere commoners. That is of course, until he met her.

Chapter One: Arrival at New Korelth.

Lotor frowned as he stared absently out the window. In the window he could clearly see his reflection, his short dirty blonde hair, his round sky blue eyes, and his pale skin. Beyond his reflection he could see the lush forest that surrounded the castle, and the clear blue sky.

"Lotor you must pay attention!" Came a voice from behind him, disturbing his daydream. The voice belonged to one of Lotorís many teachers. This one was an aging man who had gray hair that was balding. His paler than that of Lotorís and while Lotorís skin was nice and smooth, the teacherís skin was wrinkly. Lotor gave the aged man a curious glance then returned to the view. "Are you listening to me young boy?"

"You were just discussing the feud between the noble families of Hothbra and Varg." Lotor said annoyed. He detested how his teachers always assumed he was not paying attention while looking at the magnificent view seen from the castles many towers. "At first this feud was just between the two; it did not effect the wellfare of Krythan Island. This changed of course. Hothbra and Varg soon began to threaten open war. All of this over the fact that Hothbra had a monopoly over the dairy products; something Varg consumes far to much of." Lotor finished in a bored tone. "That is what you have been teaching me for the past half hour, Master Stuerempt." Lotor gave the aged man a glance of superiority.

"Yes, yes well that is correct!" The man tried to sound happy to disguise his own annoyance of the boy. "Now you see, King Lotor could not have war between these two cities. This could potentially separate Silvest from the Kingdom. "Lotor only half listened to Stuerempt. He had already read about this in the Lotorian Library; a vast collection of written work from across Dransik.

Towards the end of the lesson a knocking came from the door. Lotor had to hide a small chuckle when he saw the aged man jump three inches. It was a very uncommon thing for his lessons to be interrupted. Stuerempt preferred his classes to go uninterrupted believing it to be the best way to teach. The last time a courier interrupted his class, he was yelled at for thirty minutes.

"Yes come in," Stuerempt asked impatiently.
"Sorry for this intrusion, Master Scholar," the courier as he stepped into the cramped room. "I was told to give this message to Prince Lotor." Lotor who had returned to his magnificent view of the outside world, looked curiously towards the courier.
"Well what is it?" Lotor demanded.
"The King wishes to speak with you immediately." Came the swift reply from the courier.
"No! He must remain here to finish his studies." The teacher snapped just as swiftly, "Now, where were we?"
"I am sorry, but he must go to the King." The courier said more forcefully.
"I already know all this stuff," Lotor said as he gathered his belongings. "My father forced Hothbra to send twenty-five percent of their cows. If they refused he threatened war." Lotor smiled as he saw the annoyed look on his teachers face. "Now I must be off."

Five minutes later Lotor was standing before his father in the throne room. The Kingís throne room had been decorated with magnificent tapestries and paintings. Exotic plants from all reaches of his kingdom flourished in the corners. Towards the back of the room there was a large chair on a platform, the Throne of Lotor. The King was sitting on the throne when Lotor entered the great room. King Lotor had shoulder length dark brown hair. His eyes were piercing and full of life. On top of his head was the royal crown. The royal crown was encrusted with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.

"Greetings Father," Lotor said as he bowed respectively.
"I hope you are studying hard," The king replied, "because someday this whole kingdom shall be yours."
"I have gone beyond the expectations of even my most scrutinizing teachers," Lotor replied quickly.
"Thirteen years of age and already fit for king!" the King said cheerfully. "How fares your weapon training?" King Lotor asked.
"Weapon Training?" Lotor echoed, "I have yet to learn to use a weapon."
"Such a shame is it not?" The king said more to himself then to his son. "When I was your age I had a good grasp of the basics, your mother is the one who convinced me to postpone your weapon training." The King sighed. "Next week marks the season of Summer. I want you to spend the summer in New Korelth."
"Why?" Lotor asked. "I have my studies?"
"In your thirteen years of life you have only left the Castle grounds three times." The King stated bluntly, "To be a good leader you need to know who you will be ruling over. You will need to know what kind of life the average citizen leads, otherwise how will you know what they are going through?"
"I should not have to spend time with mere commoners," Lotor stated as if it made perfect sense.
"You have much to learn my sonÖ" was all the King said in reply.

Within a week Lotor was heading for the city of New Korelth located southeast of Lotor Castle. The travel their was boring. Everyone in the kingdom knew the Royal families insignia; two swords crossing blades making an X with a crown sitting in the top V portion. Even most monsters knew not to cross paths with someone wearing the insignia. Lotor only stared absently at the scenery, wishing he was back home.

New Korelth was the largest cities on Krythan Island, with Silvest in a close second. The city had no walls to protect its citizens. They felt safe and secure with the Elite guards through out the city. The amount of guards would only double with the arrival of Prince Lotor. Surrounding the city was a lush forest.

"Welcome to New Korelth Prince Lotor!" shouted a large group of people at the towns main entrance. Lotor looked down from his horse and recognized the emblem on many of the crowds tunics; the phoenix. New Korelth was once simply named "Korelth." Then a devastating fire destroyed half the city. In no time however the city was in quick action to repair the damage, like a phoenix being reborn.

"Greetings," Lotor said eyeing the rest of the crowed. Most of them appeared to be mere commoners or servants to the Noble family. A large man stood in front of the crowed. Lotor recognized this man as the Noble of New Korelth; Lord Terumpt. On Lord Terumptís left stood a young girl about the same age as Lotor. She had long golden blonde hair that reached down to her mid-back. Her eyes were a rich azure color. Her facial features were that worthy of a queen. Lotor would have mistook her for royalty or atleast nobility, a simple commoner could never possess such beauty or so Lotor believed. The only problem was her clothing; they looked ragged and dirty. He could only just make out the New Korelth insignia on her tunic; but dismissed it as servant clothing.

Lotor sighed as he gazed upon the city. To anyone else they would have been amazed at the city, to Lotor he could only see a place of punishment.
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post Apr 17 2008, 11:25 PM
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(IMG:style_emoticons/default/excl.gif) very nice though i prefered your astari gaurd story.
just a question does this story have any violence?
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post Apr 18 2008, 05:48 PM
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In all honestly I have yet to plan this story out... I just thought of the idea while walking to class and thought it would be a good story to write.

But I have planned a little violence... but it wont revolve around it.
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