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QUOTE(Mystic @ Apr 1 2008, 06:57 PM) *
Don't forget.. Delete the last 100 posts Knoll has made.

They could make a new tradeskill with Dragon hides - not epoolable. New items (armors and weapons) would be added there. Mainly for mages (hence they lack in gear at the moment!).

They should do somthing like..

u talk to teh Watcher or Teh Gatekeeper, once u r done Dragon quest.

They say like..

Go kill 100 Young Blue Dragons = Ring

Go Kill 150 Young Gold Dragons = Ring #2

Go Kill 250 Young Green Dragons = Ammy

Go kill 400 Young Red Dragons = Gloves

Go Kill Anbrasxas = Boots

Go kill Quezt(gold boss, forget name) = Belt

Go kill Jormungandr = Helm

Go Kill Kezemde Maat = Legs

Go Kill Nithhogr = Plate

Make them No-Drop and give em some nice stats
I'd prefer to have them work like Titan Hide set. Skin Young Green Dragons for Dex Mage set, Young Red Dragons for Str Mage set and Young Gold Dragons for Con Mage set. Young Blue Dragons would be for 'Only INT' requirement.
QUOTE(Mystic @ Apr 1 2008, 07:32 PM) *
I'd prefer to have them work like Titan Hide set. Skin Young Green Dragons for Dex Mage set, Young Red Dragons for Str Mage set and Young Gold Dragons for Con Mage set. Young Blue Dragons would be for 'Only INT' requirement.

You're obviously biased. Young Gold Dragons should provide the battlemage set, as they're the easiest to kill and battlemages are the most under-equipped class ingame. Young Green Dragons should provide the Con Mage set (they're the hardest to kill) and Young Red Dragons would provide the Dex Mage set.

PS: I'm also a warden. However, I'm not biased towards my build, unlike you.
Uhoh. Golds and Reds are both easy.. Reds are easy because they hardly hit you when you have a high AC. Wardens and Battlemages are the weakest mage builds in PvE and probably the two weakest PvE classes overall ingame - BUT - Dexmages are very, very good in PvE. Why shouldn't THEY be the ones killing the thoughest dragons? Tell me that.
or use the scales for something other than summoning the bosses.

just an idea.
Dexmages are good with a BDD. With a DoD... not so much. And all the hours of farming it takes to be able to wear a BDD deserve a proper reward. AoE spells > DoD.
They are good with Icehammer too - and SoEM. AoE spells at Dragons? No Thanks. I'd never suggest that for ANYONE. Unless it is for healing.
I never said it was for dragons. You were talking about PvM in general and so was I.
i think there should be some 110 mage gear....from dragons or w/e

and wtf is with dark mage ammy? it never drops devs are gay? Blue revenge gear is worthless...
Amulet of the Dark Mage is a drop, yups. Mukkarama2 drops it - too bad he has way too weird drop list. All the time you either get Twisted Staffs of Agons or Blue Revenge pieces. Heh~ Fix? ^^
ya its a drop but whens the last time one dropped? how many on server? its rarer than an sott its not even THAT good
what does Dark Mage ammy do?
Best mage ammy. IF I remember the stats right, they are:

+22 INT +125 HP

Mind 10% Cut 10%

35 Protection

REQ: LEVEL 106, INT 101
Lol yus make mages more overpowered yus yus. You better make nice set for my build (60str 100dex 70con) cuz I use random stuff mostly whereas INTCON gets warden, DEXCON dragon skin, STRCON blue revenge, INTSTR Flame Reaver+All that strreq stuff, not talking about all agon build stuff... My build gets a Pit Fiend which is available for every warrior who is not STRCON build, SW items...and some random stuff... w/e I dont care, I can live this this random stuff, but PLEASE dont make other builds more overpowered.
Reds are as easy as golds, and just as accessible. For killing all those green dragons, that DexMage set better be awesome. biggrin.gif

Str/Dex definitely needs a new set. Dragon Scale and Blue Revenge give way more stats compared to imbued ****. Balron gear is a joke.
STR/DEX is good the way it is, mages are the ones that needs more equipment! Shush!! Plus you can always use Titan Hide equipment!


*drinks some coffee*

How's H, Khamoo? Having fun PKAYing?
Just use titan? Everyone gets to use titan.. Just because I pwn doesn't mean that build shouldn't have its own leet set. It'd be ok if blue revenge and scale stuff wasn't out. When someone with 30 base dex can outdex a ranger, something is wrong. ohmy.gif

Psh! What kind of set would the STR/DEX be then? :<

Enchanted Dragonhide Belt

Protection: 57
Stats: +12 DEX +15 STR +12 CON +5 DOUBLE ATTACK
Resistances: Blunt 7%, Nature 7%, Mind 5%, Poison 10%, Disease 10%
Requirement: LVL 109, 100 STR, 100 DEX

Something as uber as that? :<
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