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Full Version: Orb trouble
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How do I get to my orbs to use them?

I press the F3 key to bring up my stats. It says I have 14 orbs but I don't know how to get to them to use them.

I hate being a new player lol.

Thanks for help.
When your ingame, press E to bring up a window that shows a picture of your character and your gear. To the right on that screen it will show all of your current orbs and orbs you have to spend. You will see plus signs beside the orbs, click on those to increase that orb and then click the check mark that will appear to set your orb choice. Make sure you put the correct orbs in where you want them before clicking the check mark though.
GM Quanyin
DugE, you should make yourself a regular forum account instead of posting as a guest. That way you can post in most any forum and don't have to wait for a mod to approve your posts. If you don't know how to do that, send me a forum PM or page a GM and we'll explain.
Ertzel: Thanks. I could get to the page with no problem but i didn't see the + signs to use the orbs. ( need glass cleaner I guess. smile.gif )

GM Quanyin: I think I got it figured out but why do I have to log in several times to get here?

Other questions: I read something in these forums somewhere that there are boxes or bags or something that you could put items in to save bank space. Where can I get these?

How do I repair items? I tried to repair my pickaxe with my smithing hammer but it told me I didn't need to repair it. I even tried it with some ingots in inventory standing next to anvil but still no go. Two damages later my pickaxe dissapeared.

That's all for now. Thanks guys.
The forums/your account require a separate log-in from the game. Note that when logging into your account/forums, the log in is case sensitive, meaning if you used capital letters in setting up your log in info, you need to use them. The game log in is not case sensitive (don't ask me why AECunsure.gif ). That is probably what you're experiencing when you say you have to log in several times.

Bags and boxes can be made using the leatherworking and carpentry skills. Valinor has trainers for those but if you missed them, buy the various tools in the shops and start developing the skills. You will want to start working on developing your tradeskills; you'll find that you can make a lot of little necessities - tools and containers, even weapons and clothes and food.

Some items are just not repairable but are easy enough to buy in a shop or make. The ones that can be repaired can be fixed using the same tools as you would use to craft them, unless they are "magical" items which will either require a "magical" tool or possibly repair pots.
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