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Pixel Mine Forums _ Underworlds 1.2 Beta Testing _ Ranthcor the Panther

Posted by: tezcatlipoca Sep 8 2009, 11:30 PM

Ranthcor doesn't seem to make much noise, and doesn't sound that imposing sad.gif about using a cougar snarl or even a leopard, panther, or jaguar call?

Also, when you kill him, there is a small static pop when he dies just as his body disappears. It is not very loud, but definitely there. There is also a static pop at the end of his "snarling" noise.

This boss also does not seem very tough, I think I have only gained one level and made only a change in rings since fighting Silkthread, but Silkthread was a tougher opponent than the panther.

Ranthcor is also overly stingy on the drops. He seems to drop either 1 item and gold/potion, or just 1 item. Either way, he drops at most 2 items. This is after farming him for about 20 minutes.

Posted by: OneEye Sep 9 2009, 09:06 AM

I fixed his drop table. The sounds are a bit more of a problem, that will have to wait for the first patch of chapter 2.

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