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Full Version: Khafra soon to be attacked!
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GM Astrum
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A spy deep inside the dragon caves has come back with some unsettling news! Graal Roachard has used his evil magic to corrupt and ensnare the souls of dragons! By combining the souls of a thousand dragons and pouring them into vessels he has created a cult of beings called Disciples of The Dragon! He intends to take revenge on the players that have invaded his caves by attacking one of their precious towns!

The spy was badly wounded but with his last breath he managed to gasp out the name Khafra!

King LotorII calls for arms! He has taken this information very seriously. Further investigating into the matter shows that Graal has sent one of these 'Disciples' to attack Khafra Saturday at around 7 pm CST .

The king managed to send out many more spies, some came back with information. The Dragon Disciples apparently have the ability to summon thousands of dragons to their aid. Create an army out of thin air! They are extremely strong and powerful.

A foe of this magnitude will need a defending force larger than any ever made! Set aside your differences, join hands and fight! FIGHT FOR KHAFRA!


Right, so in a non rp version:

Dragon spawn event in Khafra at 7 pm CST Saturday. Khafra is a No drop, safe zone. Meaning, wear your gear and be ready to die 200 times but have loads of fun. Any drops you get from the dragons are yours to keep. The 'Event Ending boss' called Disciple of The Dragon will NOT be dropping anything. He is just a very mean guy that has to be killed in order for the spawning to stop.
( and yes, I'm going to cheat and go invulnerable now and then... don't want it to end too soon now do we !!! )

WARNING: You MUST stay INSIDE of the city! Running outside of the city while dragging any mobs with you will NOT BE TOLERATED! We will JAIL anyone who does it. Feel free to pvp, but do NOT drag dragons outside of the town.

See you there smile.gif
Guess ive missed this one?
mmm must be an fairly common event,
Here is some screenies of the attack that happened last week.

Thanks GM Astrum was fun.

Pretty good leap going from 105-110 in in that amount of time stony
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