We encourage our players to organize player run events. Events can be small, like for a group of friends, or server-wide efforts that draw the community together. It's up to you!

Here are some tips for organizing a fun and effective event:

1. Set a time well in advance so that people can plan to attend (at least a week)
2. Make sure that people know how to convert the time to their time zone
3. Pick a place in game where the event will start and let people know how to get there
4. Create a channel for the event
5. Make a post about the event on the appropriate forum
6. Create a calendar entry for the event on the forums

If the event is large enough, you may even request that we make a post about it on the launcher so that more people know about it. If you would like your event to be included in the launcher, please message me (FujiQ) on the forums or via email (fujiq@ashenempires.com) at least 3 days in advance.