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Full Version: New Player here needs help
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Good afternoon everyone. I am having trouble understanding sme things about this game. Maybe i'm not doing it right. I am level 16. When i am fighting a level 11 cave slug it just about kills me or actually does. I dont understand why a level 11 mob is so hard. When Im in he Krog sewers trying to fix the sewers by pulling the levers, its just about impossible to make it far enough into the dungeon to get to the second lever. I have crafted plate armor and am using a battle axe atm. Can someone help me out here, am i doing something wrong, or is te game that difficult.
Well, I don't know how much you know about the game, so I'll go over some possibilities to why it may be difficult for you.

#1: Orbs

I don't know how much you know about them, but they are pretty important. You get 2 every level and you distribute them on your inventory screen in the upper left hand corner If you wish to be a warrior, it is suggested that you place all of your orbs into strength until it is capped so that you deal more damage. There are ways to reset your orbs in the store, but at such a low level if your orbs are already too far off then maybe making a new character is what you want to do.

#2: Gear
It has been a long time since I was level 16, but gear at that point takes more effort to get than it actually helps you. I don't know what server you are on, but joining a guild would definitely help out a lot, in all aspects, not just gear. Anyways, the best gear for low levels is usually from quests, such as the alchemist in the main building in Krog has a fairly easy quest to find 3 special trees along the south road for a nice pair of leggings.

#3: Level
In this game, creature levels and player levels aren't really comparable because players are usually stronger, however, this always have some exceptions. You may not be willing to spend the money on the game at the moment to get max exp, however, you may find it useful to know how. First of all, Heroes sever gives much more exp than Legends if you are VIP (Which is subscription) because PvP is allowed on Heroes. Second, if you have all expansions, you can sail to roycroft south of valmond to get a DTM quest that is something like kill 400 of any type of monster you choose for a bunch of bonus exp when you are done. This is the method most people use to level up, however, most people use the monk quest in Silvest on new characters because it awards around 100k experience at any level and all you have to do is survive the journey to multiple cities.

I hope this helped, I know it can be tough to be a new player, especially in this game. I remember it taking me a long time to figure out most aspects of the game and it was definitely worth it because even though it has not seen an update in many years, this game has an amazing end-game. But I do highly recommend joining a guild that will help you out (perhaps you want to play on Legends first where people are usually more helpful). Plus, we can always help you here on the forums.

Good luck!
Thank you very much Orbiss.

I started an account what seems like 3 or so years ago. I never made off the intro island back then. 3 days ago I decided to give it anther go, and created a new character. I do believe i screwed while spending my orbs, so maybe i will make a new character.
that might be a good idea, if you do make sure you get the wolf pup totem before leaving valinor island. theres plenty of websites on there that have gear/weapons, maps, guides, etc. definitely find yourself a guild. they will help you level
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