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Full Version: Servo Here - Can't believe this game is back
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I'm so very excited to know FT is back. This was my very first game smile.gif. It's crazy to see all these old names popping up haha. I always tell me friends about this game, now I can get them to play it!! haha

was that your nic in old FT?

and yes, its working its way back....we are all stoked.
No, Servo was my name. I remember also bing LuckyCharms and we also started a group that had something to do with spices like Thyme, Pepper, Salt...but I can't remember what my spice name was heh. I do remember you though smile.gif.
A couple months ago I downloaded this reloaded version and it was pretty ****, is it getting any better?
Been playing the game past couple days and have found it very fun smile.gif. The thing is...I wish it was more like the older version ><. Maybe it's just cause of the bugs but there are some things that piss me off sometimes with the Line of Sight and also it's hard to maneuver around objects sometimes. It's just not as smooth playing as the old game :-/. I will continue to play since I haven't found another game since the original fireteam that can cure my appetite as much as it did back in 98 heh. It's such a simple game....yet it's not heh. I hope they get this version tightened up so we can have a community again smile.gif. I miss all you guys!
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