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Full Version: Holy shit fireteam?
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Wow, who is behind the FireTeam Project? Is this game going to lauch? Who else from the old fireteam community is on here?

I will still buy this game.
Little Brogan,

you were on my list to track down, hopefully you have grown up over the years, but alas couldnt find ya.

There are alot of old FTers on here. Sign up for the beta and come play.
Saw you guys on EG and signed up for the beta! =)

QUOTE(Bro-T @ Dec 5 2007, 12:40 AM) *
Wow, who is behind the FireTeam Project? Is this game going to lauch? Who else from the old fireteam community is on here?

I will still buy this game.

I played the original. Still have it in the box. My headset's around somewhere too.

Immac just told me about this a few minutes ago.
Well, well, well...

baef, Guapo, and Dr. D are some old names I recognize and I must say seeing those names and dicking around in-game is a great trip down memory lane... any other old FT'ers on? I don't keep in touch with ReindeerF although I read his posts all the time on SomethingAwful's Debate & Discussion board. I'll message him and let him know the band's getting back together if you guys haven't already. But he's the only old tester/player that I know how to contact.

Jesus Christ, I hope people come back and play this. This is seriously my #1 favorite game of all time and it's so frustrating because when I try to explain it to people how awesome it was. Especially when all the features that made it so cool are basically standard for shooters nowadays... truly a game ahead of its time. I'll definitely be logging in every so often during primetime to see if there's a game going.


P.S. Who created the current FW squad and how do I join it? blink.gif
Heishi, my friend, welcome back! Reindeer knows about the site, havn't seen him on though. He lives in Thailand so the time difference is not good.
Turd's probably too busy eating thai chili's and chasing monks.
Heishi, I'm the FW commander. You just need to sign on when I'm on so you can get added...either that or Sab and Mist (Soulslinger) can do it.
Ohh my old times old times indeed !

kinda iffy on the new graphics for the classes but hell if it gets published this time !!!!

heishi !
man this brings back memories

Rivendell out smile.gif
I virtually never watch X-Play, but I happened to turn it on the other day and I was absolutely shocked to see there was a new Fireteam coming out. I still have my old copy on the shelf from way back when, hehe.

I definitely remember a few names here... Nice to see everyone again. =)

One question before I start the game up for the first time... How much of the original Multitude staff worked on this new version? I'm curious because I thought that a large portion of the staff went to different developers once development shifted to Firetalk, one being Valve if I'm not mistaken...?

Bill Money and David Reese both worked on the original at Multitude, and many of the devs played the original game.
Heya Hunter, long time no see...
I feel so alone nobody remembered me tongue.gif

anyway this satalite internet here seems to lag very bad ingame they need more bandwith for this version than the old one ? I played the old one on dialup
Wow..i remember all of you guys...too bad i was maybe 15 or so with a dial up modem that last time through..i am hoping for better results this time. (Sgt Hicks) if any of you remember that aweful player, heh
I doubt anyone remembers me, but I was in the original Fireteam beta. My username was probably "Zor" or some variation on that. I just happened to stumble across this page, but due to one of my prized possesions I think about the game all of the time. I hope to get in on some games soon!
I remembered you, Riv!
QUOTE(MadMac @ Jan 30 2008, 08:45 AM) *
I remembered you, Riv!

Don't lie MadMac you can't remember what you did yesterday tongue.gif
Who'd of thought that FT would be back (found this by accident when revisiting an old link on betas).

Hope all of my Fair Warning pals are doing ok! I see Madmac and El Guapo are still alive and healthy!

Now where is my Flex so he and Primetime can Rock and Roll?!

I'll be downloading the beta today.


Woot! I'll be looking for you, dude.
oi I remember some names on this thread :P

PT, I may have to log in just to kill you :)
Wow. I can't believe it's coming back. I'm also an original player. Can't wait. I'll get the beta today when I get home. I played as Whiteboy and Asbestos if anyone remembers...
HOLY ****! I can't believe this game is back!!! This was my first game I ever played haha. El Guapo, dude...I haven't talked to you in forever lol. I think the name you would know me by is Servo, or may LuckyCharms. I can't remember any other names i used to use. This is still my favorite game of all time haha. Damn I am excited!!
Hey Everyone,

Dont even remember what my old Fireteam handle was, but I do remember it was a lot of fun! Look forward to playing again. I knew this game was to good to die!!!

Whats up guys, I've been checking in every few weeks to see how the beta is progressing. I got tired of killing bots so I was wondering when this game will be launched and we can get some real fireteam in. I have currently been in fireteam withdrawal for years and this is such a damn tease!!

Its still so great to see most of you again, lets hope this time fireteam sticks, un like that french **** lol
No friggin way! FireTeam lives again. I just found the trailer on and fell off my chair!
MadMac and Hog are playing!?!?!? LOL

Thorn is up for some more FT!
Still have my original box and the T-shirt is around here somewhere...
Heya Thorn,

glad to see you made it, I stop by from time to time, but due to work, traveling and military have not really had any time to play. But hopefully I will see ya in the lobby.
I was looking at the GDC line up and stumbled across Fireteam Reloaded. I reviewed some of the games Pixel Mine was working on earlier in the year but never seen this one. It is very refreshing to see someone jumped on the opportunity and did a remake of the great game. I look forward to playing and talking with you guys at GDC about the product!

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