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Full Version: Mckelsky Ring?
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What is this for?
Hey Adrian,

This is Bob :D

This ring is part of the proudblood quests. Time has erased most other information from my brain, so I had to look it up. Thankfully Wolfbound is still online!

GM Quanyin
Good job Golbez! for anybody who's interested. It's still up and a very helpful site.

There is also

Thanks Bob!
These are still up too, still all I could find so far is mention of Trevor Jopkins but there is debate if that's for Spore Summoner or the Mckelsky ring.
GM Quanyin
The reason you (and I) couldn't find it on wolfbound was it's spelled "McKelsey"; no "k". ;)
QUOTE(GM Quanyin @ Nov 30 2019, 02:25 PM) *
The reason you (and I) couldn't find it on wolfbound was it's spelled "McKelsey"; no "k". wink.gif

Aaaaaah, hey ok Thank you!
Sleepy Jr
First off u get the 3 proudblood heads.... then u have to get 5 drops from 5 mini boss's and fill the chest with there no dropped items...then you get your ring..... the quest was forgotten about... I heard that u were apparently supposed 2 be able 2 hand in the ring for a artifact... but they never finished the quest...hardest quest in AE...I wont be doing that quest again biggrin.gif

Eyrian's Bane plz
:D lol. Maybe that'll get fixed up with all the stuff they are working on lately, Thanks Sleepy Jr.
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