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Full Version: Guild Threads are for Guild Mates & Guild Friends
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GM Quanyin
What the topic says. These threads are here for guilds to chat with mates and friends and are not to be spammed, flamed or trolled by non-members or haters. If someone is posting on your guild thread in violation of this rule, please let us know who by PM.

DWC Aldwulf
Just to let everyone know AGAIN on what to do if people are posting in your guild thread.

If someone is posting in your guild forum & you have asked them to leave but they are not then please PM me.

If someone is posting in your guild forum do NOT go in to there guild forum & start spamming them, this is not the way to resolve the issue. As moderators we don't know who is who & who is in which guild so this is why we cannot just ban & warn everyone posting, we need you to PM us the troublemakers of who is spamming your guild thread & then we can resolve the issue.

From now on I will not be so leniant to the moderation reviews as people seem to think it's a joke, it's not, these forums are to be used in a civilised & profesional manour & we will enforce that.

I don't have the time to go through every guild topic & delete posts & warn users so if you have a problem with someone in your thread then PM me.
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