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Full Version: Map for elemental cave
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Does anyone have a map for the cave?
Veldan, are you just trying to find the path to Rahura?

i know theres a video that Lugman made on youtube called "laralove" that shows him zipping thru the cave...

(i hate to assume) if you need ot get to rahura just go (from entrance) diagnolly southwest, as fast as you can, and if you hit the edge of a fire lake, just head a little downward, the ladder is hard to see.. once there, go >>> and up a bit.. dont be afraid to walk through the darkness (yay! darkness! lol), once you see those annoying water eles, and a water line, follow it >> and up, and a little more >> (looks like you cant walk thru it, but you can wink.gif ) and voila, theres th eladder biggrin.gif

to directly answer your question ( tongue.gif ) I have never seen a map for that cave. But the cave isnt really that intimidating.. but then again ive done that damn master of ele's quest 4 times now :/
Thanks, Burzum =P

Iron Searcher helped me ingame shortly after I made this post. I'll probably make a short video to demonstrate it =)
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