In early 2007, Ashen Empires moved from a subscription-only system to what is now known as the token store. Our goal in doing so was to make the game free to play. Since then, we have gradually changed subscriptions to achieve this goal:

- In July 2007, subscription prices were reduced
- On June 4, 2008, subscriptions were changed yet again to give bronze players (non-subscribers) better experience gain and more opportunities to interact with other players.

Throughout this time you have continued to show support for the game by purchasing subscriptions, and we thank you for staying with us as we worked towards our goal! True to our word, the game will soon be completely free to play.

When is this happening?
When we open the test server today you should notice some (but not all) of the changes. When the update that includes PVP and the Dungeons of Dransik expansion is released, the complete VIP program will be rolled out to our live servers.

What exactly is changing?
Our goal is for everyone to be able to play the complete original Ashen Empires up to the maximum level (100, or 105/110 with expansions) with no restrictions.

- Experience gained will be 1 for 1; you'll get experience equal to your efforts in combat and crafting
- You will be able to do all non-expansion tradeskills
- There will be no restrictions on trading between players, and you will be able to pick up things from the ground

What is happening to subscriptions?
We are replacing subscriptions with the VIP program (Very Important Players). VIPs will get perks:

- Bonus experience gain
- Ability to own a house or guild hall - and no need to pay gold taxes ever again!
- Free, monthly grab bag of assorted goodies from the token store
- 4 extra slots in your backpack
- Shared bank that can be accessed by all of your characters on the server
- A teleport stone to Lotor's Summer Palace that will never fade, crumble, or break
- Access to VIP-only personal pets that travel with you free from harm
- Access to additional content packs for the Dungeons of Dransik expansion
- Access to the Taskmasters
- Special VIP-only store offers
- High priority status for VIP support tickets

What if I have subscription time saved up? What will happen?
We are going to convert your existing subscription time to VIP time.

What's going to happen to the coin or diamond next to my name?
If you are a VIP, you will have a diamond next to your name. Other membership coins will no longer be used.

How do I become a VIP?

The in-game store and web store will offer 1, 3, or 6 month VIP memberships.

Again, we thank you for your continued support through the years. Without it, this would not be possible!