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Pixel Mine Forums _ Bugs & Technical Issues (UnrealScript language module) _ Parser: missing EndOfFile at '}'

Posted by: mciccarone Feb 27 2013, 11:09 AM

I'm trying to update a large project to use nFringe and in that process I am encountering a lot of issues relating to macro definitions.

I've come up with a dirty way around most of those marco problems, but since all of the pre-existing code was written without nFringe I am not sure how to locate warnings or errors that are preventing Intellisense from working properly.

I get the error " Parser: missing EndOfFile at '}' " at the top of every single .uc file in my 'Game' Project

Since this occurs at every uc file in my project it essentially blows away the 'go to definition' functionality which is one of the best features of nFringe.

The project builds just fine using the UnrealFrontEnd , WOTGreal, or the UDE.

Does anyone know how to track down these issues?

Even new classes that inherit from Object have the same error:
example (TestObj.uc)

class TestObj extends Object;

Posted by: 280Z28 Jul 28 2013, 04:47 PM

This is happening because the nFringe parser is having problems parsing something in the `Globals.uci` include file. Can you send us a copy of that file to try and figure out exactly what's causing the error?

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