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Full Version: Drops on Silvest?
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How come i have a better chance of getting a runesword on mainlands then a triddle blood dagger or magic gloves on Silvest?

Do they even drop?
kung fu
I dont beleive magic gaunts drop from any monsters on silvest. I have gotten them in the past from the armor shop. Dont know how or why though
Magic padded gloves according to drop from thieves and fighters.
kung fu
I usually breeze right through Silvest with tradeskills and the quests. Cant even seem to remember fighting thieves on Silvest. But hey, I've been known to drink and dransik my fair share.
its funny i myself spent from level 10-24 leveling on thieves and undead trying to collect these rare items also, but i never saw magical padded gloves. Silvest has almost never made sense, even way way back in the day most people left at level 4-8 to buy the gear that takes you hours/days to get, or dive into pvp early.

This makes me think of the IoD quest line, rewarding you for killing end game content with magical plate... Makes 0 sense.
I've leveled up to 18 on silvest once I had full rugged including the leggings and HoA which dropped from a wraith with a +1 sword. Now what doesn't make sense, is how uber I was for silvest yet I got my butt handed to me in the deep areas of the cavern.

It's just a gauntlet that you're supposed to run. Once you get into the cave itself you should be relatively safe.
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