Reverted the previous fix to mage casting that many were referring to as the "mage bug"
Made the ToF Savannah Quests repeatable
Made several more SoC Quests repeatable
Oil of Jandros Potion now provides stamina pool boost
Totem of Hardiness now provides stamina pool boost
Totem of Thunderstike now works with Thunder Strike, Thunder Bolt and Cloud Burst and works the entire duration of the totem
Added the following creatures to DTM/Kill Counts:
-Guardians of Kuthos
-Grasping Tenticle
-Lightning Slug
-Ancient Ogre
Added level pre-requisite for Dragon DTM/kill credit (80)
Greater Dragons now have no tolerance for players who fight them before the Master quest has been completed.
Many Boss creatures will now summon players more often.
Bonesnarl can now be killed more times
Fixed many spelling errors in SoC and ToF quests