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So upon my 'Grand' (Or not so grand) return to Ashen Empires. I've been pondering making a Character on the H Server. However I fear that because it's a PVP Server I might not exactly get an enjoyable experience. My biggest question is how 'honorable' (for lack of a better term) would people say most of the player's on the H server are?

I moved away from the H server previously because, well, For starters, Most of my friends had left H so I really didn't have any reason to stay. Later I came back but then left again due to being constantly killed at RT's so I couldn't ever effectively train (Since most of my gear was pre-expansion gear I stood NO chance against almost anything) I also didn't exactly have any money and couldn't find an effective method of obtaining said money to purchase better gear.
Some are good, some are bad. If you are good then you will be treated as so. I help new players out and I know others do as well. I personally do not kill lower levels, at least not anymore. I only enjoy end game pvp experience now, but I can't say the same for the rest. Good luck tho and hit me up if you need some help or got questions. Heroes is a nice server if you make your own way. There's only a few actual guilds, but seems to be more newer (or returning) players recently.

Also you won't be able to be killed in pvp unless you turn it on or get to lvl 106. So for the most part you will be untouchable anyway.
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