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Full Version: Battle of the Frozen Blood
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GM Astrum
A Terror rises from the north, coming out of the harsh winter lands. A strange seemingly alive blood-like liquid seems to be heading towards Hammerfist.

All manner of winter creatures seem to be drawn to this Frozen Blood, and as such Hammerfist is in grave peril!

Help defend hammerfist against the icy hordes and try to destroy this Frozen Blood before it can spawn and take over the world!

The Battle of the frozen blood will begin Saturday 24th of April at 16.00 CST (4pm CST)

So everyone up for a fun event, grab your snow gear and warm cloaks! Warm up your weapons and prepare to slay the icy horrors that dwell in the mysterious snowy TR-Lands!

(Access to Hammerfist is required to participate in this event, it will be no drop & no damage if you remain inside of the town)

Hope to see you all there to have some fun & get away from the usual grinding & pvp! (there is no artifact reward so don't even ask, I did this event on L to great success and decided that H deserved it too.)

P.S.: I will not stop you from PVP'ing, but the rewards from working together may exceed the benefits of pvp + possible loot, this time.
Also note that I will have walled off the guards, so as to not have them interfere with the battle.
GM Astrum
Sorry for the late post but,

Thank you all for coming and I hope you all enjoyed this event.
And I'm sure most of you enjoyed the PH's and loot increase too.

Understand that this long of a ph will not always be the case for events, this was an exception...

Hope to see you all at the next one smile.gif

Good luck & have fun !

GM Astrum

ty was fun :)
even had a little pvp during it and bosses still got done :D
OMG I MISSED THE EVENT !?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!

I hate IRL BananaSad.gif
Well seeing as nobody ever check this forum explains why most ppl and including me have missed the event AEChuh.gif
QUOTE(Meilute @ Jun 3 2010, 07:24 AM) *
Well seeing as nobody ever check this forum explains why most ppl and including me have missed the event AEChuh.gif
would be cool if the DEVs made it so GMs can make messages what show up when you login, but not like a box that you have to exit, but like the PH Message in your chatbox that would advertise events like 2 days in advance or something.
Or at least something like this, would be nice!
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