The second Find the GM event was held today on Heroes server. Players had to listen to clues and be the first to find me to win a prize.

Winners today were as follows:

Wolf found me in Hammerfist
Smoke found me first in Jeel
Aldar found me in Chlera
Mofoz found me in New Town
Bloodrayne found me in Samad
Death for Life first to me in Varg
The Bud first to me in Arda
Bloodrayne first to me in Darkfell
Death for Life first to me in fortress Eastwatch
Dont Try first to me in Khafra
Lotos first to me in Lopal
Tharu found me in Merovan
Zene first to me in Silvest
Lotos found me in New Royale
Found by Death for Life in Farstead keep
First to me Bloodrayne in Parian pub on east side

Congrats to the winners!