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Full Version: The Burzum Story
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In the time of the Battle of Armageddon (that only some who still remain can truly claim they were there, nor remember it at the very least) when the great evil Lord Talazar launched his first of many grand assaults upon the free peoples of Dransik, many lives were lost, and many more minds...

Some could argue of the true duration of the battle, as our sun seems to carve its own path, and move as it wills(even to this very day!), but none would argue that many suns set, and many moons did rise before this labourous battle did cease.

Hundreds of Warriors, Wizards, and Archers, Man, Orc, and Elf, fighting side-by-side (even if not in unity, but only to capture the glory for themselves before their enemies!)alas even with blood in their eyes, and holes in their bodies, as the gargantuan presence of the almighty Lord Talazar, seemingly 50 times the size of any who surrounded him knocked dozens of them yards away with each swing of his mighty Symboled Blade.

Draped in the char of thunderstrike, and the scars of swords , and the stems of arrows in his body , merely as accessories to his intent, he laughed with sardonic delight at the red precipitation that his blackened heart would forecast, as he struck another mighty blow to the next approaching line of defenders, striking them dead instantly, as their already cold blood welcomed the next wave of 'heroes'.

It is not known to whom the final blow fell, but it is said that after some time Lord Talazar grew bored of fighting with combatants no more formidable to him than dolls to children. With a delighted laugh he burst into a fast moving black mist that quickly dissipated into several, scattering black wisps that possessed any nearby who so dared approach them. Those who stood by long after the Dark Master's remains(?) were examined (only to find a very fine Large Broadsword and a sword speculated to belong to Talazar himself..) fell prey to one spirit in particular. As any around could see it jumping from one body to the next, both man(orc/elf) and animal alike it became apparent that the Lord Talazar had released a power that had began to spread its influence wherever it willed....

And this is the story of the Burzum (or "Darkness" , in the Orc tongue)

For many centuries this spirit has roamed the world of Dransik , jumping from body to body, to what will and end, is not at present clear.

But gather round by this fire, you fledgling immortals of the gods Isos, and Kuthos, and hear the dreadful tales of the fates of those that the Burzum chose as its vessel... and pray you yourself do not tempt his passage!

I will tell you now the tale of three individuals in particular who met with ill fate on the road to Darkness, but for now, sleep well, for once you hear these , you may never find comfort in the dark places between reality and your dreams!

*to be continued*
Great now let's post in the BoF thread!
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how dare you forget to mention the alabama slammer =o
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