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> Player base., Taco?
post May 5 2017, 12:32 PM
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Alright, I really want to start playing this game again, but there's a few things holding me back. Firstly, the playerbase. How many people are on Legends at any given time? Is it at least 30ish? IMO this game shined when there was pvp. I was never a super high level, I think the highest I got to was around 57. granted I wasn't useless I was able to do a decent amount of damage to people in group fights, as long as I wasn't targeted. Another thing, is how on earth long would it take to level up to the point where I was able to even be able to put a dent in one of the new super godlike lvl 110s? The last time I played, it took 5-6 lvl 70's and 80's including my little 57 to take down a level 100. Does anything like that even remotely exist in this game?

If there is, what is the fastest possible way to at least reach 100 ASAP? I've got a 43 level mage atm, and I have been currently been leveling a 100 str 100con 30 dex warrior who's at lvl 18 atm. Should I focus on crafting skills while leveling, or should I just spend all of my resources on smacking the **** out of monsters?

Edit: It really pains me to do it. But judging by just the almost non existence presence on the forums, I fear this game is in worse shape than I had hoped for. I would of been happy with at least 20-30 members online on Legens at any given time. Hell, I was even convinced on making myself quit smoking for a month to afford the expansions. But, is there really any point to it? It seems like the the best part of the game is gone. Being terrified that you'll be ganked if you dare step in to a foot in to an area to farm SG's or RT's. (which were the best I could do with my characters). Hell, I remember a group of me and like 4 other of my guild mates managed to take down Death Bringer and steal some sweet sword from him. Granted, I didn't get the sword, but nothing beat the adrenaline rush from taking that guy on with a bunch of like 50's

Super duper Edit What kind and generous person on Legends would be generous enough who would be willing to gift me a copy of Talazar's Revenge? Granted, if you were to buy me the copy, I would be severely indebted to you, and would pay you back with whatever in game commodities that you would need gathered. I made a similar deal with my friend I love Suki (The original one in CB) I non stop chopped wood for the kind gentleman for like 3 days straight for a sword+3 or 4. I can't remember what was the highest at the time. I'm pretty sure I managed to get a +4 sword for cutting all that lumber for him, and there was legends of a +5 sword that very few people have. Granted that +5 sword didn't make Deathbringer invincible. But the bastard always managed to get it back from us. v.v

It's like a very important family member of mine now has Alzheimers. I really hope this game pulls through one days. Even a population of 100 people spread across both servers would be a vast improvement to this game.

Please note, I didn't write this to bash the game in any way, I have had well over 5k-6k hours logged in to this game. It's just hard to describe. Like losing someone you care deeply about who's given up on life. I pray to whatever or whoever is out there listening that they will try to breath new live in to the game before it's too late.
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post May 15 2017, 11:02 PM
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Hi Karnage,
Not many people comment on the forums anymore and I'm an old player myself. Unfortunately I am unable to play at the moment as I am busy with life needs. However, to guide you through the game, I was also a mage and it was hard for me to get to 100 myself. I can tell you that you should do the monk quests constantly even though it's boring. I recommend leveling up all your mage skills and getting your INT up as much as possible... I don't know what build you want to be on your mage, but I'm a 101 Dex/Int mage. If you don't like fighting, I can recommend you fighting at frost trolls as they give pretty good exp and aggro very easily; just take care with caution as they can surround you and kill you. Take up a DTM (Dransik Trading Manager) quest as they can give you quite the amount of EXP with EPool too. However, you needs Tides of Fates to do this. Also, I don't know what expansions you do have, but I'm assuming you don't have anything or VIP as well.

As for your warrior, you just have to do the same thing as well... It gets repetitive, but if you are ever bored, just do something else.

Maybe in the future we can play together when I'm not busy. My in game name is Cya There. I don't check the forums very much anymore, but feel free to message me as I PM'ed you my email (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif) .

-Cya There
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post May 24 2017, 10:05 AM
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Well partner, apparently it has been close to a year since my last forum post and over a year since the last time I've created a thread on the forums. Judging from my PM box - I haven't logged onto the forums since before February. Surprising myself with this actually..

Any case, the days of the P+5s, AoGH, HOS, Black/Holy sets are long gone. I'm delighted to reflect on those memories though.
And Suki.. HAH! That's a name that I'll never forget. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)

AE is a totally different game now. In fact, I do not think I can come up with the necessary words to really explain what I mean.
Levels and gear are a much heavier factor in PVP than in for example, Dransik days.
Tokens can be used to purchase the expansions and they can be traded in game. I don't know the going rate for much of anything anymore, however; I'll check to see if I have any spare tokens. If I do, I'll try helping you out without obligation.

What's your name in game?

Also, I want to apologize in advanced if I happen to forget to check the forums again. Currently on a train and checking the forums in efforts to cure the boredom of traveling on an empty train (IMG:style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)
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post Jun 5 2017, 12:50 PM
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Ah the good old days, I started playing in Beta back when it was Asylumsoft's. Never got into the Classic Dransik, only this Isometric version. Still a great game despite all the changes now, and it's still awesome that it is still here. The music and a lot of the locations are still just as nostalgic as always to visit. I do miss NK tho (IMG:style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)
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post Jun 14 2017, 12:23 PM
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I am returning after being away for a while. I miss the game!

I have been away and returned a few times in the past. I started with Dransik which was magic when I first played it. Then Ashen Empires came along and it was magic all over again.
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