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Full Version: The Games of Havoc Winners
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GM Astrum
Hello all,
First of all I would like to thank all of you who showed up, and I hope you had a good time. I think you did smile.gif

Here are the results of the Games of Havoc


Here are all the battles done in the Arena challenge

Here is a screenshot showing the winners of the Naval Prowess challenge

And here is a screenshot showing in SAY chat the winners of the Race Around The World

We will be contacting the following people in the coming days in order to give them a reward or prize

Smaug, who will ofc be able to select his artifact item and will receive a cloak that shows off his new title as "Lord of Havoc (First Place)"
Samuarii who was second will receive a nice big potions pack and a cloak that shows off his new title as "Gladiator of Havoc (Second Place)"
Meilute who was 3rd and won the Last Man Standing challenge will also receive a potions back and a cloak that shows "Tank of Havoc (Third Place)"

The server as a whole received 3 powerhours after the event was over at 6pm cst.
The server as a whole will receive 3 powerhours Monday at 1pm CST.
The server as a whole will receive 3 powerhours Next week Sunday (22 August) at 1pm CST.

Feel free to discuss the event here, but please keep it clean and civil.

was a good event - well put together.

Ashame pvp isn't fair though; so many unbalances needs to be fixed.

I enjoyed it though - good job!

Hopefully when I get back from 2 week vacation pvp may be little better biggrin.gif

Thanks alot Astrum
Thanks a lot Astrum, QuanYin, Timaeus & OE for the event!

p.s astrum you didnt have to edit your post below, cuz we all know that QuanYin is female lol B.gif
GM Astrum
Don't forget to thank GM Quanyin whose assistance during the event was a very great help. :)
Thanks Quanyin smile.gif

i thought somebody was stalking me and making me lag tongue.gif
ya sick event gj smaug for getting a 2nd chance or i woulda won so w.e
Just to clarify Smaug would still be a winner even if he wouldn't get 2nd chance in gliadiator part, cause he would have 3 points instead of 6 and end up with 33 total :P
Few pics I took of the event:

Here is some mine from Race Around The World


Being 3rd?

Shame that the only lag spike I got from playing all day occurs at the worst possible time and of course everyone passed me even though I kept holding moving button :S

At end.
GM Timaeus
I hope everyone had fun. Credit goes to GM Astrum and GM QuanYin for planning and running the event.
Lord Of Chaos
Do I get any credit for fourth place total.
Gj Smaug! :D Grats man.
All of the event besides the 1 on 1 duels where fun. Thanks for taking the time to plan/run all this.

Also hope it shows u guys how unbalanced PvP is.
GM Quanyin
Gratz to GM Astrum for making an event that I think H players really enjoyed. He spent hours planning and setting it up and hours running it (with his trusty go-fer - me). Gratz, too, to the players who stuck it out - 5-6 hours. It was an "iron man" event for players AND GMs. Special thanks to OE for hanging out during the gladiator arena contest as the "rat in the brazier" and to GM Timaeus for lending his expertise.
Astrum also learned a few good lessons during the event.

1 - The arena is still bugged and makes ppl go invisible.

2 - Monsters do not attack people in the arena

3 - Mobs in the arena, or GM arena aggro to players watching outsdie.


4 - Just because its a 1 on 1 duel, doesn't mean one player will actually attack the other AECwink.gif
Is Oe still in Lc? I went there 2 hour after boat event and
he still there lol
Yes OE is still there, hes moved more left now.

He is in shock of how unbalanced PvP is and hasn't been able to get over it yet.
Naw it's actually cuz he been watching 2 str/con dueling and fell asleep B.gif
QUOTE(Ashleigh @ Aug 16 2010, 09:49 AM) *
Is Oe still in Lc? I went there 2 hour after boat event and
he still there lol

hes still there 23 hours after event started :S
QUOTE(Meilute @ Aug 16 2010, 10:49 AM) *
Naw it's actually cuz he been watching 2 str/con dueling and fell asleep B.gif

Lol biggrin.gif
The Stalker
ohmy.gif DtA What!!!!
what did smaugy get for wining eh?
Just wanted to say even as just an observer... I enjoyed
watching what I could see from the Viewing Gallery in
Valinor. my little LVL 6 to check it out and
cheered for the champions!

Great job by all the involved GM's ! Boy it took a lot of
work putting that together and even putting the results out
so nicely too. Take a rest...u deserve it!

Thanks to the others too for all the screen shots... now
I know what I missed. lol.

Sorella rolleyes.gif
I for one had a blast!!! I knew I didn't have a chance at winning any of the events but I still enjoyed the heck out of myself and am eagerly looking forward to more events like this in the future!!

Great job to all the GM's!!! You guys rock!!
/me votes for yearly epic Artifact Events like this one.
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