This is the first time we've done a caption contest and we hope you all had as much fun as we did! It was very difficult to pick a winner, but in the end we chose based on relevance to the contest and overall wit/humor. Congratulations to everyone who entered!

And now, we bring you...

The top 10 submissions

1. Mazrath
2. Iaello
3. Myke
4. Maja
5. Gygax
6. Duras Drum
7. Utamaru
8. Eternal Noob
9. Ash
10. Lord Wax

(click the name to see their caption)

Honorable mentions go to Norco, Midnight, and The Royal Cook.

Special thanks to Thor and Avatars!

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If you are one of the winners, please check the email associated with your Avatars United account for information on how to claim your prize!