Hello all,

On behalf of the GM team, and all the people at PMG, I wish you all a Happy New Year. With the New Year coming, I wish to make a short summary of the things that were achieved in 2009 and some of our plans for 2010.

As all of you know, one of the major occasions in 2009 was the introduction of the VIP system and as a result, making AE a free to play game. Throughout the last few months, VIP players have received store items that are worth thousands of tokens and ranged from item renames to orb resets. Furthermore, the price of deluxe server moves was reduced by half at two different occasions. We look forward to continue offering our players tons of goodies and offers to allow them to enjoy the game as much as possible.

Another major addition to AE was the Dungeons of Dransik (DoD) update, which allows players to act like the DEVs and build their own dungeons, stories, and monsters. We encourage all players to give DoD a try. While it might take you some time to get a full understanding of how the program works, you will get a great chance to build your own mini-game and enjoy it with friends. Furthermore, players can participate in the DoD contest and get a chance to win $100 worth of tokens. For more details, please check the following thread: http://forums.pixelminegames.com/index.php?showtopic=12335

In this past year, we witnessed the addition of GM Daeni and GM Astrum to the GM team. I am also glad to announce the return of GM Shamino after a few months break. Throughout 2009, the GM team has answered 3915 pages. The GMs have worked very hard daily to ensure that all pages are answered as soon as possible. So, a big thank you to all the GMs who do tons of underappreciated work.

As some of you might have noticed, Santa visited the lands of Dransik this year. He placed candy in all the houses and gave double the goodies to those who had a Christmas tree! If you havenít checked your house containers, do so and have the treats before the triddles get them.

In 2010, we will continue to work hard to ensure that the game remains enjoyable to all players. We will be looking for good candidates to expand the volunteer force to make it more efficient and effective. All those who are interested in GM positions or any other volunteer positions are encouraged to check the Jobs section on the AE website and send me applications via forum PM (rather than email).

We have had quite a few requests from players asking for more GM run events and GM made spawns. As promised in last yearís New Year thread, we held numerous events in 2009 that included dragon raids and minotaur attacks. We intend to continue holding as many events as possible. We have some very interesting and exciting ideas that we look forward to implementing in game. It will hopefully be fun for all.

Thank you for playing Ashen Empires.

GM Timaeus.