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> PvP Improvement and Discussion, All ideas in this thread comes from the discord.
post Sep 12 2020, 01:34 PM
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Yoo ^_^

So first thing first. Everything you find in here have been talked about, discussed or suggested in the official discord. While I might have worded it in my own way, all of these ideas are from other people and be traced back to the #pvp-discussion and #heroes channels in the discord. If anything here seems off or outright wrong I would very much like this to be corrected. I've also asked DEVs to chime in on what is possible/how difficult it would be to implement or change. I'll put the DEV comments in this "[Dev Comment: Words]". I've spaced out the thread quite a lot so there is no way the Dev comment is mistaken for another part.

In the end, this is all up to you guys. So let's be civil and give the DEVs something concrete to work with, especially with the Test Server coming up.

Temping system - What is wrong with it and how can it be improved.

- Having both faction and alignment in place is kind of counter intuitive. The idea is cool but seems to cause more frustration than it’s worth due to temping restrictions which can be abused. They fill the same role yet are in a way opposites.
[Dev comment: I’m not sure how easy it would be to modify temp rules. I can easily modify flagging for PVP, for level range, and for criminal drop chance and wanted time etc.]

- Stages to corpses/tombstones should be looked at. At what point should you be able to open the body, be able to loot the body causing you to temp and at what point can you get loot without temping.
[Dev comment: This is easy to modify.]

- Should there be a system where guildmates can loot it back for you? If so, would summon corpses really be needed?
[Dev Comment: I feel this would open up potential for LOTS of abuse and trust issues.]

Factions - Can it be changed or is removing it the only option?

- Most people really want this removed.
[Dev Comment: We are probably going to remove it but have not dug into the work required so not sure how long it would take to unbind it all. Most likely would remove it piece by piece.]

- If removing is so big it is far into the future are there any tweaks that would make it more bearable from a pvp standpoint?
[Dev Comment: That we can look at.]

- Could it be tweaked into another system that has nothing to do with how you temp? If so would that make it easier for the DEVs?
[Dev Comment: Zarq would have to dig into faction system and see how hard it would be. It might be simple. We want to use it for mainline quest system, more RP value than anything. Remove party restriction and the like.]

- Would a guild oriented version of this be interesting? Guild raids town and now the town is theirs and thus gain various perks.
[Dev Comment: Perhaps for certain towns and only one town at a time. I like that idea though. There would have to be a timer to revert back to neutral.]

PvP and Level protection - Same as factions, can be changed or is removing it the option?

- A lot of people use lower lvl alts to scout and therefore gaining an upper hand in pvp. Should there be more PvP Zones? (Zones that remove your PvP Protection)
[Dev Comment: If we keep level protection, yes we can add more PVP zones. I would need help knowing where to add them though.]

- Sometimes they resurrect with a low level character which cannot be attacked without risking temping. Should you need to be within a certain level in order to resurrect someone in order to prevent this?
[Dev Comment: If we keep level protection, it would be easy to add a check for server type (PVP) and level range to make sure they aren’t being used in this way.]

- Should you need to be a certain level in order to load Spawn Increase?
[Dev Comment: That would be very easy to fix..]

- If it’s too hard to fix, should level protection be removed all together?
[Dev Comment: In general I think the only difficult part would be the scouts. They should be killable but should not item degrade or drop nor cause you to temp. That might be another solution to consider.]

Safe-, no drop- and pvp zones - How can these be improved and where are they needed?
[Dev Comment: These are simple to adjust]

- There need to be clearer guidelines for how these are to be implemented.

- Some places need to have safe and no drop zones looked at in order to balance out what is fair versus frustrating. For example Rahura causing fights near Greater Dragon Island come to a halt, which shouldn’t happen at such an endgame area.

- What places are fair to implement pvp zones where level protection wouldn’t help you? In other words, you enter at your own risk and if you die there it’s fair.

Looted items - Should looted items work differently then they do now, if so how?

- Always drop upon death?
[Dev Comment: This would be easy to adjust.]

- Should looted items have a debuff in order to create a market where they sell back to the owner?
[Dev Comment: I see this idea being unpopular and more work to implement.]

- Should they be able to bank these items or put them in barrels of houses?
[Dev Comment: It is easy to adjust. Personally, I like that they are stolen and can’t be banked. Gives owner chance to get it back. That would be something for current PVP players to discuss though.]

Summon corpse - Can these be changed so looting is interesting?

- Should this be changed to work like Death Port in Dransik?
[Dev Comment: This would be something interesting to try. Make summoning more expensive or put a limit per day, and use death port instead as the cheap version.]

- Should there be some sort of restriction to this?
[Dev Comment: See above. I think we discussed this before.]

- Areas where summon corpse don’t work?
[Dev Comment: Could restrict so it can’t be summoned in PVP zones.]

- Removing it from Heroes? I personally have a hard time seeing this since it’s a good income for the game when PvP is active.
[Dev Comment: I think adding death port and increasing price of summon might be a good alternative but at least, something to try.]

Resistance - Does the current system work for PvP or should it be altered?

- Should the PvP resistance system be reworked?

- Should Arrow be changed to Pierce? If so what needs to be considered in order for that to work?
[Dev Comment: I think this would be a tremendous amount of work. We could slowly change it over, perhaps...]

- Should PvP have resistance at all?

Item balance - What is too strong? what is too weak? and what is totally missing?

- Most weapons have received quite a tweak lately. Are there any weapon that became too strong after this?

- Are there still gap closers missing? Let’s say Zule is the end weapon here, are there enough weapons that are weaker but still work in case you do not have that weapon?

- What kind of weapon should be in the game but isn’t, for example 8-slot one handed staff for conmages? Cut or Blunt weapon for Dexmage and/or Dexcon Archer?

- Mages (Int) and Archers (Dex) are missing armor in general mainly for lower levels. But what about between 105 - 110? What are some things that are really missing? I personally think Conmage and Dexmage should have a 110 set each.

- Are there armor that should be nerfed or buffed? For example Tyrian set have been brought up a few times for buffs. Greater Dragon set and Shield of Excellent Resistance have been brought up for nerfs. Please note that these are just examples that people have brought up, they are not set in stone.

- Are there any items that absolutely should not be tweaked?

Hunting grounds - What hunting grounds are good for PvP?

- Places with good loot naturally make people go there and thus create room for possible PvP Hotspots.

- What area would be good to revamp for this purpose in mind? An example that has been brought up before is the Bad Lands. Are there any other areas that suit this kind of idea?

Boat combat - With the limited things you can do on a ship, does it need something else?

- Are there any way docking and undocking could be improved?

- Are the temp rules for ships fair? If not can they be changed?

- Does ship PvP lack something which would make it more interesting or more fair?

Feats - How can feats be rebalanced without ruining PvP in an instant?
[Dev Comment: Feats are more difficult to adjust.]

- Warrior and Archer feats are basically a joke, need adjusting.

- What is a reasonable amount of damage or defensive bonuses from feats.

- If feats become good, what kind of indicator would be good to show a feat is being used?

- What are some feats that you think are really missing for PvP?

Other elements - Skry scroll was removed for obvious reasons however similar issues remain

- Potentially removing the /who command in order to bring back the element of surprise and the tactics that come with using /who.

- Possibly changing how PM work since it can be used in a similar manner.
[Dev Comment: I think the /who, /tell, /invite etc can be adjusted without a ton of work. Some work, but not that much.]

Final words
If there is anything really important I have missed while going through the discord, please write what needs to be here. I have personally read through roughly 80% over everything written in #pvp-discussion and #heroes, it took several hours. For the other 20% I just searched for keywords, so there is probably a few things I have missed and that's where you guys come in. Okay, let's give the Devs something to work with!
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