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Full Version: Complete World Map (Help Needed)
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Sir Chris
Alright, so I'm currently working on an underground world map which will lay out exactly like the one you get in game (minus the functionality). The only difference will be labeled entrances and exits. I also want to add some new titles to the map, as follows:

I'm not really certain on any of this I'll need help
  • Water passages (such as 'The Choke')
  • Untitled Islands (I don't know the titles)
  • Untitled Dungeons (Yes there are still some untitled)
  • Boss Locations
  • Mob Locations
    (I'll need help on this because of the vast amount of mob names missing from AEAuction, not really sure where else to look)
  • NPC Locations (This is going to be for quests only why else would you need to find an NPC)

So I plan on re-making the interactive map, I'm currently only able to create such in Flash with AS3 but I'm willing for suggestions. Google Map API does not give the full functionality I wish to add to the map, and it really doesn't have the graphical design I want. If these attributes and values can be changed by all means I'm on board.

Now for the true enlistment. If you are good with Flash, AS3 (Action Script 3), JQuery, CSS3, HTML5 pretty much any web design markup/programming and want to make a site completely filled with everything Ashen Empires. Just send me a PM and I will set you up an FTP account after we find out what you want to do. I will also give any graphic designers with Photoshop the PSD to the world map rather you work on the site or not. All work will be credited!

P.S. I do completely comply with Web Standards. If you are unaware of Web Standards visit for information. Yes I know HTML5 is not a standard yet but its cool.
I wish I could help but I know nothing about those programs.

All I can do is wish you the best of luck. :)
Sir Chris
QUOTE(Mazrath @ Jul 12 2011, 12:06 AM) *
I wish I could help but I know nothing about those programs.

All I can do is wish you the best of luck. :)

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